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Speaking about modern rally cars, the Subaru Impreza is the best of the bunch because it has a very brutal power condition and all the wheel drive is computerized.
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Literally everyone can say that it is the most challenging and fun sport that ever existed. This Quarto coming from Audi is the first car model that brings the 4 by 4 type of train power to the event. This is truly one of the best cars that Lancia ever built since it is built with a midsized engine. Everything about the car is equipped with high technology which makes a lot of people to want to own one.
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Once cars were being used widely, it was only a matter of time before the human love of competition took over.
This can be done in any surface and it is an activity that can be carried in all types of weather. The engine is turbo powered in order to make up for the weight that the old racing cars are imposing. Dry lake beds and two lane strips of roadway became the first places to test your vehicle against another driver. Disclaimer: All illustrations, photographs and specifications are based on the latest information available.
The engine can only be used for about 10 hours before it is required to be reconstructed again.  This car is disguised to be a race car.
These non-sanctioned events were essentially illegal drag races that took place throughout the country.
There are thousands of people from all over the world that attend World Rally Championships.

The line of cars in this collection made it to the top list of some of the rally cars in the world. There are top rally cars across the world that hit the road and here are the best five among the bunch. As soon as people saw the opportunity to race in safer and well-timed events the sport of drag racing was truly born. This first drag strip ran races until 1959 and by that time the NHRA had multiple national events taking place throughout the United States.The NHRA has become a larger success than anyone could have imagined and now comprises 80,000 members. Wally Parks was the associations first President and once noted, “we did have ambitions of its becoming a national sports entity. These were just races, plain and simple – drag racing did not earn its name until sometime later. To be honest, no one actually knows the real story of why they decided to call straight line speed races, drag races. One theory is that because these races stem from a challenge made from one party to another that the first racer may have said, “Drag your car out of the garage and race me!” Another idea seems more rooted in fact and based upon where the race would take place. Paved roads were few and far between in the early days of motoring so the main “drag” or road through town could have been the setting for early races. As the sport evolved and began taking place on sanctioned courses, some drivers would “drag” through the gears or hold the car in the same gear for a longer period of time. We may never know the first time a sanctioned race was called a drag race, but all of these ideas are possibilities.Santa Ana Drags Santa Ana, California would become the first place that a commercial drag strip would come to exist.
I really don’t know about this thing but i appreciate being informed about its history.
Before the airport was known as John Wayne International, an unused runway was being used to hold drag races on Sundays during the 1950s.Hart became the sole owner of the strip within the first month of operation and he also ran a gas station in Santa Ana. Getting back to the past gives me so a hint on where all this exciting and jaw dropping racing started.
He then was able to establish different classes of cars based upon their abilities in order to make races fair. The cars were split up according to axle ratios, year, make, engine displacements, and safety equipment.Races were $0.50 and nearly 50 cars were competing every week – business was booming! Eventually the good times had to end and the airport’s extension in 1959 ran the drag racers off their course.
It was not long before the Lion’s Drag Strip at the Orange County Fairgrounds was open for business and drag racing could continue.
His love for high speed thrills continued well into his old age and he was even ticketed for going 85mph in his motor home.NHRA History Wally Parks was another pioneer of the drag racing world who earned his credit on the dry lake speed trials. In 1937, he founded the Road Runners Club and eventually went on to become the first President of the NHRA.
Just north of where the first official drag races were held was where the NHRA held their first event.

In 1953 the Los Angeles County Fairgrounds played host to the inaugural race of an event that would become famous.Today, the track has undergone $6,000,000 worth of expansions and upgrades, and hosts the first and last event of each season. The facility now houses stadium style fan seating, VIP towers, and a state of the art track. As the sport grew more and more, it became a national phenomenon with the first national race taking place in Great Bend, Kansas in 1955.The NHRA has become the largest motorsports sanctioning body in the world with its 80,000 members.
Fans throughout the country can enjoy races year round with 140 member tracks hosting 35,000 licensed competitors. Drag Racing has become more and more advanced with different types of vehicles racing in each event. The first competitors simply souped up their daily driver and took it to the track for the weekend, but today top-fuel dragsters dominate the speed records.
The vehicles capable of breaking records today are in the NHRA Full Throttle Racing Series. The body is meant to look somewhat like a manufacturer’s current vehicle, but aerodynamic is the paramount concern. Their name is derived from the mix of fuel in use which consists of 90% nitro methane and 10% alcohol.
By using this mixture instead of regular gasoline, the cars are able to produce more power in their engines. The narrow frame leads to the drivers cell and roll cage and eventually to the engine in the back. Because of the dangerous nature of these machines and for weight distribution, the engine is located as far back as possible.
Large rear wheels and tires help put the immense power to the ground and move the cars in a straight line as quickly as possible.These vehicles travel so fast that after the race is completed a parachute is deployed to slow them down. Some courses are not capable of handling full quarter-mile races from the Top Fuel cars and thus 1000-foot races are held.
Mickey had a great deal to do with Lions Drag Strip - Shortly after Lions was created, The drag strip at the Orange County Fair grounds started up - Shortly after that Irwindale Raceway was developed - You can check out Lions Drag Strip on line by just doing a search for "Lions Drag Strip".
I am really quite amazed at the rick history that is in drag racing, since I though that it was just an easy one.
Professional racing event would be great to watch like Formula One racing and the most awaited on this events are the customized cars!

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