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It's important for everyone to understand that this question might come up for a variety of reasons. However and somehow playing the role of the devil's advocate, there are some ambiguous leads that could help supporting a thesis where Cristiano Ronaldo is gay or bisexual.
Below, you may check some pictures and images, that help those gossip rumors stating that Cristiano Ronaldo is gay.
There will be people raising the question with the solo intent of making fun of Cristiano Ronaldo, probably due to envy contained over the years.
Quite the opposite actualy, since Cristiano Ronaldo has publicly dated many women over the last years and his current girlfriend is Irina Shayk.

A few gossip rumors exploited the opportunity granted by the lack of information regarding who is the mother of Cristiano Ronaldo son, to speculate that Ronaldo would have paid a surrogate mother to have his son, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr, because he is gay. Apart from those, some could legitimately become instigated about Cristiano Ronaldo being gay or not, after reading gossips in magazines or misinterpret some photos that Cristiano Ronaldo took in the past and for that being let's just say that a man wearing a pink doesn't necessarily have to be gay.
Moreover, there have been plenty of rumors over the last months, about the couple being on the verge to announce an engagement. It's not a secret that this resorting to a surrogate mother is indeed a valid way for gay people to become parents, but that doesn't seem to stick for the thesis of Cristiano Ronaldo being gay in any way.
Another circumstance exploited by the press, happened short after Cristiano Ronaldo had a casual fling with Paris Hilton a few years ago.

What probably happened was that Cristiano Ronaldo dumped Paris Hilton and she became resentful with him and tried to revenge through the media.

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