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The Ukrainian first museum of the car history owes its birth to activists of the “Kiev’s club of collectors”. Long before the birth of Daimler Benz and in 1678 a Belgian missionary Ferdinand Ferbist, who served as a court physicist and astronomer at the court of Chinese Emperor Kang-hee, decided to try to put a steam engine on a cart with four wheels.
The Son of the Chinese emperor was delighted with his new mechanical toy, which appearance made a revolution in mechanics. Very different models with one abiding principle were obtained – a steam boiler with a burner, a wheel with blades, front-wheel drive with a pair of gears.
In one of the works of world-renowned physicist and mathematician Isaac Newton (1680) the crew moving through the reactive power of steam was described. Modern technological developments confirm the hunch of Newton and indicate the absence of errors in its design, but to push forward such a cart, the pressure of steam must have been enormous.
One of the students of Watt, William Murdock in 1785, tried to make an experimental model based on the reciprocating steam engine, despite the strict ban from Watt to develop automobile theme, because of its futility. Its small design (480 * 360 * 180 mm), William Murdock, with the risk of being expelled, continued to experience at night. Later, a steam engine of Symington appeared provided for passengers which can rightly be considered a car. Launched in 1786, this model proved to be unprofitable because of too much weight, small size, large turning radius in size, too small capacity of steam engine and a lack of progress.
Mechanically the steam engine at full drive, invented by Burstall and Hill in 1824 was ahead of its time.
Until today the steam landau Bordino (1854) of Italian production, now being exhibited at Turin Transport Museum has survived.
The first model of Benz’s sample in 1885 was a double crew on three high-spoked wheels. Over the axis of large rear wheels a cylinder was placed horizontally, which led them to move with one belt and two chain drives.

In the three years time since 1894, 381 cars of this brand were released, so it is considered the first production vehicle in automobile history. The idea to organize such a museum was embodied by three enthusiasts of the Kiev’s collectors club Valery Ulybushev, Vladimir Sorokolat and Dmitry Alterman. Dmitri is a guide, he is also the deputy chairman of the Club. This man is not just in love with cars, he knows in detail the history of creation of each model.
Then people collected everything – from brands and boxes from the matches up to the paintings and works of art. Another boy, Dimitri received a gift from her mother 10-ruble car model, with which he began his collection. It became a matter of life, for which it was worth to deny something else. Some of them are collected by hand, some of them are a reworked production models. Located next to the cars figures of people create more believable effect.
Here are the entire Soviet classic automobile and unique foreign models, including cars that drove the heroes of popular James Bond films, the Italian Mafia and others. A separate booth is occupied with private cars of great people – politicians and artists. According to the leaders of the museum, over two thirds of the available exhibits have long been discontinued.  No insurance company wants to take the responsibility to insure the exposition.
A special attention is given to a collection of fire trucks in their evolution since the beginning of the century to the existing, and military equipment. But, of course, the most detailed exposition is the exposition of the domestic automobile industry: all brands of Chaika, Volga and Lada, governmental limousines. You can admire the unique exhibits: Zaporozhets-limo, car-swan, which are made at the whim of a millionaire in Calcutta in 1910. Looking at all this beauty, one is struck by the genius of engineering. One is forced to think about the fact that there are no creative jobs and not creative ones, and physics and mathematics may not be so boring and if they can turn an ordinary piece of iron into a product of automobile art and glorify its creator. Fathers of the automobile industry are Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler, who in the late XIX century, invented the first horseless carriage with a gasoline internal combustion engine.

Hundreds of the best technical minds were preoccupied with the invention of the crew, who could move without the horse.
Due to the high pressure the steam boiler was heated by pushing the wheel, the blades were spinning around its axis, the driving wheels, and thus the truck was moving. Thus, Newton offered the world an entirely different principle of movement, rather than those proposed by Ferbist. The most interesting thing is that the invention of a steam engine jet by Newton is widely used in aircraft and rocketry. A designer of stationary steam engines, James Watt was trying to calculate small-sized steam engines for transport, but the result came to the conclusion that such machines can not be constructed.
A year 1886 marked the end of a steam engines era and began the era of gasoline in the automobile industry – there appeared the first cars on the gasoline engine and Daimler Benz.
The power for the electric plugs was galvanic battery – it has become more advanced solution than the glowing tubes operating in parallel to Daimler. In 1893 Benz established four-wheel vehicle model with the new patented invention – pivot system of turning wheels that can rotate individually, and not all together on one axis (the real Benz Company’s technical victory). Engine compartment has been completely closed and a single cylinder engine with a capacity of 3 litres was placed inside. Froese”: its replica is presented in the collection of the Kiev Museum of automobile history.

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