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There are three ways a baby can be born: a spontaneous vaginal birth where the mother pushes the baby out herself, an instrumental vaginal birth where forceps or vacuum extractors are used to pull the baby out, and a caesarean section. Instrumental delivery is currently used when the birth is prolonged or the baby needs to be delivered quickly, for the mother’s safety or its own.
While spontaneous birth and caesarean sections may get more attention, the history of birthing instruments is more colourful than you might think—from barber surgeons blindfolding mothers to motor mechanics inspired by YouTube. Jorge Odon, an Argentinian car mechanic, has become big news after inventing a new tool to extract babies from the birth canal. Inspired by a YouTube video (like this one) demonstrating the extraction of a lost cork from a wine bottle, he practiced the technique using a glass jar for the uterus and his daughter’s doll for the baby.
The device involves a plastic bag placed inside a lubricated plastic sleeve that is slipped over the baby’s head in the birth canal, inflated so it grips the head, and then pulled.
However, the device has only been tested on 30 Argentinian women, who had all given birth before and were experiencing normal labours. Until an adequately rigorous randomised, controlled trial is carried out, comparing the device to the instruments in current use (forceps and vacuum extractors) we should remain cautious. Until the 1600s, midwives had only their hands or crude instruments to facilitate difficult births. Forceps were invented in medieval Europe by the Chamberlens, a family of barber surgeons (a type of surgeon who often tended to the war wounded). The Chamberlen forceps were carried in a gilded chest and only revealed once the woman was blindfolded.
It is believed that at some point, the instruments were sold to a Dutch obstetrician by a grandson of the original Chamberlen brothers. The concept of the vacuum extractor is said to have come from the ancient technique of cupping, where suction is applied to the skin in order to promote blood flow. James Simpson developed the first successful vacuum extractor, called the “air tractor”, in 1849. In 2010, a systematic review including 32 randomised controlled trials reported that forceps were more likely to achieve a vaginal birth than vacuum extraction. However, with forceps, there was an increase in severe tears of the mother’s perineum (involving the anal sphincter), incontinence and facial injury for the baby. Vacuum births are also not without risk, leading to more scalp injuries and cephalohematoma for the baby (swelling due to bleeding in the skull). With a greater incidence of trauma to the mother and baby than spontaneous birth, we need to look at ways to minimise the use of instruments during birth. We know that first-time mothers are more likely to have an instrumental birth, especially if they are older.
The scientific evidence also indicates the chance of needing forceps or vacuum extraction for birth increases with epidural anaesthesia use and continuous electronic fetal monitoring.
We know the risk of instrumental birth is reduced with midwifery-led models of care, where there is continuous support in labour, and giving birth in a homelike environment like a birth centre.

No matter how appealing the Odon device may seem, all new technology must be evaluated with sufficient research before implementation. 10 Classic License Plates We Want on Our CarsYou can pony up a little extra for that vanity plate, but that's about all the choice you get when putting a license plate on your caryou can't grab one from another state, even if it looks better. You can pony up a little extra for that vanity plate, but that's about all the choice you get when putting a license plate on your car—you can't grab one from another state, even if it looks better. After WWII he eventually decided to set his own small motorbike company with further establishment of the Honda Technical Research Institute in Hamamatsu, Japan.
This was the time to conquer other segments and expand its influence on the entire industry. The Honda logo depicts attractive and stylish letter ”H” inscribed in Roman style which gives it a simple yet eye-catching look. The Honda symbol features liver-grey metallic tone that adds inspiring and radiant look for the logo. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. If it wasn't for some pesky elks, history might have judged the original Mercedes A-class as the most important car since the Issigonis Mini.
With a new B-class still a few years away, Mercedes has responded to this threat by putting the current car under the knife, although the visual changes are subtle. One of the functions of an air conditioner is to basically dehumidify the auto’s air supply by sucking the moisture out and draining the water outside the car.
Normally, the car discharges a water drip underneath when it’s parked after having traveled a distance.
As leading Perrysburg OH auto air-conditioning specialists, we also serve the greater Toledo and surrounding areas. In 2010, 4% of women giving birth in Australia had a forceps delivery and 8% had a vacuum birth. The World Health Organization has even showcased the device, claiming that it may be safer than forceps or vacuum extractors. In other words, it was tested on a group of women who are least likely to require assistance in birth. The mother may have laboured for days, the baby usually would have died and destructive instruments or even kitchen utensils were often used to extract the baby and save the mother’s life. These metal instruments (a bit like salad servers) are inserted into the woman’s vagina, placed either side of the baby’s head and then locked together and pulled to expedite the birth. The whole operation would take place underneath a blanket with only the Chamberlens in attendance, allowing them to keep the practice a secret for more than 100 years. Modern day vacuum extractors work by placing a metal or plastic cup on the baby’s head, creating a suction and then pulling the baby out. A study our research team undertook this year showed certain migrant groups, particularly Indian women, had a higher rate of instrumental birth.

The rate of instrumental birth is nearly twice as high in private hospitals in Australia compared to public hospitals. In the mean time, we should work on reducing the need for instrumental births to ensure the safety of mothers and babies. His motorcycles became very popular over the globe which helped him to obtain good reputation and fame. Another feature that makes this badge so popular in comparison with others is its bold font.
Although the dye is hard to detect by itself, it can be easily be seen by shining an ultra-violet light on it. Not surprising that this self-taught gifted engineer always wanted to run his own auto making factory. Honda japanese car brand introduced a simple yet recognizable logo, consisting of an “H” letter embedded into a trapezoidal from. For example, Honda motorcycles have the famous Honda Wings badge while letter “A” can be found on the bodies of Acura autos. Such combination represents the philosophy of the brand which is based on magnificence, durability and confidence. A basically simple process, this can be best remedied by having one’s auto cleaned by a professional.
In spite of all obstacles and downs throughout his career he was eventually noticed after designing his own pistons rings which made it possible for him to win a contract with Toyota. Now the Honda symbol is one of the most recognizable and eminent badges in automotive market. What is known for sure is that the company proved to be the largest motorcycle producer in the world by 1963. It represents magnificence, durability and confidence of every vehicle produced under company’s name. Before the A-class could capture hearts, a video of one dramatically failing the Swedish elk avoidance test made the six o'clock news. It just made it slightly bigger and called it the B-class, and two generations on, more than a million examples have been sold, leading to a rival from BMW, the recently launched 2-series Active Tourer. To help maximise it there are clever features such as a satnav system that predicts the precise moment to shift the single-speed gearbox into neutral to coast down hills.
And the driver can use steering wheel-mounted paddles to vary regenerative braking to claw back energy to recharge the hungry batteries.

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