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In the aftermath of Isis setting a Jordanian fighter pilot on fire, Obama stated that such hideous actions (as well as the goals and values of Isis) were not representative of Islam.
He then stated that Christians did terrible things, such as the Crusades and the Inquisition.
But instead of feeling guilty for any wrongs committed in the past, one should instead give them a close examination.
First, although not every Muslim might approve of killing non-Muslims, a significant portion of the Muslim world does. Second, the Crusades took place not only because the Muslims were inflicting harm upon Christians in the Holy Land, but also because Muslim expansion had become a threat to the Byzantine Empire, which in turn pleaded to the Pope for help in defeating the Muslims.
Third, it is not clear which Inquisition Obama was referring to: the Inquisition established by the Roman Catholic Church, or the Spanish and Portuguese Inquisitions? Fourth, slavery was not invented by Christianity, nor was it limited to Christianity (including America for that matter). As for the African slave trade, there were actually four different slave trades: the Atlantic slave trade (West-Central Africa), the Portuguese slave trade (East Africa), the Trans-Sahara slave trade (the northern portion of Africa), and the Indian Ocean slave trade (East Africa). Fifth, segregation and discrimination were done away with decades ago in America, whereas it is continued throughout the Muslim world (e.g.
Thus, America (and all of the West for that matter) might not be perfect, but they are better places to live in than anywhere throughout the Muslim world. Andrew Linn is a member of the Owensboro Tea Party and a former Field Representative for the Media Research Center.
WATCH: If You’re SICK Of Watching Hillary Lie, Watch This Cute Girl CRUSH 100m Hurdles! WATCH: Bold BLACK Woman MOCKS Black Women That Support Hillary – Derides Them As SLAVES!
LMAO: Look Who Crooked Hillary Had To Fill Her Rally With Because NO ONE Else Would Show Up! These history books will give you a good general understanding of world history, as compiled by history teachers and professors, so you can be sure they are comprehensive and well researched.
This book encompasses  the dawn of the first homonids (or ape-men as the author put it) to present day, with a chapter conjecturing about the future. Bryson is not a scientist, but rather a curious and observant writer who, several years ago, realized that he couldn’t tell a quark from a quasar, or a proton from a protein.
In the 1500s, billions in gold and silver poured into Spanish coffers from the new world; yet, a century later Spain was bankrupt. Here are just a few examples of recent designs from the Keep Calm-o-Matic creative community. Every year we award our students for their academic excellence in various Junior Cert subjects. Possible Field Trips – 1798 Interpretive Centre, Dunbrody Famine Ship, Wicklow Gaol, Johnstown Agricultural Museum. Pupils start the S3 course with a Level 4 CfE course to introduce them to studying the First World War: origins, how the war developed at home and abroad, how it was concluded. S3 classes will then move on to either the British topic or the European and World topic, depending on teacher choice and resources available. History at senior level offers excellent opportunities for pupils to learn the skills they will need at university and in the world of work: researching, discussing and debating, analysis, written and verbal communication of reasoned argument. This course is available for students who have a keen interest in the subject and have shown the ability to deal with issues and problems in history.

