The copy of earlier insurance policy effectively owns the car until the designated proprietor or driver of the vehicle. There is an app for Apple and the.

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There have been lots of cool Lego Technic kits over the years and up until now it was probably the Unimog (kit number 8110) that was most desired in the evo office. The working parts of a Lego Technic model have always been things of joy and the 991 GT3 RS doesn’t disappoint.
Experience the thrill of driving every month with evo magazine, devoted exclusively to the greatest performance cars in the world. 3 May 2016 BMW M2 review ­- full road and track test, but is the newest M car worthy of the badge? You cannot really rely on cataloguing since a previous owner may have changed the axle, a recon diff may have been fitted, a newer type of flange kit may have been fitted.
If you have a square type drive flange check the type of mudshield fitted this will tell you whether you should use early seal FRC8220 or late seal FTC5258.

However, now the giant utility vehicle has been superseded, because Lego has just released kit number 42056 – a Porsche 911 GT3 RS.
The build manual is more like something you would find gracing a coffee table, while the wheels are perfect recreations of the real car’s beautiful alloys and there are yellow callipers for the disc brakes just as you’ll find on the carbon ceramics of a real RS. As well as working steering and suspension and an adjustable rear wing, there is a fully functional PDK gearbox, complete with paddles. Though once this one is done, I'm not sure you can lay on the living room floor and share it with your grandkids.
Land Rover Axles have a round diff pan the Salisbury has straight sides and is held on by 10 bolts.
To watch a video of Lego’s Senior Design Manager, Andrew Woodman, taking you through the kit just click below.

Each car also gets a unique number that comes on a laser-engraved plaque – just like its own VIN plate.
Check also our info on seal leakage problems in our transfer box pages since this also applies to diff pinion seals and you may need to fit a flange kit to cure your problem.

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