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How decode vin number - motorcycle forums, Thanks for the info louis, but it doesn't seem to be correct for all models. Vin decoder uk us eu vin check and vin lookup - vin number, How do i decode and understand my vin number the vin vehicle identification number is a standard 17 digit reference unique to each vehicle. Ford f150 vin number lookup -, Where can i get a free ford f150 vin number lookup.
Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Starting in the 1980s Club Car vehicles have a serial number plaque at the lower edge of the dashboard. Find the serial number of your cart by looking beneath the glove box on the passenger's side dashboard. If you do not know your E-Z-GO Serial Number, please review the E-Z-GO vehicles pictured below to help narrow down the model. Yamaha gives similar names to its carts, starting with model G1 then down through numbers G2 to G3 and on into the G20s. Later Yamaha's have their serial number underneath the seat, beneath the glove box, or along the front rubber molding.

Calculation vin check digit -, Calculation of the vin check digit (1) assign to each number in the vin its actual mathematical value and assign to each letter the value specified for it in the. Vin codes - angelfire, Commencing in september 1980, motor vehicle safety standard regulation fmvss-115 required a 17-digit vin (vehicle identification number) on all new vehicles sold in.
Chevy vin, trim tag and drivetrain information & decoding, Vin info from 1967 - 1971 were in the same format. Accessories such as golf cart lift kits and golf cart covers are made for specific models of golf carts.
The serial number convention is 12 characters and indicates the model, the model year and the production week the vehicle was produced. Prior to 1981, Club Car placed the serial number by the batteries underneath the driver's seat. They are seldom identified as such, however, and since models vary little in appearance the only sure way to identify your Yamaha is through the serial number. They can, however, narrow down the search by finding shared characteristics inside charts of Yamaha identification codes.
Specific serial number location information for your Yamaha Golf Cart model is listed below the table.

Golf cart lift kits must take into consideration the chassis and body types of specific models. The final six numbers, usually set apart by a dash, represent your cart's individual identification code. However, if your vehicle was manufactured prior to 1976, the serial number plate is on the fender skirt under the driver's seat.
A specific date may be found by submitting your serial number to a website devoted to repairing or collecting Yamaha golf carts. Golf cart covers are other examples where the different sizes of tops and roof supports make the golf cart model and year extremely important to achieve a perfect fit.

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