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On December 1, 1927, Henry Ford bought full-page ads in 2,000 newspapers to announce the 1928 Ford Model A automobile, the long-awaiting replacement for the Model T. People rushed to showrooms to see the Ford Model A, and soon it became quite fashionable to be seen in the new Ford. Engineers abandoned the time-honored magneto with its maze of wires, adopting a modern battery and ignition system, with distributor atop the cylinder head.
In keeping with Tokyo Motor Show tradition, Nissan has, over the years, introduced an assortment of odd and unusual concept vehicles.  Yet, it has also had a history of putting some of the more promising ones into production, including a series of so-called “Pike Cars,” like the snail-shaped S-Cargo. So, as the maker displays the third in a series of show cars dubbed Pivo perhaps it’s no wonder why folks are wondering whether the Nissan Pivo 3 just might also make the jump from concept to production. The latest to get the Pivo name since 2005, this year’s Nissan Pivo 3 concept targets the emerging market for so-called Urban Mobility Vehicles, micro-sized vehicles that can navigate the crowded streets of cities like Tokyo, Beijing, London, perhaps even New York, and leave an environmental footprint even smaller than the vehicle itself.
Unlike the Japanese maker’s current battery-electric vehicle, the Nissan Leaf, Pivo 3 uses motors in each of its four wheels to both enhance traction and to simplify its drivetrain.  The approach eliminates the need for a conventional engine compartment. The concept vehicle features four-wheel steering controlled by its drive-by-wire technology.  So, while it can’t quite turn on a dime, Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn noted that Pivo offers a turning radius of less than 7 feet, which would make it easy to slip into even the slightest urban parking spot. The newest Pivo also adopts the latest in smart-car technology including Automated Valet Parking, which would allow it to park itself in a specially equipped facility, with the driver being able to retrieve the urban commuter car through a smartphone app.
Pivo, Nissan claims, could tie into a “smart community” grid, with other connected vehicles sharing a wide range of information about weather, driving conditions and more.
The latest Pivo concept abandons one critical feature found in the earlier prototypes, which had cabins sitting atop a separate platform.

Does that mean we might see Pivo 3 (or 4 or 5) in production soon?  The maker balks at locking down dates but suggests it is serious about the concept, so stay tuned. Tags: 2011 tokyo motor show, Carlos Ghosn, auto news, car news, concept cars, concept vehicles, nissan news, nissan pivo, nissan pivo 3, nissan tokyo motor show, paul a. Nearby AttractionsAccommodationTourist Info HERITAGE RATING:   ? The village of Bourton-on-the-Water is one of the most heavily visited Cotswold attractions, yet for all that it has a charm that cannot be disguised by the hordes of summer visitors. The extensive remains of a Roman villa were discovered near the point where the Fosse Way crosses the Windrush.
Britain Express is a labour of love by David Ross, an avid historian, photographer, and 'Britain-ophile'.
The L-head engine, rated 40 horsepower, displaced 200.5 cubic inches and was twice as powerful as the Model T's -- also lighter and more efficient.
The site was inhabited for as long as 300 years, and so numerous were the coins found there that they were carted to the market at nearby Stow and sold by the peck! Roosevelt of New York bought one for use around his Hyde Park estate, and every star from Lillian Gish to Will Rogers seemed to own an A.
No longer was it bolted to the complex and outdated planetary transmission, but to a modern three-speed gearbox with a dry multiple-disc clutch. The River Windrush flows gently through the centre of the village.The Windrush at this point is a peaceful waterway, scarcely more than a shallow brook flowing at a gentle pace.

More interesting to students of archaeology is the Saxon pit dwelling found north of the Roman camp. It is spanned by 3 very low stone pedestrian bridges and two further bridges accessible by vehicles. From the discovery of loom weights, needles and spindles it seems certain that the house was used by a Saxon weaver. The cottages of Bourton are also constructed of Cotswold stone, and it is this material that does much to enhance the attractiveness of the houses and shops. A concerted effort has been made to create an atmosphere of calm beauty in Bourton; containers of flowers festoon every building and hang from posts, and grassy lawns lead right to the river's edge, where willows hang over the water.There are a variety of purpose-built attractions to entice visitors into parting with some hard-earned cash, including a model village, a motor museum, a perfumery, and a pottery! Keep a close eye on your pocket book, for it may be a real struggle to avoid spending more than you can afford in Bourton. A Celtic military camp covering over 60 acres existed to the north-east of the present village. The Romans took over the camp for a time, though they later moved to a site closer to the River Windrush and the Fosse Way, the great Roman road which struck through Bourton on its way from Devon to the mouth of the Humber.

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