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Try our new Category View for Detailed topics segregated by their topic.Now it's even easier to find the information you need. You can also receive our Detailed Auto Topics, delivered to your computer, as soon as they are written. Via email, text message, or notification as you wait on our site.Ask follow up questions if you need to. Hi Jay, I bought the fuel pump but the original fuel pump comes with sheld do I need to buy? Ok, will the fuel pump come connected too, because I think he don't want to remove it and put the new one back.
How to find an electrical drainHere is an alternative way to check for electrical drains using a Parasitic Draw Test Switch.
Parasitic DrainParasitic drain (AKA draw) can be defined as any electrical device that draws electric . Testing battery and charging systemHere's how we can check a charging system with a few simple pieces of . Battery goes deadYou need to have a mechanic install an ammeter and check the parasitic draw on the vehicle when it is turned off. Parasitic draw 93 f250 7.5l - Car TalkWould anyone happen to have a spec on acceptable parasitic draw with the key off on this . The “Hands On” Vehicle Testing Reference167 How to Find the Battery's Parasitic Drain by Reading the Voltage Drop Across a Fuse.
Diagnosing A Car Battery That Runs DownThe first things you want to check are the battery and the output of the charging .
H3 dead batteries - Car Forums - EdmundsSorry but warranty doesn't pay me to check anything so it gets a battery first time.
Fluke Test and Measurement Tools“The test no one seems to have done is checking parasitic draw with the Fluke 98 ScopeMeter,” says Barnett. IDENTIFIX - CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALSThe usual checks were performed, and a parasitic draw test confirmed a 0.375 amp draw.
Electrical Training Voltage Drops and DrainsOne is we forget to check the ground for the circuit we are diagnosing.

10-13-11i have an 04 grand am gt and some of the fuses in fuse box under hood have no power such as ignition module. 1-5-12I have a 1997 Oldsmobile Aurora the car drives normal until the check engine light comes on and the car feels like something is stuck, the idle goes high and I try to step on the gas it strains and looks as if it will over heat.
Placing a fuse with a lower rating will end in a blown fuse again and replacing it with a higher rated fuse (do not do this) may damage the circuit and related components. To replace just the fuel pump you need to release the top part of it and remove the fuel pump.
In order to check for parasitic draw, you need to be careful so you don't ruin your meter. Remember to always test the battery, starting system and look for any parasitic draws when working on a charging system. In some aircraft, the parasitic drain is so high (over 1 ampere) that the battery becomes depleted within a few days. So if you want to check the parasitic draw on the battery, leave the hood open (or the trunk if the battery is located in the back).
If there are not any installed, your Honda dealership can simply test your car for a draw.
Opening a car door at that point will bury the draw test results in a flood of amperage flow to other circuits. So what you need to do is go to your Toyota Dealer and have them check and adjust the idle speed. My car has an intermittent parasitic draw which drains the battery after I drive It a few hours and park it. Whenever there is an excessive amount of current flowing through a circuit the fusible element will melt and create an open or incomplete circuit. Some fuses will have power with the key off, most with the key on, some only when a certain circuit is being used- such as headlights. Clamp the end of the test light or the negative cable of the voltage meter to a good ground close to the fuse box. Knowing how to check the basic electrical components can make auto repair easier.How to check fuses Fuses protect the electrical circuits on vehicles.

Fuses are a one time protection device and must be replaced each time the circuit is overloaded. If the car does not have any starting or running problems, I would not worry about your findings. They design a fuse to burn or blow out, at an amperage below the point where damage occurs in the circuit. For instance, if a device normally draws 10 amps, a fuse roughly 20 amps in size might protect it.
They show fuse amperage by the color of the fuse, and a number marked on the exposed face.Finding a blown fuse is not always easy. This means the key may need to be on, or another problem exists upstream of the fuse.  If both sides of the fuse read current, the fuse is good.
Another problem with pulling fuses is, keep-alive power for the various modules on the vehicle may be lost. This results in poor idling, a loss of diagnostic information and sometimes accessories that do not work.The terminals in a fuse box are fragile, and we may damage them by twisting and pulling on hard to remove fuses.
Using a voltmeter to check fuses will be far more certain, quicker and will avoid these problems.How to check a standard relayA relay is a magnetically operated switch. The computer may supply power or a ground to a low-amperage relay that turns a high-amperage device on or off.In the diagram above, the computer supplies current to the relay, which is grounded.
This arrangement allows the computer to control the pump which is too heavy to control directly.A typical automotive relay has four or five terminals. Next power and ground are applied to 85 and 86 while checking number 30 for continuity to 87.With fuel pumps, testing can be a bit tricky. In the fuel pump diagram, current at terminal 87, when the switch is turned on, indicates a good relay and fuses.
If there is power at connection 30, power and ground would be checked at terminals 85 and 86.The relay is used to control a great many things on automobiles.

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