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Sports Car Digest Editor Jamie Doyle has assigned me to write a column about the history of sports cars.
Although there are reservations among some historians, it is generally held that Karl Benz designed and built the first workable car propelled by an internal combustion engine in 1885.
Benza€™s idea, on the other hand, was to design a then-unique complete unit from scratch whose purpose was to transport people.
The de Dion steam-powered vehicle made the best time at the 1894 Paris to Rouen reliability run. The first international series was established by James Gordon Bennett, Jr., owner of the New York Herald.
The first Gordon Bennett to cross borders traveled the 565 miles from Paris to Innsbruck, Austria in 1902. Because a British entrant had won in 1902, the 1903 Cup would ordinarily have been in England.
Because the 1903 Cup was won by a Mercedes, the 1904 race was held in Germany over a 342-mile four-lap course.
Did the AAA racing organization take root and form during this time frame or shortly there after? The author of ten books about photography plus others on different subjects, Evans has written numerous articles for photography and automotive magazines as well as professional journals. In retirement, Evans pursues pastimes including writing about the fabulous fifties and serving as secretary and newsletter editor of The Fabulous Fifties Association. The Swallow Sidecar Company is founded by Sir William Lyons and William Walmsley in Blackpool, England to build sidecars for motorcycles. The company begins automobile body manufacturing, making attractive and luxurious coachword for popular makes including the Austin Seven, Morris, Standard, Fiat, Swift, and Cowley. Lyons decided to build a more stylish body for the Austin chassis and the Austin-7 was introduced. Jaguar entered a team of three factory SS Jaguar in the prestigious RAC Rally of 1937, unfortunately, someone driving an SS100 won the race.
Jaguar introduced the Jaguar MK I to broaden its market at home and the XK140 roadster is introduced. Jaguar and Daimler seperate from the declining government consortium BL Ltd., forming a private company. Ford Motor Company forms a new division under the name Premier Automotive Group to include the brands Lincoln, Volvo, Jaguar, Daimler, Aston Martin, and in 2000, Land Rover.

The production figure of 45,000 for 1914 and 1915 was the best ever first year for any carmaker and by 1916, Dodge was the 4th largest car builder in the US. Standard features on the early Dodge vehicles included mechanical brakes on the rear only, demountable wooden spoke wheels, and a selective sliding gear transmission. By 1920 Dodge chassis were a favorite among truck conversion firms who bought running gear from car companies as a basis for trucks.
In 1920, just six years after organizing Dodge Brothers, Inc., both John and Horace died, John of influenza and Horace of pneumonia.
In 1928 the Chrysler Corporation bought Dodge Brothers and the Dodge marque became a division of Chrysler. For the first one, I thought it would be interesting to look at the first events that established motorsports.
Ita€™s interesting to note, however, that the first competition for motorized vehicles for which I have found a record took place between two steam-driven tractors racing Madison to Green Bay, Wisconsin in 1878. At that time, there were no purpose-built race cars, so the event was for what we would now call production or touring cars. When the first-place de Dion was disqualified, Peugeot and Panhard were declared the winners. He proposed an annual event put on by automobile clubs of various European countries called the Gordon Bennett Cup.
During the fifties, he and his partner, OCee Ritch, had a public relations and advertising company that represented the MG Mitten Company, Devin Enterprises and Gough Industries among other car-related organizations. The car had a top speed of 120 mph and became renown for its superb road holding and styling plus a smooth ride.
The car was in huge demand from 1961-75, to begin with the company struggled to meet orders. Pershing used a Dodge Touring to pursue Poncho Villa all over Mexico and Pershing no doubt helped Dodge to prominence in sales to the Army during the first World War.
Available options included spare tire, side curtains, tool kit, luggage rack, horn, temperature gauge, windshield wiper, spotlight and wire wheels. By 1921 Dodge was marketing all the trucks produced by one of these firms, Graham Brothers, which became a division of Dodge in 1924. His son (of the same name) made a large steam mail coach as well as a smaller steam-driven car in 1885. Two of the British cars were made by Napier & Son of London and fitted with Dunlop tires.

The 1905 and the last Gordon Bennett went back to France and took place on a 137 km mountainous course near Clermont-Ferrand.
Some say the best Jag ever made, and the old XK engine now 13 years old, was still used in the early E-Types. The first Dodge car was delivered on November 14, 1914 and 370 were built by the end of the year. The legislators however, reneged, claiming that the vehicles were not a€?a cheap and practical substitute for a horse.a€? In the end, the State ponied up $5,000. The teams were distinguished by colors, starting a tradition that has continued to this day.
Eight people had been killed in the 1901 Paris to Bordeaux and the 1903 Paris to Madrid had to be halted due to many accidents.
There had been an annual race from Paris to Bordeaux that started in 1895, so it was decided that the 1901 Gordon Bennett would be run in conjunction. Because of this, some 7,000 police officers were assisted by troops and club stewards to guard the course.
The Duryea brothersa€”Charles and Franka€”were the first Americans to build a successful commercially-available automobile. In addition to the Duryea, there were two electric cars and three gasoline-driven Benz cars.
Competitors were started at seven minute intervals and had to follow bicycles through each town.
Although more than 100 cars had entered, only six actually showed up at the start, perhaps due to the heavy snow. De Dion, however, was disqualified because his steam-driven car required a stoker which was against the rules. In the meantime, a Benz went into the lead until Evanston when Duryea regained first place and held it until the end.
The prize, however, was awarded to both Panhard and Peugeot when it was pointed out that the engines in the Peugeots had been supplied by Panhard.

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