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The Ford F-150 SuperCrew has long been a leader for all manner of heavy duty jobs, and the 2012 model year will see some additional changes to the vehicle design that should help to make it even stronger.
Two of the SuperCrew models are receiving major upgrades to the payload capacity that will significantly improve their carrying capabilities. A number of changes will be made to the design of the SuperCrew in order to facilitate this increase in total payload.
The new 2012 edition of the SuperCrew should be effective at accomplishing almost every task that you might desire for your vehicle. Even if the 2013 Ram HD is capable of towing more weight with the more aggressive gearing, the battle of the full size pickups has become as much about fuel economy as it is about power and capabilities.  The 2013 Ram HD offers best in class towing for both the 2500 and 33500 so once that was taken care of, Chrysler went to work on making the new Ram HD more efficient. This might seem like a hassle for those 2013 Ram HD buyers who insist on the bigger gears but the good news is that bigger gear sets are readily available in the aftermarket and once equipped – the 2013 Ram HD may have even more impressive capabilities. While self-parking vehicles are not new and the technology is quite impressive, autonomous cars and trucks will be here sooner than you think.

The following demonstration video (below) of a 2015 Ford F-150 parallel parking itself between two cars is truly amazing.
Active park assist relies on two sensors and an electric power-assisted steering wheel to help drivers park between other vehicles. If it’s a match, the truck will ask you to engage the reverse and automatically steer into the space.
Driver’s assist is currently available on the Ford Flex, Escape, Explorer, Taurus, Fusion, Focus and C-Max vehicles. All information, specifications, data, details, description and price are subject to change without notice.
Please contact the dealer selling this vehicle for complete, accurate, up-to-date information.
Vehicles presented on this site are manufactured by companies based in the United States of America and are not necessarily manufactured in the United States. This full-size pickup truck is already fully outfitted for heavy duty hauling, loading and towing; now, the SuperCrew design will be updated so that the vehicle payload will be increased overall.
The 2012 EcoBoost two-wheel drive SuperCrew will receive an expanded bed to 6.5 feet, which will allow the total payload to be increased from an already impressive 2000 pounds up to a massive 2590 pounds. The frame rails will be made thicker and the shock absorbers altered to accommodate a heavier load. No longer will they be destined to trash bumpers, park on the curb or be forced to use valet parking in the city. This is the first time you can let your trusty F-150 do most of the parking for you if you are so inclined and opt for the premium package.
First the F-150’s sensors measure the distance between the two vehicles to determine if it will fit in the space.

It also requires the Luxury Package 502A ($6,995), plus the Tech Package ($905), plus the Adaptive Cruise ($1,250) and finally the Active Park Assist ($440). This will result in a higher total carrying limit for the pickup, as well as additional space in the bed, in order to carry all types of items.
Also, Ford will add an auxiliary engine and transmission cooling systems to help ensure that the vehicle doesn’t overheat under the additional stress of an added payload. In the very near future, the parking challenged can find their salvation in the all-new Ford F-150.
Read on for more information about these changes, which affect all of the vehicles in the F-150 SuperCrew lineup. In this case, the upgrade will shift the payload capacity from 1890 pounds up to 2340 pounds. Seven-lug wheels will also be available on the upgraded SuperCrew, as opposed to the lighter weight six-lug wheels from previous models.
However, a massive payload increase of several hundred pounds is generally considered to be unique in the pickup world. One primary reason that Ford may have decided to make this adjustment is that the heavier payload capacity is already in place for the larger versions of the F-150, the Regular cab and the SuperCab.

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