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Kendall Jenner Dissing Harry Styles, Jealous Of Kylie Jenner For Having Friends And Stealing Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez? A new piece of debris believed to be from the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, which vanished en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8, 2014, has raised new questions about the origin of the debris shard, even as a sharp-eyed independent investigator appears to have identified the precise spot from inside the Boeing 777-200 where the new fragment originated. The debris, found on April 2 by a tourist on Rodrigues Island in the archipelago nation of Mauritias, has not been confirmed to have come from Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.
Mauritias lies in the Indian Ocean west of Mozambique and South Africa, where three of the debris fragments were found, and about 140 miles northwest of Reunion Island, where a piece of the plane’s wing appeared on a beach back in July of last year. For more details on the discovery of the new, Rodrigues Island possible Flight MH370 debris, watch the CNN report in the video below.
The Mauritias debris fragment, if indeed it originates from the Malaysia Airlines plane, would be the first piece from the interior cabin of the Boeing 777 serial number 9M-MRO, also known as Flight MH370. The possibility is particularly haunting, calling up images of what might have been happening inside the plane as it descended and slammed into the water of the remote Indian Ocean, after mysteriously flying almost seven-and-a-half hours west of its original flight path, which took it from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Why the plane cut off communication with the ground and took a sharp westerly turn about an hour into its overnight commuter flight remains a total mystery.
She located the fit on a panel near the floor, adjacent to a flight attendant’s seat. Another Twitter user who looked at the image agreed with Sandilands assessment, saying that patterns of cracking on the fragment that appeared on top indicate that the plane crashed into the water, diving nose first. Another independent investigator, Edward Baker, posted a fuller theory of how the impact of the plane on the water dislodged the fragment. But Baker also noticed an apparent anomaly in images of the new debris fragment — an anomaly that journalist Jeff Wise, who has served as a commentator on the case for CNN and published several articles about the Malaysia Airlines mystery in New York Magazine, pointed out on his blog. Five pieces of debris that are either confirmed or strongly suspected to be part of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 have now been found by tourists on the southeast coast of Africa or on islands off that coast. The plane was flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur when it crashed near the border between Ukraine and Russia.
This is a breaking news event and ABC News will post live updates to this blog throughout the day as we report and confirm information. In fact, thousands of aspiring good Samaritans are volunteering their time to scour part of the plane’s search zone using detailed satellite images posted online by DigitalGlobe, a Colorado firm that owns one of the world’s most advanced commercial satellite networks. So many volunteers have joined the effort that the firm’s website — with its pinpoint pictures of everything floating in the ocean — has crashed.

It is a busy week for “crowdsourcing,” the Internet phenomenon where information is gathered from John and Jane Q. DigitalGlobe’s satellite photos taken 400 miles above the Gulf of Thailand can capture a detail as small as a home plate.
One volunteer, Mike Seberger, 43, found a fascinating image in a matter of minutes: the silhouette in the ocean has the scale of a Boeing 777-200, the same model of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.
His discovery can be seen on his CNN iReport page, which is also a form of crowdsourcing used by CNN. But Seberger does have his doubts: “Looking at it objectively, the shape of ‘my’ object appears plane-like and the dimensions are consistent with a 777-200.
In response to the Malaysia Airlines plane’s disappearance, DigitalGlobe activated its subscription service to emergency managers, which provides online access to satellite images before and after the incident, the firm said on its website. The company performed a similar “global crowdsourcing campaign” in November’s Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, allowing volunteers to tag online more than 60,000 objects of interest from satellite photos.
The firm also tracked damage last year in the Moore, Oklahoma, tornado and the Colorado floods. The firm, based in Longmont, also uses geospatial big data, which is “information and insight taken from imagery and derived from various sources such as social media,” the firm said. The company used the technology in satellite images of the recent Sochi Olympics in Russia and cross-referenced the photos with social media data “to analyze overall activity, linguistic composition and mood for people around Sochi,” the firm said. Could it have been possible to hide a number of people in the avionics room and after take off, emerge to take over the plane and crew. It occurs to me that two plans should be considered: 1 those responsible want the plane to be accessible, or 2 they want the plane never to be found.
Under scenario 1 (cf Thunderball plot) the plane would be ditched in shallow, calm water and camouflaged. It has been six days since Malaysia Airlines flight #MH370 disappeared from radar an hour into its flight to Beijing, and investigators have found no solid evidence indicating what may have happened to the plane or where it is now. The lack of information has spawned plenty of theories, particularly on the internet, with little or no evidence to back them up. This version is a sort of botched hijack theory, but it doesn't explain why it would be hijacked and then crashed. Speculation has mounted in the past day or two that the plane did not crash or explode and fall into the ocean.

Instead, some think the plane made it to a strip of land where it is now being concealed for a future purpose, likely a nefarious one.
If the plane was still working, it could have flown on autopilot for thousands more feet before steadily descending into the ocean.
The Boeing 777 has many safeguards against complete catastrophic failure, but experts say it remains a possibility.
Because there has been no debris found floating in the ocean, some theorists have said the plane could have broken up at 35,000 feet, spreading miniscule pieces of wreckage into the sea that would be too difficult to spot. Others have speculated that Flight 370 was accidentally shot down by a missile from another country's military, which did not recognize the plane as a civilian aircraft and fired at it.
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Nations Online Project is made to improve cross-cultural understanding and global awareness. But it turned up in the same region of the Indian Ocean where four other pieces of debris either confirmed or strongly believed to be pieces of the vanished plane have turned up.
But a multimillion-dollar search effort centered on an area in the Indian Ocean 3,000 to 4,000 miles west of those areas has so far turned up nothing. In another case, the satellite imagery also helped locate the remains of two missing hikers in Peru, the affiliate reported.
I wonder if any cell phones in checked luggage might be pinged or turned on by the network providers, to aid in location? The United States mistakenly shot down an Iranian passenger plane in the 1980s, an incident referred to frequently in recent days in speculation about MH370.
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