The copy of earlier insurance policy effectively owns the car until the designated proprietor or driver of the vehicle. There is an app for Apple and the.

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The 2015 Lexus LF-Lc made its debut as just a lowly concept car at the 2012 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit, Michigan and its reception was one that all automakers dream of. As with most concept cars, do not expect it to roll into showrooms looking exactly as it did in concept form. The interior is a complete wild card, as the interior we saw in Detroit was way too modern and way too expensive to go into any car in this era. To remain competitive, this model have to produce at minimum 350 horsepower, but Lexus can push it over 400 ponies and really corner the market. The self-driving car could be available to consumers in 3-5 years, the head of Google’s autonomous driving project says.
In the meantime, look for assisted-driving cars that self-drive (loosely defined) under certain limited conditions. Assisted driving cars with all of the features you listed in your last paragraph already exist.
My experience with greedy corporations tells me that these insurance companies will keep you at the same rate and just use another excuse to accomplish it. It doesn’t take a genius to see that such a fully self-driven car will never see the road (other than the experimental manned tests).
Can autonomous cars see the deer to the side of the road 50 yards ahead and know to slow down before it jumps out in front of you?
Can autonomous cars auto-correct themselves when your car suddenly drives over a patch of black ice? Can autonomous cars know when to maintain speed through a yellow light during hazardous driving conditions, because applying the brakes and risking losing control would actually be more dangerous? Can autonomous cars judge when you’re at an intersection and it’s your turn to go, but the jerk to your left decides to go first anyways, will it be able to stop itself in time before that jerk runs into you?
I’ve gotten terribly lost before using Google Maps, because it directs me into the middle of nowhere. I have zero faith that Google would be able to produce an autonomous car that would safely get someone from point A to point B in the real world. Autonomous cars can and do react faster to unpredictible and chaotic situations found on the road than any human. Everything will need triple redundancy and those test cars are not being tested while surrounded by thousands of other automated vehicles in a complex mix with conventional vehicles. With million of these things on the road the opportunities for interfering external signal sources to confuse the sensors and software interactions between automated vehicles to get into interactive software loops in largely untested. Your unquestioning faith in their sensor system seems completely unwarranted at this point. The present test are like testing a biologic agent in a petrie-dish and then confidently asserting that it will work equvalently in the human body. I am continually amazed at how resistant people are to technology that can greatly benefit them. Airplanes can practically fly themselves, and have been capable for decades of this, but still we have pilots, because the systems can’t handle failure the way humans can. Human mean-time between total failure is near the life expectancy, 2 humans near infinity, can we say the same for the Google autonomous electronics (no way).
There was a case where someone rear-ended my car (wish he was driving a Google car, hehe…) My car was fixed, no cost to me. I agree with your issues with self-driving cars, but only if we’re looking at them in a vacuum. Here’s the question: would switching to a largely autonomous system (that drove 99% of the time with the driver only taking over in unpredictable situations like when a cop is using hand signals) save lives overall, or cost them? So you probably have a badly programed app that causes android to crash, but that is google’s fault? Case in point on the last example, several months ago I was sitting in traffic in the left turn lane at a major intersection(45MPH one way, 50 the other, big wide intersection).
I think the obvious problem with this comparison is that ABS -may- create a false sense of security, and thus because of our human foibles and bravado lead us to act irresponsibly. But if self-driving cars are safer, and are tested to be safer than human drivers (like ABS is better than regular ole fashioned brakes) – then that human element is removed, no bravado, no over estimating your abilities.
Until such time as testing demonstrates that thousands of these car can simultaneously interact safely with each other as well as with conventional cars you nor anyone else can credibly make any such claims. Just imagine, 100,000 driverless UPS trucks at every intersection and on every highway offramp on your way to and from work. What I’m going to hate is when these do become reality, the first fatal crash will be BIG NEWS! Google has done a lot of good work on the autonomous vehicle and some of the comments are very valid. Nevertheless, there will be more than a few Chery J2 Swag owners arriving home with smug grins on their faces as they unveil their new car to their friends and family. Then there is the new leather-trimmed interior; the seats are covered in what looks like commendably durable hide with stand-out stitching.
As for the rest of the Chery, it is pretty much stock J2 fair – the Swag serves as a mid-life refresher to a model launched here in mid-2013.
Inside, when one looks past the leather trim and infotainment pod, there are elements that are cool, but not all the finishes are that well-thought out. On the other hand, the panel fit compares well with that of the J2 Swag's rivals, such as the Toyota Etios and Honda Brio, to name two examples. Safety-equipment-wise, it ticks the usual boxes in the under R180 000 bracket, airbags for driver and front passenger, and ABS (anti-lock brakes) and (EBD) electronic brake-force distribution.
Comfort stuff includes remote central locking, air-conditioning and electric windows front and rear.
The J2 Swag is fitted with a 1,5-litre normally aspirated four-cylinder motor and a five-speed gearbox driving the front wheels.
Power is rated at 72 kW and 140 Nm, and I must say those figures seem slightly optimistic, although it has to be taken into account that the J2 is not exactly a lightweight. Overall, the ride quality is not bad, just a bit choppy over big bumps, but the steering feel is very vague, and the car does feel as if it is up on tip-toes. Furthermore, the car was very new when I tested it, and I feel this reflected on the braking performance.

