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Lest we forget, conventional hybrid electric cars (no plugs), and especially the Toyota Prius, led the beginning of this transition to eliminate gas, lower emissions, and come into the age of the EV.
If everyone in the world drove a Prius, we’d still cook the planet and be suffering hundreds of billions of dollars a year in health costs. I don’t particularly like the rear either, though there are some interesting and clever ideas there.
The (’09 Prius style) split rear window gets you a separation point behind that shallow rake without cutting off all vision below it. The lower window and the plastic trim coming up from below make the bluntness of the rear seem less severe, and even vaguely suggests a wing and diffuser (without actually having either). I like that they put large, expensive lights right on the corners of the bumper where drivers are most likely to bump into things. They are going to milk their tired old hybrids for every shekel they can, as they count on public ignorance to carry them though a few more years.
I only hope when the public does wake up, they see the sham Toyota pulled on them for what it is and vote with their wallets elsewhere. Arguing against a Prius for not being green enough is like arguing against LED lights because they still use electricity some of which comes from coal. Electric cars don’t stop global warming since in much of the US, electric cars depend on coal and oil for generating their electricity, or they use Natural gas which will soon eventually run out. Because of this reliance on non-renewable energy sources, in much of the US, an electric car like the Tesla has the equivalence of 26 MPG.

In Hawaii, where much of the energy is generated from imported oil, using an EV is totally dirty to the environment since it uses much more oil than a Prius.
Gas 2 is a Technorati Top 10 blog, and part of the Important Media network of blogs working to make the world a better, greener place. Dodge Neon 2000 Radio Wiring Diagram – We meet again, and for this time i have some diagrams for Radio on Dodge Neon 2000. Posts related to Dodge Neon 2000 Radio Wiring DiagramDodge Neon 98 Starting Circuit DiagramsDodge Neon 98 Starting Circuit Diagrams - hello again, for this time i have some diagram starting circuit for Dodge Neon 98. Toyota has just revealed the 2016 Prius, and it is a big change from previous models — design-wise. Still, to do this, Toyota faces much more competition, with ever-increasing plug-in electric fans.
Its sales numbers won’t collapse overnight, but with greener, cheaper, more efficient, and more convenient plug-in cars competing more and more, it seems to have met its match.
The difference is there’s some paint and steel behind the glass, and it rakes up like a spoiler. That oddly prominent wrap-around ridge is presumably there to emphasise the upper surface, as are the black rear pillars. Sporty style would include things like large air intakes, vents behind wheels, large wheels, duel exhaust, etc. It’s almost like Toyota wants to be in the business of replacing those large, expensive lights for a significant profit of course.

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The Prius’ 55 mpg all-the-time-high fuel economy should help to contend with the competitors, but you still can’t avoid gas stations, wake up to a full charge every day, enjoy instant torque and the smooth and quiet ride of an electric car, and cut emissions enough to stop global warming. And don’t forget, what makes the Prius unique is that you can forget it is a hybrid powertrain and use it for as long as you like. My guess is we will see the first 2-3 years of the prius being ok volume wise, but the back half of the sales volume will likely tank as cheaper and longer range bev’s hit the scene in volume.
Help please i need the wiring diagram for a 2000 Neon Radio Harness Badly PLEASE SOMEONE help thanks in advance i could find it on the forum i searched… He tell me he was search that diagrams on forum and not found that so i must help him. Another point is no one’s actually driven or reviewed the new prius, so should the dynamics of the car improve of the prior gen, that may incite some positive sales reaction, as certainly the design is divisive. Until someone can produce hybrid cars that work so well for so long, there is really no competition for the Prius. I do wonder why Toyota make light clusters at both ends of their cars look like stylised punctuation marks, though.

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