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In simpler times, car owners in cities only had to think about their fuel, oil and tyres before setting out.
The D'Humy ramp system, first introduced in 1918, features split-level floors to maximize the number of parking spaces. Parking System: Parklift 421, this is our 1st project for 3 level stack parking systems in India. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. But the present day car owner also has to make mental route maps to avoid traffic, and consider time of day, festival seasons and general rush to ascertain whether their investment on wheels will have a safe parking space when they reach their destination. With already teeming streets being clogged by haphazardly parked vehicles, many commercial establishments have taken it upon themselves to ensure that vehicles visiting their premises get a space.
Some places also offered whole levels just for women so they could feel safe in the structures.

NPR reserves the right to use the comments we receive, in whole or in part, and to use the commenter's name and location, in any medium. While some spaces in the city have already implemented solutions where car owners can drive up and access parking spaces on various floors, nowadays automated systems that can pick up and deposit the vehicles on different tiers have started coming up. That's because parking garages permitted shoppers and workers to spend time and money downtown.
Since local interest in Kerala is still low, we are focussing our attention outside the State till it becomes a necessity here,” adds Jose. Bangalore is the most popular destination for automated car parks in the South, while Mumbai has the most on a nationwide scale,” says Rajesh. Automated or otherwise, the need to park more vehicles in limited space has caused more establishments to look into the matter seriously, with Lulu Mall being the latest on the bandwagon, as their five-level parking space, which can accommodate 800 cars and 600 two-wheelers nears completion. In the 1920s, designs were also being drawn up for ramps, including one design called the "Double Helix" for its two spiral ramps to get cars into the structure.

There is no automated system in their implementation, though Shibu says they did consider the option. But there is also a cultural issue where people do not mind buying expensive vehicles but shy away from paying to park them. However, the situation is changing and within a few years we should see a cultural change, with more people observing traffic and parking laws, so having the facilities in place for safe parking is good,” he adds.
The narrow roads and rising number of vehicles are a logistical challenge, but the solution is already at hand.
With more willing organisations and a cultural change or two, the days of leaving the house with peace of mind may be returned to us yet.

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