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Mini recently revealed its new convertible and it will go on sale in South Africa in the first quarter of 2016!
The new Mini Convertible is bound for South Africa early next year and will bring fun driving dynamics to the premium small car segment.
In terms of design, the new Mini Convertible is defined by a hexagonal radiator grille along with recognisable circular headlamps and rear lights with chrome surrounds. In addition to its increase in size, the new Mini Convertible boasts increased comfort levels thanks to the improved range of the front seat adjustment which makes entry and exit for rear passengers easier.
The Mini Cooper Convertible will be available with either 15 or 16-inch light alloy wheels as standard while 18-inch examples will be offered as an option.
Next up is the 2.0-litre turbo petrol in the Cooper S Convertible with power at 141 kW and 280 Nm of torque. For diesel heads, there will be a 3-cylinder, 1.5-litre turbodiesel on offer in the Cooper D Convertible with 85 kW and 270 Nm of torque, or 300 Nm with overboost. A 6-speed manual is fitted as standard while a 6-speed Steptronic transmission will be available as an option. We will keep you updated as local pricing becomes available closer to the launch of the Mini Convertible in the first quarter of 2016.
Gero Lilleike is a published writer and photographer with most of his work appearing in the fields of travel and motoring. Mercedes-Benz’s stunning new C-Class goes on sale this fall, priced from $39,325 including $925 in shipping charges. Further down the track, expect a more affordable C250 model, fuel-efficient C-Class Plug-In Hybrid, sporty C450 AMG Sport and high-performance C63 AMG. As previously reported, the 2015 C-Class is a much more substantial car than the model it replaces. Not only did people at the auto show love it, but Lexus customers were clamoring to see a production model hit showroom floors. There are safety regulations in place that could potentially limit the body styling, as well as cost restraints.
We anticipate seeing the wide hips, but we do expect the body line to be slightly harder to keep up with the rest of the body and the trend going on in this era. The overall swooping effect throughout the interior we certainly expect to see in the production model but not the ultra-modern pedals, steering wheel, or instrument cluster.
With an advanced drivetrain like it will have, the LF-LC will almost certainly come standard with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission.
If self-driving cars can reduce insurance claims by 90% and we see a 50% drop in insurance premiums, you don’t think they’re going to eat that up?
It will cost a fortune to secure and monitor a network like this safely.Second has your computer or tech ever just broke and shut down or got corrupted?
Whether the human or the machine can reactive faster and to a considerable number of variables is questionable. If we compare self-driving cars to the average driver, even current self driving cars are better than humans. The answer is pretty obvious given that in 2010 (the most recent year for which data is available) one and a quarter MILLION people were killed in driving accidents.
I had a traffic cop in front of me and a little old lady driving a luxury car in front of him. It is unlikely that anyone will attempt to get real approval for an autonomous vehicle for the masses in any 3-5 years (zero chance).
Slot on a set of stylish 17-inchers, as Chery has done with its J2 hatchback, and you suddenly have a car with a lot more swagger. The swage line on the flanks is very reminiscent of Fiat's styling, and the way the large tail lights and sleek headlight clusters are incorporated into the whole is pleasing. The silver-grey finish on the console housing the ventilation dials (and similarly-painted panels on the door inserts), looks okay when new, but doesn’t age well. And, from a practical point of view, there is impressive rear leg- and headroom and a luggage bay that measures 274 litres, which is generous in this A-B-Segment.
When reversing out of a parking spot for the very first time in the Swag, I noticed a bit of clutch shudder on the car, which didn’t repeat itself when using the five forward ratios.
Fully-equipped with electric gizmos as it is, it tips the scales, un-laden, at 1 180 kg. The problem is that the motor works hard even in commuting situations, and on the highway, downshifts are sometimes needed to maintain pace on steep gradients. With its four seat layout and soft-top roof, the new fourth iteration of the Mini Convertible is longer, wider and slightly higher than the outgoing model.
The body is also complemented with a black peripheral surround and side indicator elements.
Luggage space has improved by 25% according to Mini, totalling 215-litres with the roof closed and 160-litres with the roof down.
Powering the Mini Cooper Convertible is the 3-cylinder 1.5-litre turbo petrol offering 100 kW and 220 Nm of torque.
Gero has worked in the motoring space for the last four years and enjoys driving and photographing the latest cars. That may seem a little steep but the entry-level model at present is the C300, which comes with a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine good for 241 horsepower and 273 pound-feet of torque. This model is priced from $49,515 with shipping and is powered by a  twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V-6 good for 329 hp and 354 lb-ft of torque. It rides on Mercedes’ new MRA platform which thanks to lightweight materials makes the new C-Class about 200 pounds lighter than its predecessor.
Here, Mercedes’ new round-vent and waterfall-console themes executed in materials that range from satisfying to truly impressive. However, Maruti’s engineers are reported to have redesigned the Carry to suit Indian conditions. Lexus all but told us that it would release a production model loosely based on the concept, but no release dates were ever talked about.
