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Admit it, we’ve all secretly used Facebook to check out somebody’s profile only to wish the search history was deleted from our account.  Whether you were following up on your ex after a break up or had a weak moment and had to look up your crush, evidence of your past Facebook searches can be embarrassing and awkward to explain, but luckily they can also be deleted. Step 1: Log into your Facebook profile and click on your “Activity Log,” which you will find on the bottom right hand corner of your cover photo. Step 2: Within your Activity Log, you will see a list of all the activities you have undertaken in Facebook (comments, posts, likes, etc).
Step 4: Brace yourself as you come face to face with a history of all your Facebook stalking searches. When we’re not helping our readers improve their Facebook profiles, we are busy working away on Facebook apps and competitions.

The Activity Log is in chronological order and you can actually edit your activities from here.  On the left hand side you will see a menu which displays the “More” option under the “Photos”, “Likes” and “Comments” section. You’ve got two options at this point, you can either clear everything or choose specific searches to get rid of.
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Click “More” to get a complete list of everything you can access through your Activity Log. To erase your entire Facebook search history, click the “Clear Searches” button on the top right hand corner of the page.

And if you ever have another moment of weakness, you can rest easy knowing that all evidence of your Facebook search can be deleted with just a few simple clicks.  Go on, bookmark this page, you know you’ll need it in the future.
If you’d rather save most of your search history but only delete a select few items, simply go down to the specific search you’d like to delete and click the “hidden from Timeline” icon on the right hand side.

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