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This guide shows you how to find windows 7 product key in registry on your computer if you lost the product key.
Vodusoft Product key finder is a program that can find all of your windows, Office and other software product keys from the registry quickly.
Here are the steps how to use Vodusoft product key finder to find windows 7 product key in registry.
Step1: Download Vodusoft Product Key Finder and install it on the computer where you want to find product key for windows 7. Step2: When the product key finder program starts, click on Start Recovery to find out your windows 7 product key in the registry. Step3: When the product keys are found, they will display in list, click on Save to File to save all of the product keys to a text file.
If you want to find the product key from the registry on your computer by yourself is very difficult, because the product key such as windows 7 product key is encrypted on the registry. However, if you don’t want to waste your time to find product key one by one, you can take a product key finder to find all of the product keys on your computer to save time. We have posted many tutorials which help you in customizing Windows look-n-feel as well as tweaking Windows functionality.
Almost all these tweaks and tips-n-tricks work in all Windows versions such as Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7. Since Windows 8 is based on Windows 7, almost all Windows 7 tricks and guides work fine in Windows 8. Similar to Windows 7, Windows 8 also comes with these 3 Aero features: Aero Peek, Aero Shake and Aero Snap.
Microsoft has added a built-in option to remove Favorites from Windows 8 Explorer's navigation pane. How to Rename "Favorites", "Libraries", "Homegroup", etc in Windows 8 Explorer's Navigation Pane? How to Add Program Shortcuts and Useful Shortcuts with Icons in Windows 8 Desktop Context Menu? And if you want to add many program shortcuts in Desktop context menu but don't want to increase the size of context menu, you can add the shortcuts by dividing them in various sections. Don't forget to check our exclusive all-in-one tutorial to tweak and customize Desktop context menu of Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Similar to Desktop context menu, you can also add program shortcuts in My Computer context menu (the menu which appears when you right-click on My Computer icon). Windows 8 comes with same Windows 7 Taskbar aka Superbar which allows you to pin program shortcuts for quick and easy access. By default you can't add any new shortcut in the main My Computer window which shows hard disk drives and removable drives. Windows 7 and Windows 8 Taskbar shows current time and date in system tray or notification area but did you know you can customize its appearance to show day name, month name and AM or PM symbols? System Properties in Windows shows various useful information about the OS and computer hardware such as Windows version, processor name, amount of RAM, etc. Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 come with a built-in Administrator account which is disabled by default. Many times we want to restrict other people from using our computer or from accessing certain things in Windows. If you want to modify or replace a file, folder or a key in Windows Registry, you first need to take ownership.

Microsoft removed the good old "Quick Launch" toolbar from Windows 7 and Windows 8 follows the same. Similar to Windows 7, Windows 8 shows large iconized program buttons in Taskbar which don't contain any text. Microsoft has removed the good old Taskbar toolbar aka Taskband feature from Windows Media Player 12 (WMP12) version which used to minimize WMP to Taskbar in form of a mini toolbar.
You'll need to modify shell32.dll file in Windows 8 to move details pane at bottom but there are some known problems while doing this, thats why I have not shared the method.
Tip: Change the 'day' in the short date format to ddd from dddd and your date will be shorter.
Below is additional information about how to determine a computer's name through Microsoft Windows, MS-DOS, and Linux.
In the System Properties window you'll see the Computer name and Full computer name listed as shown in the picture below. Use the ipconfig command to identify not only the name of the computer but also any other network information. Note: because lots of information is shown in the output you may also need to scroll up to see this information.
If you have super-user rights, you can change the computer's name by using the hostname command. Step 1: To locate the IP Address in Windows Vista or Windows 7, first bring up the command prompt. First thing that I remember when I`ve installed Windows 7 for the first time and one of the things that I didn`t liked was the missing desktop shortcuts from Windows XP of My Computer and My Network Places.
Now you should see the result, two new icons appeared on your desktop, it`s not exactly the same name with ``My`` in front of them but they still perform the same actions as them.
I can`t imagine someone keeping his desktop without them or at least without ``Computer`` as it allows you to access all other computer partitions as fast as possible.
Windows users need to consider carefully the pros and cons of testing a new operating system on their hardware. Please go through the following list and see if any of the issues mentioned might be of concern for you. Linux distributions have good hardware support in general, but there's no such thing as perfect.
Truth to be told, you should NOT start the installation immediately, but we will do this anyway. I think that partitioning is too important to leave in the hands of an automated installer.
Create logical partitions (root, swap, home) inside the Extended - will be called sda5, sda6 and sda7. Place, you can see the Windows partitions in the list, called System Reserved and 11.5GB Media. One thing that Windows 7 does not report correctly are the partition types for our Linux partitions. There are many product key finder program on the internet, such as Asunsoft, Vodusoft, Spower product key finder, just take one to have a try.
These tutorials also allow you to add new functionality to Windows such as adding new options in context menus, etc.
Now Microsoft has released a new OS Windows 8 which is actually an improved version of Windows 7.

That's why today in this article, we are going to feature some best and most useful Windows 7 tweaks and tips-n-tricks which also work in Windows 8. Windows 8 Explorer comes with same navigation pane which shows various shortcuts such as Computer, Network, Libraries, Homegroup and Favorites. This trick allows you to add your desired program shortcuts in Desktop context menu (the menu which appears when you right-click on Desktop). But you can't pin many system shortcuts such as Recycle Bin, Control Panel, etc to Taskbar.
As you can see almost all tips-n-tricks, Registry tweaks and other tutorials which used to work in Windows 7, also work absolutely fine in the new Windows 8 OS.
If you to change the computer name or workgroup click the Change settings link to the right of the computer name. Within this tab you'll be able to see the full computer name, workgroup, and also a description. Within this tab you'll be able to view the computer name, workgroup, and description, as well as change any of this information.
At the MS-DOS prompt or Windows command line, type the below command to display all important network information.
I was unable to find them and I was disappointed as I was thinking that maybe they removed those shortcuts. Well, that`s how you add ``Computer`` and ``Network`` icons on a Windows 7 desktop so if you know any other shortcuts leave a comment.
If push comes to shove, Ubuntu can manage with just one partition, but this is not recommended. In addition to the standard installation guide for openSUSE, we will again setup a dual boot system. Its based on Windows 7 OS but comes with many new features and a brand new user interface which is known as Metro UI or Modern UI. Many computer manufacturer companies use this method to add their company logo and information in System Properties window. If you are new to Windows 8, check out our exclusive Windows 7 and Windows 8 sections to learn more about the OS. I would like to mention that I am coming from Microsoft Windows XP SP3 and I`ve tried Windows Vista too but I didn`t liked it. This article is for those like me that wants to place a shortcut of My Computer and My Network Places on their Windows 7 desktop. Not to mention that when you perform a fresh install of Windows 7, the only desktop shortcut is Recycle Bin and I still don`t understand why, probably when they created Windows 7 they were thinking at leaving each user the option to configure their Windows exactly how they want it.
Go here to learn how you can change IP address easily.Go her if you want to find out how to change the MAC address.
OK, so you`ve just installed a fresh copy of your Windows 7 and you can only see the Recycle Bin.

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