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Now Ford hopes the new Ka will have what it takes to battle it out at the 30 thousand real mark. It is refreshing to see that US car companies have recognized to tailor their vehicles for the south American market, which is a unique as it has elements from both European and NA designs. Very small stepping stones, and with the different shapes and even names, aimed at different public. If you are hot for a car and the salesguy is smooth and smart you end up with US$100 over your monthly payment (which could easily be 50% over) by the time you sign the dotted line. How can any history of the Ford Ka be complete without reference to the Sportka’s infamous bird-swatting and cat-decapitating viral ads? As seen by the title of the article, this is but a brief history, very heavily tilted to the Brazilian side. So the camouflaged mule that was featured in a TTAC article last year must have been a Ford Ka. Production of the old Ka has come to a close as the Zetec Rocam engines have also been terminated (and thus the old Brazil-market Fiesta is probably dead as well). Exclusive for Brazil, it changed the front slightly and the back became much more attractive (to most anyway) with the addition of bigger lights and wrap around glass.
That means it has left the bottom rung of the market and will have to hold its own against heavy hitters like the perennial best seller Volkswagen Gol, Fiat Palio, Chevy Onix, Hyundai HB 20, Toyota Etios among others.
Back in the 70s and 80s, when the market was closed, cars here developed in quite interesting, and different ways. However, those who know how to tweak their cars to locals’ tastes and pockets, profit handsomely. Actually, cars like this and the Renault Twingo sort of paved the way for the later retro-premium Minis, Fiat 500 etc.
It could be the case that they simply thrown in the Sigma and EcoBoost engines into the Fiesta Rocam and downgrade it some more.

They cover from about the 23k reais (Uno 2 door, Ka, Celta, some Chinese) all the way up to an EcoSport titanium 4×4 for which they ask 70k reais! As small cars they had old Uno, new Uno, old Palio, new Palio, Palio Weekend (SW), Strada, Siena, Grand Siena, Punto, Idea, Doblo, Linea. Williams, it has by now become abundantly clear that our own Ronnie Schrieber did, indeed, spot a Ka sedan.
Reports suggest the new Ka will be as long as the Fiesta, but higher and roomier than its sibling. Ford of Germany however had extensive participation in the car’s development, and if the car proves successful, it could eventually find its way into Western Europe. In this way, the separation between the Latin American and the European Ka became official and they were never again the same. As Ford launched the new Fiesta in Brazil, the old-gen Fiesta, now rebaptized Fiesta Rocam, was downgraded and became cheaper. The new Fiesta has been a hit in Brazil, taking the Fiesta nameplate to unheard of heights in the Brazilian market. Just to stay on Ford, one of its greatest hits of all time was in fact a Renault, while in Argentina the Falcon stayed in production for decades. Production of the Fiesta Rocam has not ended yet (though some say it will only last into March). On that day, between the salesman going in to talk to his manager and coming back, I had a pretty good view of the way salesmen work. She, being aware of what her feminine charms were doing to the old man made the most of it and was able to charm him up into a top pf the line, loaded Siena.
Rumors have it that it will be the most powerful 1.0 engine in Brazil and will thus have to provide around 82 ponies. However, it will be cheaper, though more expensive than the current Ka, at least initially.

Though this was mainly credited to the new design, the fact of the matter was that Ford had cheapened the car out. When the 50 month financing (standard in Brazil) was taken into account, the Fiesta Rocam was marginally more expensive than the Ka and offered four doors and more space.
If the new Ka takes permanent residence among the top 10 sold, Ford could find itself inching closer to the real big three in the Brazilian market (Fiat, GM and VW) and not having to worry about being overtaken by upstarts like Renault and Hyundai who have been challenging Ford’s , by now traditional, fourth place in Brazil. They showed makers that buyers of small cars wanted something more than just transportation. A sedan version is also in the works, and spy pictures have been taken of it in Michigan by our own Ronnie Schreiber.
VW Gol, Chevy Onix, even Hyundai HB20 were to a large extent developed here and are sold mostly here. The existence of Ka, Twingo, 500, among others, showed people were willing to pay for something a bit different. In a country were compacts are often used as family cars, it was never the biggest seller, but did appeal to those who understood its style and enjoyed an honest to God, fun car to drive. It lost the front sway bar, the frontal sub-frame, springs were hardened to compensate, in short, the car lost the magic that had made it a true driver’s car.
Why else would they sell if right alongside them at the dealership, other more rugged transportation devices were on ofeer, things like Clio, Fiesta, Panda?
It’s kind of hard from an American perspective, but the Ka was always a little more than basic transportation, for better or worse.
The idea the Ka was the starter, some more room and better finishing, the old Fiesta for you, more sport and performance, new Fiesta.

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