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Responding to subscriber calls, the BSNL Chennai Telephones has introduced a system that allows its landline users to keep a tab on broadband usage.Significantly, in doing so, Chennai Telephones has also opened up its SMS short code to landline subscribers with non-CellOne mobile connections to help them monitor broadband usage. BSNL now lets you top-up your broadband on demand to increase speed whenever you feel necessary.
You need to restart your modem: just unplug the modem or router power cable and wait for 30 seconds, connect it back again. I have rs 1300 unlimited plan which promised to give 2 mbps speed after exhaustion of high speed. How email id bsnl broadband connection, I am from lucknow and want to get my bsnl email id which should be provided with every broadband connection(mine is unlimited 750). Online bsnl broadband duplicate bill copy - telecomgk, How to download your bsnl broadband, ftth & landline duplicate bill online using selfcare portal or through personal email id.
I have been paying the bill in the portal for the last four months but still never they gave me any discount how to get it ??? Every month 6th they add new bill to the portal and bill will come home after 15 may be and DUE DATE IS 27 I think . I have paid online, the land line charge for my LL 0478 2816101 during the months from Oct.2012 to April 2013. 3- Then login with your created credentials and then you will have the option to register your Broadband or Mobile with providing it’s details like in case of Broadband(Landline No, Consumer No.

4- After Broadband registration, you can see your outstanding bills and make payment against that.
Can i make online payment to BSNL anytime , what i meant is, Can i pay my bill after BSNL office hours (which is generally 10am to 5pm)?
BreakingMIB canceled licenses of 10 TV channels in July 2016 as they failed to get clearance from MHA“It’s time an umpire steps in and says it is an LBW or not,” says COAI Rajan S.
BSNL in India offers unlimited broadband plans, some of these plans after certain data limit i.e Fair usage Policy gives you low speed throughout the month. If you download larger size file downloads in the beginning of month, and when you get slower speeds in middle of month after fup, you can use that option, we should welcome, no need to criticize BSNL for this, or upgrade to higher plan if you can afford. You need to wait for the next month to get higher speed as per your plan, which no longer the case these days. If you’ve not bookmarked the page, try the links mentioned in the article to reach that page in the browser. Now I am not going to enter my bank details when there is slightest chance of tampering going on.
The mechanism follows subscribers of various DataOne plans asking for a way to keep a tab on usage among family members, officials said. Though the BSNL has been giving indicative data consumption levels on its website to help customers who opt for plans with free usage ranging from 150 MB to 1 GB, subscribers find it difficult to track usage levels when there are multiple users at home.

The new service would help homes where members have varied Internet behaviour, an official said. It would also remove room for subscribers unwittingly overshooting the free usage threshold.
There is one more system where a customer can register his telephone number to receive SMS alerts whenever the broadband usage exceeds the free limit. This service is available free of charge to the customer with only SMS charges as per their respective plans. Customers who are surprised when they unknowingly exceed their free limit and end up paying hefty bills will be benefited. Name (required) Email (required) Website Comment Don't subscribeAllReplies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

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