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Kawasaki kz1000 vin decoder,honda vin code search canada,volkswagen beetle vin lookup - How to DIY

VIN: KZT00AE089210 - Kawasaki : Other Low mileage - ONE OWNER - 1980 Kawasaki KZ1000 - Completely Stock!
The sport-tourer concept that Moulton introduced to this bike included a smaller front wheel, and the cockpit fairing. Find this Kawasaki KZ1000 Z1-R for sale in Aurora, Colorado with bidding up to $3,000 and the reserve not yet met here on eBay. Stuff that must be disclaimed!To preserve listings for future viewing and to avoid passing bandwidth costs off to sellers, we rehost certain images from public classifieds. Possibly due to the fact that the changes did not include extra horsepower, this bike was a commercial flop – some reports claim only 500 were sold over 3 years.
Moulton ended up founding a separate company to address the leftovers of his failed product. He dealt with the lack of added power by teaming up with American Turbo-Pak of Santa Ana, CA to throw a snail onto the Z1R and create the first turbocharged production motorcycle.

I brought her back to the dealer where I bought her - about 500 miles ago and had them go through the bike and fix anything it needed. They did new tires, valve cover gaskets, steering head bearings, rear axle bearings, carburetor cleaning, etc. This is a nice bike, low original miles, not owned by idiots, and it has a lot of potential for bike shows, daily driving or collectibility. Delivery available in the northeast, for $1.25 per mile with free delivery to NYC (need a trip to Uncle Jack's). Vermont and Mass is a common trip and I could reason to go see my ahole buddy LBF, in Rochester. The Kawasaki dealer I bought this bike from was cool, and he put a 160 MPH speedo (from a 1999) on her before I picked her up. I bought a used 85 MPH speedo that I will include with the sale for the absolute purist out there.

I take very good care of my possessions, and this bike still looks very good for 34 years old. Bike will be sold with a notarized NH bill of sale for non titled vehicle, and a copy of the previous registration. I will help you with anything else as far as documentation, should it be required by your state or country.
I will assist your shipper in any way that I can, but I will not make arrangements for you.

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