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Microsoft released another incremental update of Windows 10 on Wednesday, Build 9879, with new gestures, an improved OneDrive file management system, and the ability to turn off the new a€?task viewa€? and search buttons.
If your Windows 10-equipped PC is plugged in and sleeping, chances are that ita€™s already downloaded the new builda€”assuming that youa€™ve opted in to the a€?Fast Ringa€? of updates. Microsoft added the task view and new search icons as part of the original technical preview of Windows 10.
Why this matters: Microsoft continues to stride toward a release of Windows 10 sometime late in 2015, arm-in-arm with developers and enthusiasts who have provided feedback throughout the process.
A Microsoft also said a small number of usersa€”about 10 percent of those with the betaa€”would be upgraded to the new a€?Edgea€? rendering engine, designed for improved compatibility with the various sites on the Web. Compatibility is also the name of the game with the MKV video file container, which was added in Build 9860.
Microsoft also said it might rely less on official blog posts in the future and focus more on direct communication with users via the Windows Insider app that users subscribe to when they join the beta.
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Check the checkbox "Stretched" if you like to receive your painting gallery wrapped on wooden bars, full ready to hang !
All logos and trademarks presented in some icons are copyright of their respective trademark owners. The new build adds a checkbox menu option where you can simply choose whether or not those features appear as icons in the toolbar. With Build 9879, the emphasis appears to be on adding flexibility where ita€™s needed, and simplifying things where it's not. Windows 10 will now use what Microsoft calls selective sync, where youa€™ll need to specify whata€™s saved to your PC, and what Microsoft keeps safe in its OneDrive cloud.
In Build 9879, users can nowA play MKV files directly from Windows Media Player, including desktop and modern apps), along with proper thumbnail images and MKV support.

Users should have an easier time submitting feedback and seeing the feedback others have sent, Aul said. What appear to be the flagship features, however, are a simplified, logical OneDrive experience, and five new three-finger gestures to swipe through Windows 10a€™s user interface.
But therea€™s a gray area: To save download time, OneDrive might decide to save a partial "placeholder" of the file on your PC. Microsoft also appears to be killing the dedicated OneDrive app, allowing users access to OneDrive strictly through the File Explorer.
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