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In this post, you’ll learn how to deactivate your Vine profile through the mobile app and permanently delete all its underlying data.
After you successfully deactivate your Vine account using the steps outlined in the following section, your profile data and content will live on Vine’s servers for a period of 30 days, hidden from public.
This grace period lets you reactivate your account by logging into Vine’s mobile app or website at any time within the 30-day timeframe.
Vine, unfortunately, doesn’t provide tools to download your content easily so it might be a good idea to save your own Vine videos to a computer prior to deleting your account. To deactivate your Vine account, you must use the mobile app for iOS, Android or Windows devices. Earlier Vine (a popular short-form video sharing service) was available with its web, Android, iOS, and Windows phone apps. The app has a beautiful UI and includes many features that are already a part of its Windows 10 phone app. Above you can see the starting page that will visible to you when you will open Vine app after installation.
There is a Search icon on the left sidebar using which you can explore vines uploaded by viners.

This option is simply used to check how many loops you have earned so far, your followers, following people list, and uploaded posts.
So, the app has almost all the options that you won’t have to use your phone especially to access Vine. Get the conversation started like Simon & Schuster did by asking open-ended questions to gain comments and suggestions. A short-form video sharing service owned by Twitter, Vine is the place where many people go to share and watch six-second looping video clips, some of which are quite amusing and engaging. To have your account and its underlying data permanently deleted from Vine’s servers, avoid logging into Vine during that period. For example, you can search for vines by exploring channels, follow any viner, post your own vines, view your profile, check total loops for vines, etc.
Once the video is added, you can set the playing part of the video (that will become your vine), preview it, and post it to your Vine account. Educate: Enlighten your audience like The San Francisco Zoo did- they created a Vine about Poison Dart Frogs. Tell a Story: Gap captured their jeans through the years in a Vine video to illustrate their history.

Your Hearts Delight by Aubrey provides primitive home decor items including seasonal items, everyday products, garden and patio creations, charming stitchery and so much more. This is really a big news for Vine lovers who wanted to use Vine directly from their Windows 10 PCs. After that, you can login to your Vine account and explore the options available in this app. Vine, the latest app created by Twitter allows users to stream and capture short videos(think Instagram, but in video form). We found some examples of how Vine contributes to brands and business along with helpful usage tips courtesy of The Social Media Examiner.

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