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Just answer is very specific about thatI apologize about the images and the lack of attention you have received today. This spring nests inside the existing spring and provides increased pressure on the detent ball; this increased pressure allows longer windup time for the spring in the actuator, therefore, allowing the shift to occur faster, reducing range shift clunk noise.

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Depending on the design level, this transfer case may or may not have this additional spring. When the 2HI mode is selected, the transfer case shift control module sends 12 volts to an electrical motor, which is the transfer case encoder motor.
A shift to the NEUTRAL position allows the vehicle to be towed without the transmission output shaft rotating. This indicator is used to inform the driver of the vehicle of malfunctions within the four wheel drive transfer case system.

The module detects what position the transfer case is in by monitoring the 4 encoder channels, P, B, A, and C. When activated, it turns the shift detent lever shaft of the transfer case clockwise or counterclockwise, to shift the transfer case by moving the shift forks and collar assemblies inside the transfer case. The encoder motor is controlled through a 12 volt circuit provided by the transfer case shift control module.

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