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ADS-B, or Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast, is a cornerstone of NextGen air traffic modernization, and the FAA has mandated that aircraft operating in airspace that now requires a Mode C transponder must be equipped with ADS-B Out by Jan.
ADS-B Out transmits information about altitude, airspeed, and location derived through GPS from an equipped aircraft to ground stations and to other equipped aircraft in the vicinity. ADS-B in, which is not part of the mandate and requires additional equipment, allows participating aircraft to receive traffic and weather information from ADS-B ground stations and nearby aircraft broadcasting their positions through ADS-B Out. The ADS-B Out rule does not affect current transponder requirements, meaning aircraft must continue to carry their transponders even after equipping for ADS-B Out. Unlike most rulemaking activities which are safety based, the basis of the ADS-B Out mandate is to support the FAA’s Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen).
The high cost of the necessary avionics and the lack of direct benefits are the two greatest barriers to the adoption of ADS-B Out by a large segment of general aviation operators. When stacked up against these numbers, the price to meet the mandate is excessive and unreasonable for a large segment of the GA fleet, especially when the operator does not derive any benefit for equipping beyond the ability to continue to fly in the same airspace used today. Since 1990 AOPA members have embraced Global Positioning System (GPS) technology and ADS-B has been part of the FAA’s long-term modernization plans. In 2007, the FAA began deploying ADS-B infrastructure and proposed mandatory aircraft equipage. Now, with five years remaining until the Jan.1, 2020, deadline, the FAA has made it clear that it will not delay the mandate.
For nearly 20 years AOPA has supported the transition from ground-based infrastructure to satellite based systems. However, it is difficult to identify adequate benefits in the ADS-B implementation strategy for some operators, particularly the owners of low-value piston-powered aircraft. In September 2014, the Department of Transportation’s Inspector General released a report identifying numerous problems with the ADS-B implementation process, including many that were raised previously by AOPA.
Also in October 2014, AOPA participated in an FAA-sponsored Call to Action to identify the barriers to meeting the ADS-B Out mandate.
AOPA is pleased that the FAA is prepared to address the barriers to compliance with the mandate and confident that the cost issue can be effectively addressed so that all segments of the general aviation community can participate in ADS-B Out and the FAA can meet its goal of modernizing the nation’s air traffic system. Phototherapy is the use of specific segments of the ultraviolet light spectrum to treat psoriasis, vitiligo, and other skin disorders.
The Daavlin Company is a manufacturer of phototherapy equipment in UVA, Narrow Band UVB and Broad Band UVB and combinations of these. Some devices advertised on this website may not be licensed in accordance with Canadian law. The FAA has said that the mandate will not greatly increase or decrease safety, but is necessary to move forward with NextGen. An AOPA analysis of the FAA’s Aircraft Registry shows that at least 81,564, or 43 percent, of the 188,099 piston-powered, fixed-wing, certified general aviation airplanes on the FAA registry have an average retail value of $40,000 or less.

In order to receive the added situational awareness benefits of traffic and weather information in the cockpit, aircraft owners must also install ADS-B In equipment. Since 1999, AOPA has carefully evaluated ADS-B in an effort to confirm the technology’s potential benefits.
AOPA immediately identified a number of significant issues that would likely reduce or eliminate the benefits of ADS-B for general aviation. AOPA is disappointed with the agency’s failure to address the cost issue, and the association continues to advocate for low-cost alternatives to the current ADS-B Out certification standard. The widespread use of the iPad, introduced in 2010, and the proliferation of useful aviation apps have made it much easier and less expensive to bring weather and other information into the cockpit. AOPA generally supports the ADS-B concept and recognizes the importance of near-universal participation. AOPA expects many of its members to delay equipage as long as possible and anticipates some will be forced to ground their aircraft in 2020 unless a lower cost solution can be found. AOPA has recommended several technical changes that would reduce the price of ADS-B systems. AOPA recommended that the FAA exclude low-altitude operators from the mandate because the financial benefits all stem from operations in high altitude airspace, over the Gulf of Mexico, or when operating to and from the largest airline airports. AOPA recommended that because the FAA plans to transition from radar and transponders to ADS-B, that general aviation aircraft should be allowed to remove their transponders.
The problems included delays, cost overrruns, the high cost to equip, lack of benefits, issues with data integrity, coverage gaps, and more. AOPA is now working with the FAA, avionics manufacturers, and industry experts to develop solutions to overcome those barriers as part of the Equip 2020 group.
Find information on the technology and products, as well as strategies and tips to help you make the best decision, in AOPA’s online resource page. Patients can undergo many different vitiligo treatments to regain pigment in the affected areas, but repigmentation may not be 100% or permanent. Information is available for patients looking to acquire a unit for home use and also for dermatologists seeking to buy for their clinic environment.
By working closely with general aviation pilots in a widespread ADS-B trial and demonstration in Alaska, and by equipping AOPA-owned aircraft with ADS-B, we have seen first-hand the safety and efficiency improvements that are possible, if the system is designed and implemented correctly.
In 2008, when the FAA issued its proposed rule concerning the mandatory adoption of ADS-B Out, AOPA outlined the barriers to ADS-B equipage, including the high cost and lack of benefits, and proposed alternatives in formal comments. At the same time, innovations in the non-certified marketplace have changed the technological landscape. Aircraft operators who can identify clear benefits to their operations and can afford to do so are encouraged to equip ahead of the ADS-B Out mandate. AOPA has also called on the FAA to permit pilots to use hand-held ADS-B receivers that can obtain free traffic, weather, and airspace status content from the ADS-B infrastructure.

Unless general aviation pilots equip aircraft in such a way that they receive the ADS-B transmissions on both frequencies, they will likely see only one-half of the ADS-B equipped fleet. An independent FAA-sanctioned rulemaking committee confirmed the AOPA recommendation would achieve most of the benefits without the widespread mandate on general aviation. However, the FAA has rejected that proposal, primarily because they have not adapted Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) to support ADS-B. Except for overwater, deep in the Gulf of Mexico, no new airspace or airports are expected to receive surveillance as a result of the ADS-B infrastructure installation.
Where vitiligo affects the scalp or other hair bearing regions of the body the hair will also lose its pigment leading to white streaks. Doctors have, however, linked certain events with the onset of vitiliginous patches such as a bad sunburn, trauma to the skin through excessive rubbing, or very stressful life situations.
Hand-held and table-top phototherapy units are used for spot treatment of skin areas or full cabinet units are used for patients requiring full body treatment. While these may not be solutions in themselves, AOPA believes they may point to a strategic direction that could offer ADS-B Out equipage at a significantly lower cost. The FAA could address this concern in two ways: 1) either provide a re-broadcast service at all general aviation airports or 2) require all aircraft to transmit on the same frequency.
There are many sources of information available on the internet and from your physician about vitiligo treatment and we encourage you to do your research.
Phototherapy Treatment Protocols for psoriasis and ohter phothterapy responsive dermatoses, Second Edition. The other theory is that for some reason the melanocytes in a particular region turn on each other and destroy themselves.
Here we are providing just a sampling of the vitiligo phototherapy treatments that are available. Vitiligo is neither medically dangerous nor physically painful, though the affected person can suffer from emotional or social trauma from the stigma attached to how it changes their appearance. One thing that a person affected by vitiligo should keep in mind is that prolonged exposure to sunlight may burn the affected areas which can lead to a worsening of the condition.
This protection will also help to minimize the noticeable difference in color between the vitiligo affected and not affected portions of the skin.
Research has found that 50% of cases have developed between the ages of 10 and 30, and 95% of cases occur before age 40.

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