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What happens when you take your worn out car key to the “key maker” in your local discount department store to get your keys made? When you’re planning to get new keys made as a spare key for your car, residence, office, or for any other locks, just call us. Whether you need a car key, home key, office key or your safe locker key, we will always have the best keys made for you so that you never face a security issue. To get your keys made by a professional locksmith in Oakdale, Maplewood, Lake Elmo, Woodbury, Lakeland, North St. Have you lost your car keys with no spare set?,  misplaced your car keys ( either transponder or remote fob ) or even had them stolen and do not have a spare set of keys to enter your vehicle?
Remember an Auto Locksmith can help you with any type of vehicle from a car, van, truck, motorcycle to even a caravan.
Most auto locksmiths will be able to help you out with other models of car keys not listed above, if they cannot help they will be able to recommend somewhere for you. Transponder Chip Keys – all keys made after 1995 are legally required to be fitted with a  immobiliser system. If the key is broken or lost – then you wont be able turn the ignition therefore the vehicle will not be able to start, so you will need a replacement transponder chip.
I need a spare transponder key, can a auto locksmith help or do I need to go to my main dealer?
A auto locksmith will need to reprogram the vehicle so that the old keys are no longer useable.
There is no governing body for locksmiths and so there is no defined pricing structure that locksmiths have to follow.

When you call a local locksmith, you can explain your situation regarding your lost car keys no spare key situation. If you have a situation in which you accidentally forget your car key in the ignition, you can call a certified locksmith to resolve the problem. Of course, if you lost car keys no spare, you have the option to contact the automobile dealership. If you own a mobile phone, you can program the telephone number of a local locksmith in case you ever have an experience of a lost car key no spare. Do not allow yourself to cry bitter tears exclaiming, “I lost my car keys.” You do not need to have any concerns.
Steve Montgomery’s Oakdale Locksmith will provide you with the best locksmith services when you need new keys made. Paul MN, and surrounding areas, contact Steve Montgomery’s Oakdale Locksmith at 651-735-1821. We recommend getting a quote from various MLA approved locksmiths in your area who more often than not will be cheaper than your local dealer, you can do this by using the find a auto locksmith search function.
Although the initial impulse is one of fear, especially if you lost your car keys in the middle of the night, take comfort in the fact that a certified locksmith is qualified to rescue you from your unfortunate plight within a matter of minutes. A locksmith is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and he will arrive at your location within a short period. Make sure you contact an experienced locksmith who knows how to open the door to your car without damaging the door or window in the process.
If the situation occurs at night, chances are good that a representative of the dealership is not available to take care of a lock out emergency.

If you do not own a cell phone, it is advisable to keep a small address book with you in which you have written down emergency telephone numbers, including the telephone number of a neighborhood locksmith. All you need to do is telephone a professional locksmith and tell him five simple words: “I lost my car keys,” and the locksmith will take care of your predicament immediately.
The people who make your keys for 99 cents are not locksmiths, they are discount department store employees, who are assigned to the hardware department.
With the help of modern technological equipment, a professional locksmith has the ability to replace your key immediately.
You can easily solve a lost car keys no spare situation if you already have knowledge about who to call in this type of lock out emergency.
Furthermore, unlike a dealership, a local locksmith is always open for business at any hour of the day or night. Steve Montgomery’s Oakdale Locksmith has over 20 years of experience helping the citizens of the Oakdale MN get there keys made correctly. We have well trained experts on staff to make sure when you get your keys made by us, they are done right the first time.
You can telephone a locksmith on weekends or holidays if you lost car key no spare, and receive quick service.

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