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It may not look radically different, but the all-new Audi A4 is a huge improvement over its predecessor in every key area. There is plenty of technology to make journeys easier, including active cruise control that will match the speed of the car in front, help maintain lane position and will even drive automatically in traffic jams at low speeds. We put that question to the performance-minded people on Summit Racing’s Facebook page. Using their answers as a foundation, we’ve compiled a list of the Top 8 years in automotive hot rodding and performance history.
If 1964 was the beginning of the muscle car era, then 1970 was undoubtedly the height of the movement. You’ll often hear the 1964 to 1972 time period referred to as the golden era of muscle cars, but 1970 is when the power and performance really reached its peak.
It really was the year of raw, big block power, legendary new pony cars, and some noteworthy updates to existing vehicle lines.
The 1970s started off the right way in the horsepower department as American automotive companies continued to offer new high performance engines. Leading up to 1970, General Motors lifted its 400-cubic-inch engine limit in mid-sized cars. Chevy took its new 454 engine and made it a part of the engine lineup for its popular Chevelle lineup. Hard to believe, but the now-legendary Dodge Challenger was born in 1970 as part of the Chrysler’s new E-body family. The first generation Chevrolet Camaro and, to a lesser extent, the Pontiac Firebird are some of the most popular cars of all time. The Yenko 427 Engine was the best engine around still to this day when it comes to performance.

Keep in mind also about Chevy’s small block 350 which was introduced in 1969, which was a strong motor in the Chevy novas.
What about 1971 the best Small block ever built The Boss 351 Mustang it would hang a licking on many a Big blocks! We have collected a few high resolution North Cyprus maps, so that you may actually see the details and print them. Ask on North Cyprus Tourist Board and one of our members will be happy to assist you find the place on the North Cyprus map.
If you are hiring a car at the airport, make sure to read our driving directions from Ercan Airport to Kyrenia and from Larnaca Airport to Kyrenia as well.
Engine noise is near non-existent and even at motorway speeds there is barely any wind noise.
There’s also a range of safety technologies, such as automatic emergency braking, plus convenience tech like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to make in-car smartphone use safer. It might not be quite as sharp to drive as the BMW 3 Series on a country road, but on motorways it’s quieter and more relaxed, plus it is available with a huge range of technology.
After that, horsepower numbers began to drop in response to stricter emissions regulations, a gas crisis, and skyrocketing insurance costs. Look at all the true American muscle cars: the GTO Judge, the Chevelle SS454, the Nova SS, the Olds 442, the Boss 429 Cobra, and the Dodge Charger and Challenger. Automotive performance steadily gained steam in the 1960s and reached a full crescendo in 1970–and then it all came to a screeching halt. The 1970 versions of the Chevrolet 454 were the most powerful, with the LS5 putting out around 360 horsepower and the LS6 delivering about 450 horses. And there were rumors the engines’ horsepower output was actually under-reported by Chevrolet during the muscle car wars. The race versions of these vehicles ran a destroked version of the 340 small block, but street versions got a whole new engine: the 340 Six Pack.

Instead of the SS396 version, the new 1970 Chevelle SS454 was now at the top of the horsepower food chain. The last of the original pony cars, the Challenger was available with a 383, 426, or 440 engine. During his 17-year career in the automotive industry, he has covered a variety of races, shows, and industry events and has authored articles for multiple magazines. The only sound that is really noticeable on the road is from the tyres, though this is still well-suppressed and is only an issue if larger wheel sizes are specified. The efficient engines and low company car tax rates are the icing on the cake, making the A4 arguably the best small executive car on sale.
In fact, Chevy launched two different versions of the legendary SS454: the LS5 and LS6, the latter of which offered a conservative 450 horsepower.
He has also partnered with mainstream and trade publications on a wide range of editorial projects. Many atricles on this performance group have been written and hands down the Buick Stage 1 GS held the record for the era. It was built as a homologation car that allowed the Challenger to compete in Trans Am racing, and it featured the new 340 Six Pack engine. In 2009, Chrysler reintroduced the spirit of the classic 1970 Challenger by incorporating a similar design into its retro third-generation Challenger.
In 2012, he helped establish OnAllCylinders, where he enjoys covering all facets of hot rodding and racing. I said this is awfully strong for a 389, and he done some research on it and it turned out to be a 421 Pontiac and this thing would rare you back in the seat.

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