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Let's say a customer calls you and complains about an error being displayed on your product page.
All you have to do is quickly screenshot the buggy page, add a note and save it all to a specific case. Advantage: Create a problem report, including critical incident information and screenshots within seconds – and automatically assign it to your Salesforce case. I was hoping google would show some balls and take the whole thing on and call it 415 Mission.
It makes a strange kind of sense that the practice of giving buildings and infrastructure corporate names has taken off at the same time that corporate volatility has made it unlikely for those names to keep their meaning for the lifetime of the structures so graced. Um, that trend really took off at least fifteen years ago, although it was primarily limited to ballparks back in the 2000’s. There are no signs above the second floor in sf so this really amounts to a plaque on the ground floor and trying via brokers to get everyone trained to say the corp name. I’m guessing 70 Psf for the bottom half of the bldg block and 110 Psf for the top floor. I wonder really though with is with all the vitriol and dislike over the SIMPLE naming of a building.
The comments here on SS lately are getting more and more negative with every subject matter. Remarkably, Salesforce has LOST money the last four quarters as it attempts to grow revenue.
Meanwhile our other homegrown juggernaut Wells Fargo books $5billion in quarterly Income this quarter and won’t touch new office space. Salesforce has acquired Edifice Complex; when a company is big and important enough to spend a ginormous amount of money on a non-earning asset to show how big and important they are. But you know as well as many of that too often, there is nothing but negativity here on ANY given subject or building or topic.

I would really enjoy more acceptance and embracement of processes that are in place and have gone thru years of reviews and community input, rather than endless whining about what has been approved and put in place. According to Futurist, you have to be a professional architect and involved with community meetings about proposed developments and land use in order to offer an opinion.
Oh, I’m quite fine with others have opinions Mark, on the future and changes in our city.
As one of the few architects here, I understand that I write and think in a particular way: the way I was trained and taught to think as an architect.
To the Editor: I agree there is much negativity HERE regarding the future growth and development of SF with regards to housing, displacement, gentrification, etc. My opinion is that far from trying to elevate the level of SF architecture, you’re most often on here cheerleading for the bland and the uninspired. Personally, I understand that for some segment of the market any supply (of homes or of food) is better then no supply at all. Take for example some of the newer residential buildings in the Upper Market corridor: VanNess to Castro. The clips are directly assigned to any open case in Salesforce, to ensure that they get taken care of asap. You’ll get a complete case file, with a traceable case history – and avoid lengthy telephone dialogues beating around the bush. Salesforce will effectively occupy the bottom 30 floors of the tower along with the very top floor. Legally, the city could still add 70 more feet to the height, which could be about 4 more floors.
Obviously the greatest turnover was in stadiums named after banks or telephone companies, but even Enron had a stadium named after it.
As an architect, I took time and interest to attend community meetings, planning commission meetings and developer presentations.

This is hardly some brand new trend, and Salesforce isn’t close to the worst name out there.
Contacting supervisors and planning commissioners probably is much more effective than complaining here on SS. I’m assuming, and correct me if I’m wrong that you want what you see happening in, say, Amsterdam or Copenhagen?
We make your field service process simple, intelligent, and affordable so you can spend your valuable time managing your business, not your software.- Provides a holistic view of Work order assigned to the Technician - Ability to track the travel and service time- Ability to integrate with google Map for navigation- Provides facility to add the required parts for the Work Order- Ability to capture multiple images on the work site- Ability to capture digital signature on the daily report and service history report- Ability to close the work orderThe app is fully in sync with salesforce platform. And being involved (even a small amount) in community planning meetings goes a long way to really learning how the process evolved and how and why decisions were made.
I believe in making the city a safer, cleaner, more vibrant place to live for those who want to participate and contribute. Both market segments can coexist, but I think it is disingenuous to talk up a Burger King as something it isn’t.
Granted some are subtle and quiet, and simply detailed; one of the hall marks of modernism. Even Saitowitz, whose work I generally don’t like, does produce some interesting facades, albeit with harsh living spaces. 50 fremont st., and they are building another one kitty corner from the Salesforce Tower, which will be entirely salesforce (unless they reneged on that one in exchange for this). Being vocal at an actual meeting is powerful and can make a difference, even if some of those changes don’t happen.

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