The copy of earlier insurance policy effectively owns the car until the designated proprietor or driver of the vehicle. There is an app for Apple and the.

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Ca si Kh?i My va hai thanh vien nhom La Thang - Kelvin Khanh, Huy Nam - s? co m?t t?i "nha hang" B?a trua vui v? tu?n nay. Ca si Kh?i My va nhom nh?c La Thang d?u la nh?ng guong m?t ca si tr? dang du?c quan tam nh?t hi?n nay khi d? l?i nhi?u ?n tu?ng sau s?c trong long cong chung thong qua nh?ng ca khuc ma h? h?p tac, trong do co MV Buong tay va hang lo?t d? an am nh?c khac. N?u doi theo ch?ng du?ng ho?t d?ng am nh?c c?a Kh?i My va nhom La Thang, khan gi? d?u bi?t d?n chuy?n tinh vo cung d? thuong gi?a Kelvin Khanh va Kh?i My. Them vao do, Kelvin Khanh con r?t du?c long “ma Nam” (m? c?a ca si Kh?i My) nen du co m? “h? t?ng” nhung c? hai cung khong ng?i th? hi?n tinh c?m v?i nhau. Them vao do la nh?ng b?c ?nh d?i thu?ng h?t s?c g?n gui va tinh c?m l?i cang khi?n cac Fan d?y song, d?ng ng?i khong yen.
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Fans of the pair have raised doubts about the over-familiar that Khoi My – Kelvin Huy Khanh for each other. Recently, through the pictures of the trip on tour in Japan, the fans even more affirmed Khoi My and Kelvin Huy Khanh are dating together. Closeness between couples Khoi My and Kelvin Huy Khanh making fans set off emotional questionable.
From real life, to meetings or touring, Khoi My and rumored boyfriend always stick together. C? hai co m?t kha s?m trong khu v?c VIP d? ch? d?i bu?c vao khu v?c san kh?u di?n ra concert.

G?n day, Kh?i My va Kelvin Khanh thu hut s? quan tam c?a cong chung khi dinh nghi an yeu nhau.
Sau m?t th?i gian dai khong h?p tac cung nhau, Ph? D?c Bi?t va Ng?c Th?o s? tai h?p l?i trong cac d? an m?i c?a team Thich an ph? trong th?i gian t?i.
V?a qua, Kh?i My chinh th?c cho ra d?i kenh Youtube Kh?i My Fanmily va tung teaser dai 40 giay nha hang MV m?i mang ten "Anh ? dau?". Du nhi?u l?n, c? hai d?u up m? trong cau tr? l?i khi du?c h?i "Cac b?n co dang quen nhau khong?" nhung v?i nh?ng hinh ?nh than thi?t, nh?ng c? ch? than m?t tren m?c binh thu?ng, nh?ng cai khoac vai, n?m tay kha tinh c?m da khi?n c?ng d?ng fan c?a h? vo cung ph?n khich. S? than thi?t c?a c?p doi Kh?i My - Kelvin Khanh da khi?n nhi?u khan gi? t? ra nghi ng? v? chuy?n tinh c?m c?a h?. Da co r?t nhi?u fanpage l?p nen d? g?n k?t hai ngu?i l?i v?i nhau, nh?ng fanpage cung nh?n du?c r?t nhi?u s? ?ng h? nhi?t tinh t? phia Fc. S? k?t h?p an y, mang l?i ti?ng cu?i cho khan gi?, trong m?t khan gi?, h? la c?p doi nhi nh?nh va vo cung dang yeu.
Vi?c nghi t?i m?t tuong lai t?t d?p hon c?a Fc cung khong ph?i di?u vo ly, co th? h? c?n nhi?u th?i gian hon chut n?a d? co th? kh?ng d?nh m?i quan h? nay.
Besides the fun moments with the artists group Vietnam, almost Khoi My all go together, ate together with Kelvin Huy Khanh although accompany her mother this time.
Whether traveling with a convoy of many artists like comedian Hoai Linh, Chi Tai, Nhat Tinh Anh and Khanh Ngoc … but always separated couple own group outings.
Khoi My is person who serious about the emotional and scared disruption in love should Khoi My identified 30 age will get married.

Tuy im l?ng tru?c tin d?n nhung c? hai luon xu?t hi?n cung nhau va co nh?ng c? ch? than m?t trong m?i s? ki?n.
T? khi Kelvin Khanh dong vai c?u h?c tro cong t? nha giau chi?m du?c tinh c?m c?a co nang bu?ng b?nh Kh?i My, nhi?u b?n tr? da mong mu?n ghep doi h? ngoai d?i th?c. B?i v?y nen cac b?n Fc c?a Kh?i My va Kelvin Khanh hay c? tin tu?ng vao m?i quan h? t?t d?p c?a h? hi?n nay d? ?ng h? h? tren con du?ng s?p t?i, dac bi?t la con du?ng am nh?c h? dang di. Not only regular outings together, Huy Khanh (right) was very close with mother of Khoi My occasionally when the beautiful singer visited her homeland. Even, the couple was publicly affectionate gesture intimate, often concerned about each other.
Not only regular outings together,Kelvin Huy Khanh also very close to mother of Khoi My occasionally accompanied beautiful singer in the night. Despite having fastidious mother, but she seems to come with very comfortable daughter close with La Thang group members.

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