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The most uncommon of all high-performance full size automobiles ever produced by Chevrolet, this 1961 Impala SS Sport Coupe is one of 453 Super Sports built for the year.
All of the special appointments and options exclusive to the Super Sport package are present in this car, and more — Sports Car Front Passenger Assist Bar * Electric Tachometer * Padded Instrument Panel * Special Full Wheel Covers with Simulated Knockoff Hubs * Power Steering * Power Brakes * Sintered-Metallic Brake Lining * Heavy-Duty Front and Rear Coil Springs and Shock Absorbers to assure true sports car handling and roadability * Distinctive Super Sport identification (SS over exterior Crossed Flags, also SS Assist Bar Emblem). A California car from birth decoding the VIN number’s sixth digit L reveals Los Angeles, California, the Chevrolet plant that opened in Van Nuys, California in 1947, and shuttered in 1992.
VIN: 11837L141737 is one of 311 Impala Super Sports built with a 348 cubic-inch engine for 1961. Mercury truck history follows Ford trucks almost identically and while Fords used the ‘F’ prefix the Mercury trucks used ‘M’.
For 1951 the Canadian trucks followed the US naming convention of F-1, F-2, etc and Mercury followed suit with M-1, M-2, etc.
Interestingly there were a few mechanicals differences in the Canadian market due to its smaller market size.
When the US and Canada signed the Automotive Trade Agreement in 1965 Canadian variants slowly started to disappear and the Mercury trucks turn came in 1968. The whole truck range was sold in the Mercury line up so there are Mercury Econolines, heavy duty models, cab over engine models and even school buses.

Good thing someone had the foresight to provide enough room on the grille & tailgate for all those “Mercury” letters. Have seen 3 of the 4 and still fail to grasp any good reasons to change names or composition when you cross a border.
I think you’re talking about VAM, which was I believe a company that built AMC cars in Mexico under license. One of the drivers for the place that buys our used tires has one of these and he wrecked the front end a bit , the grille and headlights are different . I bought a Mexican VW Beetle instead , it was a well built , wonderfully tough little car .
Late to the party, but seeing as this site is all about accuracy, I feel compelled to post this, in regard to the statement about Merc trucks being undifferentiated by VIN. Sorry got it wrong it is a 67 mercury truck shortbox stepside What would be the rarity of that make and model. I have a question for everyone, I have been working on a 1951 m1 I found it sitting in a tree line off of a farmers field. Dave, the easiest way to find out production numbers on your truck would be to get a Marti Report, as Kevin Marti has obtained the Ford production records from 1967 forward.
Shaun, maybe it’s possible that maybe your truck was purchased at a Canadian dealer for use on a US government installation associated with the Alaska Highway maybe. Products from Highway and Heavy Parts presented in this web site are not to be confused with any of the products or trademarks of any OEM company.
Mercury trucks came about due to a quirk of the Canadian Ford dealership system due to the sparely populated areas of Canada.
The post war Fords featured a lot painted trim due to a chrome shortage but the Mercury version was lavished with lots of chrome trim. From 1948-1950 the Canadian model postfixes where different and represented the maximum gross vehicle weight with the zeroes dropped off.
It was only V8 engines in post war trucks until 1956 when a 223 cid inline six was offered.
Well for the early trucks the Fords are most common but by the 50s and mid 60s the Mercury trucks seem to make up just less than half of the remaining examples. 2 wheel drive step side with a 9 ft box, 352 V8 and a 4 on the floor with a bull low first gear.

Mercurys in mny oppinion where a little nicer then Fords but just a couple years go you tell the grill apart. There should be some place online that could decode your serial number to confirm it’s make. Optional accessories on this car beyond standard Impala SS equipment include AM radio, and re-circulating heater. Factory red-lead primer and insulation are perfect with no patches or hints of rust at all. Many smaller towns would have either a Ford-Monarch (Mercury in US) or a Lincoln-Mercury-Meteor (Ford) dealership but not both.
Canada kept the flat head V8 for an additional year in 1954 instead of the newly induced in the US OHV V8. As a 9 year old I wondered why the outside of the truck said Mercury but the radio delete panel said Ford. So here is my question supposedly its a USAF truck, its stated on the nomenclature tag that was on the dash, the serial # on the tag matches the # on the frame, it has all the m1 chrome, hood ornament, mercury tailgate and so on. In no way is it implied that the products listed to fit these manufacturer’s models are original equipment parts, rather they are replacement aftermarket parts and accessories. They are quite easily to fake though as there is no VIN difference as they were built randomly on the same line as the Fords. I sold it to a fella from Kent Washington during the Hot August Nights car event in Reno in around1994. I for the life of me cant find any info that these trucks were used in the military, I know the F1 was called a follow me truck, also on the serial # the assembly plant letters are DL. I really want to bring it back to what it once was in its past life, just need some info on how to find that out, thanks in advance. It has a floor-mounted shift lever, is fully synchronized in all forward speeds for smooth up and down shifting. If anyone wants a Mercury like truck in the states, just buy a Mercury tailgate in Canada , and put it on your Ford.

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