The back end we expect to remain relatively untouched, with exception of the recessed taillights.

Some of these features will include: navigation, automatic climate control, CD player with iPod and Bluetooth connectivity, etc. According to the rumors from Automotive News, the LF-LC will run somewhere between $100,000 and $130,000. According to a report by Bloomberg News, Smith noted, “It gets to be a massive challenge to figure out how will the government come up with a performance standard that is objective and testable for so many different scenarios where failure could possibly occur. If a driver were to nod off, the car would probably be able to drive safely for miles and miles. Google’s car has driven 700k miles with a single accident that was caused by human error. They don’t care the semi behind them has to slam on the brakes because they thought they should stop at a yellow light.
The claimed 0-100 kph sprinting capability is 15 seconds, which is not exactly firebrand stuff. Adding 4MATIC all-wheel drive raises the price by $2,000, making the new C300 4MATIC cost $41,325 with shipping. But in addition to being lighter, the new C-Class has grown to take account of people's increasing average height. Even in lower-spec models—where rubbered plastics and piano-black finishes meet MB Tex synthetic upholstery—the sense of quality and careful design shine through.
According to a report from Automotive News, there are several Lexus insiders that are claiming that there will be a model identical or at least similar to the LF-LC and bearing the same name to hit showroom floors sometime in the next two years.
The basic profile of the 2015 Lexus LF-LC – long hood, shallow-raked windshield and swooping roof line – will remain intact on the production model.
We also anticipate the retractable glass roof to make the trip to production with the 2015 Lexus LF-LC.
Part of that has to do with if we should be looking at the underlying electronics.”When it comes to regulating auto safety, NHTSA is more tortoise than hare, partly because government moves methodically, partly because it may not be up-to-speed on technology. Just a bunch of jobless coders working in retail while the previous company makes hand over fist in profits!!
In this case, we are talking about a piece of software that is not going to offer the user to install crapware on it. But insurance companies, bless their pointy little actuarial heads, believe they see data suggesting some drivers think ABS makes them super-human and they can brake later and pretend the road is dry and clear.
By comparison, the outgoing C300 4MATIC, which is powered by a V-6 but offers similar performance, costs $40,325, a difference of only $1,000.
The largest change on the front end, from the concept, will likely be the pulling forward of the headlights. Last year, the National Academy of Sciences issued a report that took issue with NHTSA’s tech savvy, saying it needed to be more knowledgeable about current car electronics and take the lead in setting car electronics standards proactively. Not to say that the system is hack proof, but again, not Google’s fault because nothing is hack proof. They do not care a first responder is en route to a possibly life threating situation, or if they freak out because a cop is behind them. The recessed headlights on the concept look cool, but that causes a lot of extra aerodynamic drag. We do know that it will be a front engine, rear drive car with a gasoline engine and electric motors working together to create peak power, a la the BMW i8 and Acura NSX.
In what form it gets released is still to be determined.” Releasing technology is different than announcing a self-driving car going on sale in 3-5 years. For what it’s worth, the guy Google sent to the forum (Levandowski) founded a company before joining Google and has two degrees in industrial engineering and operations research. The front brake cooling inlet will be reduced and more closed off than we see on the concept. We anticipate seeing a small 4-cylinder gasoline engine with a turbocharger in the front and electric booster motors between the transmission and engine.
If you want to sell a motor vehicle, you have to meet an array of fuel-economy, stability, and crash safety tests, and those take time. The National Academies report was looking back at how NHTSA lacked expertise to deal effectively with unintended acceleration issues.
It is now in its 11th generation.The Mint report also states that Maruti will produce this mini-truck at its Gurgaon plant, as opposed to the Gujarat plant as planned before. Self-driving cars would have to prove they can drive themselves, deal with jaywalking pedestrians, stop or at least slow when a crossing vehicle runs a red light, and deal with software glitches. She freeks out and tries to back up so the cop once again hits the siren a little longer this time. Anti-lock braking systems (ABS), which reduces skidding, might actually cause more accidents (the industry wonders) if it leads drivers to think they can drive at speed on snowy roads and ABS will stop them in time.
She finally decided to make her turn, and the cop and I were able to immediately follow her through the turn as we had a green turn arrow or we had a green light and no oncoming traffic.The little old lady is about to have a heart attack probably, so she is driving down the road half way on the shoulder doing at least 40, if not 50 MPH.F***ing cop goes right around her(not a dig at cops in general fyi) like nothing happened!!!!
Reply Amartya Ghosh says:April 23, 2014Suzuki has an mpv on the scv platform in Japan, so logically they should offer one here as well, especially since the Omni is now rather long in the tooth, and a replacement is urgently required. With properly developed hardware(engine-transmission, suspension etc.) Maruti might just have another volume-driver. Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Website About the Author Karthik HA bit of a car freak and a bike nut, and a fan of trucks and technology too. To create a car from the ground up, a new model (not an all-new-for-2013 refresh) takes 3-7 years. Currently the sensors and hardware (pictured below) cost more than the car they’re mounted on.
All that suggests 2020 would be a more reasonable time to think about a completely self-driving vehicle.

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