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Ford motor company issued five recalls today, with most affected vehicles being ford-model trucks and suvs. Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Doing this will allow you to issue your own 17 digit manufacturer VIN numbers for your vehicles and MCOs (Manufacturers Certificates of Origin) which are basically pre-titles to your vehicles. This US licensing process is a pretty challenging little paper chase and you will get very little or no help from the government.
I have handled this licensing process for dozens of motorcycle, trailer, LSV, and off-road vehicle manufacturers. THERE ARE NO HIDDEN COSTS OR CHARGES, OR EXTRA OR RECURRING FEES -- AND MY SERVICE IS 100% GUARANTEED! I handle the entire USDOT process and set up your VIN code system and get you a starter packet of two dozen MCOs and VIN labels as well as printing templates and all of the info and instructions you need to do your VINs, MCOs, etc. The entire process usually takes about a month or so to complete followed by a subsequent waiting period of 1 to 2 months waiting for the DOT to get your listing on the DOT website complete - for you DMV to check.
Your obligation under this license is just to outfit your vehicles with the required safety equipment - for motorcycles that includes DOT tires, DOT brake hoses, full lighting, mirrors, and horn - for trailers it includes the DOT lighting set, reflectors, chains, and for trailers with a weight rating of over 3500 pounds you need some sort of brakes. There are NO hidden costs, NO extras, NO recurring fees, NO annual fees, NO renewal fees, a€¦NO surprise, NO tricks, NO gotchas - NOTHING!!!!. OR, we can set-up you as a high-volume manufacturer (over 1,000 units per year) though that process can take a week or two longer to complete sometimes.

Also I get you a starter packet of 24 MCOs and 24 labels - and they printing templates for them. I get you a complete step-by-step instructions on doing your VIN numbers and printing your MCOs and labels.
For one super-low one-time price, you are a vehicle manufacturer and can issue 17 digit VIN numbers and MCOs (manufactures titles) to your vehicles. You can operate out of your back yard or your garage and there is NO minimum number of vehicles you have to make each year.
Again, you get the license and process done, you get your VIN code system and you get a huge starter packet of the MCO forms and VIN labels as well as the printing templates and instructions for all of that and the complete step-by-step instructions on doing your VIN numbers, etc. This Motorcycle is sold by a private party that is neither verified nor endorsed by EagleRider. EagleRider Motorcycle Sales is committed to adhering to privacy principles and requirements in compliance with all applicable laws. This Privacy Notice applies to the practices of EagleRider Motorcycle Sales, with respect to the individually identifiable information we collect about you in connection with assisting you in obtaining financing when you use the finance application on our web site. I certify that the information provided in this Application is complete, correct, and true to the best of my knowledge. I further understand that this application is not a promise, acceptance, nor a commitment to provide a lease contract to me but solely a request that a loan be provided to me under the terms and conditions to be disclosed in the contract which will be provided to me upon final approval of my application.
In the world of motorcycle and trailer manufacturing, as in life, not everything is as it should be. In a sensible world, the New Jersey DMV would either accept you bank note MCO at face value since they are not easy to fake or -- at most -- they might do what Alaska and Hawaii DMVs do which is to check to make sure you are listed on the USDOT website.
Getting listed in the New Jersey "approved" motorcycle manufacturers listings helps with any customers wishing to title and register their bikes in New Jersey to start off.
Being on this list is especially important if you are likely to have customers who wish to do their original title from your MCO in New Jersey.

Another option -- particularly in the short run -- is to have your customer title their vehicle in a state that does not have any hassle like this.
Once a person has an official state title rather than just a manufacturer's MCO, then any state's DMV is pretty much obligated to honor it. Basically you will need to register with the EPA first and get EPA labels as well as your manufacturer VIN labels, MCOs, etc.
I authorize EagleRider and their agents to pull my credit report from the credit reporting agencies and to investigate my credit, employment, and income records. Use of this information enables us to provide you with superior customer service and offer products, programs, and services that may be of interest to you. I agree that you may obtain credit and employment information about me by any means, including obtaining information from check or credit-reporting agencies and from other sources. The specific information required to determine the value for this particular vehicle was supplied by the person generating this report. We have developed this privacy notice to explain to you our practices regarding individually identifiable information. I also authorize you to obtain my consumer report (credit report) for any reason and from time to time in the future when updating, renewing or extending my lease contract. Actual valuations will vary based upon market conditions, specifications, vehicle condition or other particular circumstances pertinent to this particular vehicle or the transaction or the parties to the transaction. This report is intended for the individual use of the person generating this report only and shall not be sold or transmitted to another party.

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