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The worst bus accident in American history occurred on the way home from a church trip to an amusement park. Just after 9AM, on a stretch of I-75 in Tennessee, dense fog blanketed the highway and led to a 70-car pile-up.
As traffic increased with travelers returning home after the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, winds along I-5 in California reached 40 miles an hour. Virgina’s I-81 is known as a treacherous road that has seen more than its share of accidents. Despite balmy conditions in Virginia the previous two days, on February 22 the temperature plummeted to just 27 degrees.
Ice and snow conditions caused at least 20 automobile accidents in one night in Washington County, Maryland. Car has a long history, providing many benefits, opportunities and is now available in various models and brands.
Production of the first car was more like a converted carriage equipped with automation systems. Production of cars in the early 19 century and early 20th century is without entertainment media.
In the near future, automobile manufacturers may replace steel car bodies with duraluminum, fiberglass, carbon fibers, and nanotubes.
Copyright © 2012 Daily World Facts, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. First Assembly of God Church in Radcliffe, KY sponsored a youth trip to King’s Island amusement park on a former school bus that then served as a church activity bus. There had been warning signs posted but conditions deteriorated too quickly for them to help motorists. All passengers in the car, as well as the truck driver, Jerry Douglas Gregory, were killed.

A snowstorm moved in and created white out conditions on I-95, dropping over an inch of snow in just minutes. At the beginning of the production car, the car has no roof, doors safe belt, or the steering wheel. At that time, New York City Police department uses bicycles to snap people speeding with their motors. In that year, accelerating started to become a serious problem after a lot of accidents because of getting hit by a car. That year, 55 percent of cars running in the streets around the world are the model T Ford.
173 new discoveries related to the mechanism of a car gear including carburetor and an electric engine starter made by a female mechanic. As a substitute for oil, most cars in the future may be running with water, electric battery or battery liquid. FIve years ago, while staying in Arizona one Spring, I witnessed a horrifying accident that to this day keeps me up at night. Outside of Carrollton, KY, at 11PM, a black Toyota pick-up truck, driven by an intoxicated Larry Wayne Mahoney, struck the bus nearly head on. Kevin Chittum, his fiancee, Whitney Rogers, his 13 year old sister, 11 year old niece, and two of his niece’s friends piled into a car to head to the county fair. The accident claimed 2 people’s lives and injured 35 more, 12 of those were seriously injured.
Karl Benz was the inventor of the most popular car in Germany that is more than Gottlieb Daimler (Daimler Founder), Wilhelm Maybach (Founder Maybach), and Siegfried Marcus. This all led to a pile up of 104 vehicles, including four tractor trailers, along a one mile stretch of highway.
The couple’s three year old daughter, Rebecca, pleaded to be included, but there was no room.

The Red Cross stepped in and took 45 people to one of their shelters until road conditions improved. Survivors say that it sounded like endless bombs and gunshots going off as one car after another plowed into the mess. After hours of rescue efforts in the continuing dust storm, 17 people had died and 150 were seriously injured. The group pulled away with promises of returning with a candy apple for the crying Rebecca. It also led to a massive cleanup and rescue effort by fire fighters, rescue workers, the Virginia Department of Transportation, and the state police. Tennessee has since installed an improved fog warning system with fog sensors that can change the read out on highway signs to alert motorists and also close on-ramps to prevent pile-ups.
The pileup led to thousands more being trapped in their cars for another day while road crews cleared the wreckage and worked to re-open the highway. Amazingly, they were able to rescue the victims, clear the wreckage, and reopen the vital highway in just 12 hours. Reflective markers and flashing lights were also installed to help guide cars stuck in fog. Two of the mothers of crash victims, Karolyn Nunnallee and Janey Fair, became President and Vice President, respectively, of the National MADD (Mother’s Against Drunk Driving) Association. It was determined that the lack of emergency exits, fragility of the gas tank, flammability of the seats and a cooler that was blocking the only functioning exit, all contributed to the high fatality rate.

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