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From the throw tossed over a chair to a candle placed on a nightstand, little details add up to great design.
My parents are both competitive swimmers.'I always looked forward to going to the ocean for our summer vacation.
It ended up being way over but it was worth it.'My friends and family were all there the first time I used it in the water. If you’re looking for a new way to spruce up your home without making any major changes, a DIY is just the solution. I had a magnetism to the water.'I've kind of always been a freediver but didn't realise the sport existed until ten years ago. It was the coolest thing being surrounded by these golden pulsating creatures.'The images were taken by diver and underwater photographer Wendy Capili-Wilkie, who lives on the island. The 12,000 year-old lake is the only place in the world where you can swim safely among them - because the sea creatures have lost their sting.Linden visited the lake, which is popular with snorkellers, during a two-week trip to the island.

The 'wind' in my hair when I'm diving under water is like nothing else.'I've been diving with sharks. The white-washed surface of the converted wine crate gives it an antique feel, while the ribbon handles make for convenient transport. I always bring it with me wherever I go.'A man came over to me and asked if I was the mermaid that went in the tail.
Many people think I'm crazy to swim with sharks but I'm always surrounded by an incredible safety team.'The sea creatures are very inquisitive. When choosing a window for this project, look for thicker glass for added strength and support and seal the paint to prevent paint chips.The little ones in your life will love this DIY.
Audrey of This Little Street created child-friendly crate toy boxes that will keep up with the energy of playtime.
The cushioned surface serves as a makeshift seat, and bright casters and wheels make moving from room to room a breeze.

Filled with mason jar bouquets and mini pumpkins, you’ll have a display that will work well into the crisp autumn months.
Vary the contents of your crate to keep your decor fresh- pine cones make a lovely addition as well.Take a brand new crate from plain to stylish in a few hours.
Use these crates separately as decor or create a numbered storage system using a bookcase.A Measure of CreativitySuzanne of Meridian Road took a creative approach when creating a wooden crate- she used the actual crafting tools!
This project makes a great storage solution for an office, craft room or workshop.Wooden crates are a chic and polished storage solution that will work with any home decor.

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