Students will be taught how to study on their own, developing research skills which will be important for use at University level. Pressburg Ancient History Roman Art Roman Art Pompeii, Italy El Jem, Tunisia El Jem, Tunisia Athens, Greece Roman Art Rome, Italy Pompeii, Italy Roman Art Athens, Greece Pompeii, Italy Aspendos Amphitheater Pompeii, Italy Commercialisation to Save Ancient History? In addition, a large portion of the Muslim world favors sharia law (including slavery and cruel punishments) and worldwide Islamic conquest.
These institutions were done away with ages ago, and in the case of the Spanish and Portuguese Inquisitions, they were established to serve their respective countries, not the Church. The Atlantic and Portuguese slave trades were destined for the Americas, but were abolished in the Nineteenth Century. Describing the patterns of human history, the archaeologist and historian Ian Morris offers surprising new answers to the questions, Why has the West dominated the globe for the past two hundred years, and will its power last? Rockefeller, to the breakup of Standard Oil, and through the discovery of oil in the farthest flung corners of the globe. In one compelling volume, the famous biologist Jared Diamond tackles the most important question of global history: Why did Europeans come to dominate the New World?
Click through to see more designs, create your own, share designs and purchase customised products. They all worked very hard on them and some of their work is displayed around the school, along with photos here on the website. Pictured below is Gearoid Finn, winner of the History award, for his excellent result in his Junior Cert 2012.
To develop in students an appreciation of the society in which they live and of other societies, past and present. It accepts that students come from different primary schools and have a very varied background in terms of their experience of history.
Scotland in the Middle Ages – the Vikings, the Wars of Independence, Castles, The Black Death. This course has now been fully developed to bring it in to line with CfE based on the pattern that BGE (Broad General Education Level 4), National 4 and National 5 outcomes will cover all content areas: Scottish, British, European and World. All pupils studying the subject will have the opportunity to go on this trip which represents a fantastic opportunity to experience history at first hand and with all the senses. The European topic we study is Germany 1918-1939 and the British: Changing Britain 1760-1900. At Advanced Higher level students develop these skills to levels they will use at university. This is broadly similar to the current Higher but has been redesigned to link with National 5 history. HD Wallpaper and background images in the Ancient History club tagged: ancient history ancient greece roman ruins egypt roman italy.
Or was it an attempt to blame Christians (and Western Civilization in general) for the world’s problems and draw attention away from atrocities committed by Muslims?
Any city or fortification that refused to surrender would be subject to an all-out massacre. And while the West eliminated slavery in the Nineteenth Century, the Muslim world continues the practice to this day. The Trans-Sahara and Indian Ocean slave trades were later done away with, but the concept of slavery has not died out in the Muslim world, since Islam condones slavery.
Fernand Braudel has woven together a fascinating tour around the Mediterranean of the 1500s, explaining the rise of the Ottoman Empire, how Egyptians made iced drinks, why Algiers became the capital of piracy, how the banking system created the first transcontinental roads, and much more.

Jared Diamond convincingly argues that geographical and environmental factors shaped the modern world.
Nevertheless the course tries to recognise and build on the pupils’ knowledge and understanding and develop the skills of enquiry and critical thinking which will help them at school and in their adult life.
The skill areas covered will be broadly in line with the old Standard Grade: Knowledge and Understanding, Enquiry Skills, but there will be more emphasis on teaching essay writing skills to prepare pupils for Higher.
They will be taught the six different types of questions asked at N5 to enable all pupils to have the opportunity to sit the final exam at this level in S4.
Pupils will sit Unit Assessments for these topics as well, at both N4 and N5 level, to qualify them for the final SQA award. They will have plenty of time to prepare for this essay with home study, as well as receiving training and research time in class to get them started. In other words our course provides an excellent background for university study in any discipline. The entry level to the course is currently recommended to be a C pass at National 5 History.
The course content and skills are the same, but instead of NABs pupils sit Unit Assessments, as they do with Nationals.
Assessment includes the usual Higher interim assessments (NABs), end of course exams and a dissertation. Content is being slightly altered for the Japan topic: the period studied will run from 1840 instead of 1850. This book immerses the reader in a new world full of rich details and suprising connections.
We have built on current best practice to include a variety of teaching methods and “best work” assessments.
There is also more opportunity in the new courses for pupils to do research work on an historical topic of their choice. They will sit a Unit Assessment on the Scottish topic at both N4 and N5 levels before the end of this unit in the Spring of their S3 year.
For students who do not achieve these grades in S4 we offer the option of studying the course over two years. And although Christian nations would eventually eliminate the notion of killing everyone within a resisting city, that was not the case with the Muslim world. There is also greater freedom for teachers to develop topics in line with pupil interest, so the following list offers a degree of choice and is not compulsory content for every pupil.
Enquiry Skills have been revised similarly, to provide progression into the source-based questions found in the new Higher.
This is similar to the current extended essay except it will be sat over one and a half hours instead of two.
In the exam pupils get slightly longer to write their two essays (45 minutes each), and reduced time on the source questions, but now there will be three rather than four of these. As with the N5 course, three unit  assessments will help students practice these skills under exam conditions.

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