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This Original R Code Mustang has undergone a complete Ground Up Rotisserie Restoration to factory and MCA specs with very low miles since completion.
The Mustang created the "pony car" class of American automobiles-sports car-like coupes with long hoods and short rear decks[-and gave rise to competitors such as GM's Chevrolet Camaro, AMC's Javelin, and Chrysler's revamped Plymouth Barracudas and Dodge Challengers.
A 1967 Custom Fastback Mustang, codenamed Eleanor, was featured in the 2000 film, "Gone in 60 Seconds".

It retains its complete Original Numbers Matching Drivetrain, which has been fully rebuilt. The drivetrain includes its Numbers Matching 428 Cobra Jet V8 Engine, Numbers Matching C6 Automatic Transmission, and Original Trac-Loc Ford 9in Rear End. Introduced early on April 17, 1964, dubbed as a "1964A?" model by Mustang fans, the 1965 Mustang was the automaker's most successful launch since the Model A. If the words "Numbers Matching Drivetrain" has not already gotten you excited enough, this Mustang is Fully documented with the Original Build Sheet!

The model is Ford's third oldest nameplate in production and has undergone several transformations to its current fifth generation.

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