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We already informed you that it is Honda that makes up the majority of these recalls, and so we thought we would give you more details on a BMW, Ford and Mazda recall check by model for October 2014.
BMW airbag recall list – The models affected for October 2014 are the 2000–2005 3 Series Sedan, 2000–2006 3 Series Coupe, 2000–2005 3 Series Sports Wagon, 2000–2006 3 Series Convertible, 2001 2006 M3 Coupe and the 2001 2006 M3 Convertible.
Ford airbag recall list – There are not as many models included in the Ford recall, although still not great news is it. Mazda airbag recall list – Mazda is to recall 64,872 models because of this Takata airbag recall, the models of which consist of the 2003–2007 Mazda6, 2006–2007 MazdaSpeed6, 2004–2008 Mazda RX-8, 2004–2005 MPV, and the 2004 B-Series Truck. Are you affected by this recall, if so please let us know what your thoughts are and how you got on when you contacted your local dealer.
Our access to the recall history database allows us to process your request within 2 hours. Recall clearance documents verify that any defects identified by the manufacturer as a potential safety risk to the vehicle’s operator, occupants and public at large, have been corrected. We have built strong relationships with key dealers and manufacturers, which allows us access to vehicle recall databases for most makes and models.
Recall Check has been providing recall clearance letters across Canada and the US since 1999. Hearst magazines, Hearst magazines and hearst digital media are divisions of hearst communications, inc. Takata airbag recall: a list of cars - ny daily news, A deployed airbag is seen in a nissan vehicle at the lkq pick your part salvage yard on may 22, 2015 in medley, florida. Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Mazda has announced a massive recall of 65,000 cars in North and Central America because of spiders. The Japanese carmaker has now found 20 cases of yellow sac spiders spinning webs in vent lines, which could lead to fire. The webs could cause the emissions control system to increase pressure on the fuel tank, leading to cracks in the system and a subsequent risk of fire. Dealers will check the cars for cracks, clean out any webs and put a spring in the vent line to stop the spiders from getting back in. Japanese journalist Mitsuhiro Kunisawa told Reuters: "While it's very rare, this spider's distinguishing characteristic is that it likes the smell of gasoline, caused by the hydrogen oxide.
Kunisawa also said that the Mazda6 unusually has two pipe lines coming out of its fuel tank instead of one, which could be the reason the smell of fuel is strong enough to attract the yellow sac spider.
Mazda spokesman Jeremy Barnes said the exact reason the spiders were so attracted to the car was not yet clear.

With the summer months heating up and cross-country road trips beginning, many people want to make sure their vehicles are prepped for the long haul. The engine thermostat has been an important component in automotive internal combustion engines for almost a century.
Honda Civic: Failed PCMs And CAN System DiagnosticsIt’s not unusual for me to get help requests through my e-mail. For many today is just another Wednesday, but for a lot of people it is more than just your average Wednesday, it is "Back to the Future" Day.
Customer Concern The Check Engine Light (MIL) is on and fault code P0411 (16795) is stored in the fault memory.
Tech Tips The secondary air injection (AIR) system blows air into the exhaust, behind the exhaust valves, via a passage in the cylinder head. When the engine is started cold, the engine control module (ECM) activates the AIR pump motor V101 via the secondary air injection pump relay J299.
Manifold vacuum signal from the N112 solenoid opens the combination and allows the pressurized air produced by the V101 pump to enter the exhaust behind the exhaust valves. Forward Lift Introduces Low-Profile Scissor LiftForward Lift’s new FS77 scissor lift is packed with advanced efficiency features that make it a reliable lift for smaller service bays and quick-service tasks, says the company. Hunter Kicks Off Social Media ContestHunter Engineering is giving away trips to the 2016 SEMA Show as well as the chance to win a SmartWeight Touch wheel balancer as part of a social media contest.
Another airbag shrapnel death malaysia - , There are essentially two batches of takata airbag recalls vehicle identification number airbag while the 2003-2007 mazda 6 is. Mazda recall information - autoblog, Get the latest news and information on recent mazda recalls federal safety watchdog's vin nissan and mazda recalling 3 million vehicles for airbag. The models affected are the 2004 Ranger, 2005–2006 GT, and the 2005–2007 Mustang, with a total of 58,669 units being recalled.
The Registrar of Imported Vehicles (RIV) will not release the inspection form for your vehicle until confirmation that there are no outstanding recalls, has been received. It normally takes us 1-4 hours to process a recall letter and have it submitted directly to RIV.
Our extensive recall database is updated daily and contains information for all makes and models. Sometimes it’s from working technicians, other times it’s from vehicle owners who can’t get their problems solved through professional repair shops.
Scan tools call these Steering Angle Sensors (SAS) and typically display the information in degrees. Call just about any parts supplier and they can quote you a vast range of prices for the same application.

Most specifically, it can tell you if the angles, inflation and components are within specification.
Body techs and painters rely upon them every day to achieve that perfect finish on your customers’ vehicles. Code P0411 will set if the O2 sensors do not see a large enough change in exhaust gas oxygen when the secondary air injection system is active. Verify that the air leaving the AIR pump V101 is reaching the combination valve and is not leaking out of a cracked hose. If all previous tests pass, the issue could be a carbon buildup issue inside the cylinder head. If all tests pass, there could be a potential sensor issue with the O2 sensors or MAF sensor.
10 At Richmond International RacewayThe Federated Auto Parts 400 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race, the NASCAR regular season finale, is set for Saturday, Sept. We have already listed the 10 car manufacturers that are affected by this further setback, three of which are BMW, Ford and Mazda. All of these mount up to a total recall number of 627,615, and to check your car enter your BMW’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) here. The Registrar of Imported Vehicles (RIV) requires that every car imported into Canada needs a recall clearance letter. With the V101 pump and the N112 solenoid active, pressurized air and manifold vacuum are passed to the combination valve on the head. The best way to check for a vacuum leak is with a smoke machine directly after the mass air flow (MAF) sensor.
Taking shop air with an external pressure regulator set to 5 psi is a good way to help find any small leaks. The AIR pump relay J299 should get pulsed a ground and the AIR pump V101 should cycle on and off. As each cylinder comes up on the exhaust stroke, air should be felt coming from the spark plug hole.

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