The copy of earlier insurance policy effectively owns the car until the designated proprietor or driver of the vehicle. There is an app for Apple and the.

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First off, I want to be clear that any game that encourages people to get outside is a good thing. Personally I feel that much of the backlash is by those who haven’t considered that angle and are apt to complain about new technology in general.
The first risk is the possibility of reduced compensation if you’re injured by a moving vehicle while playing the game.
When a pedestrian is hit by a car and sues the driver’s insurance company for compensation, the natural response from that insurance company is to minimize the payout by arguing contributory factors. The insurance company will want to argue that the pedestrian should share culpability as much as possible. Now imagine you are playing Pokemon Go and, wisely, you lower your phone as you near an intersection.
We all know that one of the big complaints of Pokemon Go is that players regularly trespass onto private land; for example, a backyard.
I can understand the frustration of hundreds of people knocking on your door for permission to enter your backyard, although the real issue is that many players don’t ask permission and are happy to trespass.
It begs the question: What happens if you are injured while trespassing on private property, can you sue? Now there may be an argument to be made in your favour (sometimes the law is a moving target when it comes to this specific issue) but one thing you can be sure of is that, if you’re injured while trespassing in someone’s backyard for any reason including trying to catch a Pokemon and you need compensation, you will be in for a fight that you may not win.
When I say ‘parks’, I am not referring to parks that have cliffs, bodies of water or other dangers.
The moment you near a road, lower your phone until you’re back in a safe pedestrian area FAR away from the road. Provided you’re smart about it, I think Pokemon Go is a great way to get active and safely explore your neighbourhood.
The larger Ducato is not exactly a household name, but it still outsells the Scudo five to one. The Scudo comes standard with Electronic Stability Control, but just one front airbag for the driver. It costs $28,990 and competes with the Hyundai iLoad and Toyota HiAce and would probably also be considered by people looking at the VW Caddy Maxi and Renault Kangoo Maxi. It seems I’m not the only one who hasn’t noticed the Scudo. VFACTS figures show that just 17 of them have been sold on average each month this year. When I took the Scudo for a spin on that rainy day in Melbourne I wasn’t expecting much, but came away pleasantly surprised. The Scudo is a relatively quiet and composed and it’s also comfortable.
It is practical, with two sliding doors and swinging barn doors at the rear, which is important for a working van like this. Therefore, it’s time to start teaching your teen which direction the roads run in your town. When your teen is about to make a turn, ask them the new direction they’ll be going after the turn.
Another exercise you should do with your teen is to print out turn-by-turn directions to a new location.
For the advanced student, have them retrace their way home without giving them any directions. With a plethora of websites that will provide turn-by-turn directions, it may seem archaic to teach your teen how to read a map. This exercise will help your teen learn how to use a map, which can be especially useful when in unfamiliar territory. Most importantly, however, is that you never know when you’re going to be in a car without GPS.
We drive the Volvo V60 Cross Country T5 - a raised-up, all-wheel drive and super practical family estate. Volvo South Africa has chosen to bring in two derivatives of the V60 Cross Country, both of which are fitted with all-wheel drive.
With the addition of all-wheel drive and a relatively old-school 2.5-Litre five-cylinder engine, the T5 Cross Country is a thirsty machine. When driving over dirt sections, the V60 Cross Country still feels like an estate road car rather than a crossover. As far as specification goes there is a Momentum base spec and a premium Inscription spec for both petrol and diesel models.
The Volvo V60 Cross Country is very fast on any surface, which is not what I was expecting at all. Ashley has been riding or driving some sort of motorised vehicle since his 4th birthday when he got a Yamaha PW50. Bikesure is the motorbike insurance section of Adrian Flux Insurance Services, and can solve all bike insurance problems quickly and efficiently.

The motorbike insurance gurus at Bikesure, East Winch Hall near Kings Lynn, have come up with a sexy new marketing tool – a calendar featuring babes and bikes. Bikesure reports a rise in recent months of people finding it hard to insure classic motorcycle-sidecar combinations, and has introduced a scheme to make it easier. Recently a gathering in the West Country celebrated the 90th birthday of the Cotton motorcycle marque.
Bikesure is a specialist motorcycle insurance broker that puts the needs of the classic bike enthusiast first. Bikesure has taken dealer affiliate schemes to a new level with the launch of mini-websites or landing pages for every dealer who joins the company’s scheme. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Buell motorcycle company, Bikesure is offering 10% discount on all new motorcycle insurance policies for Buell bikes taken out before the end of the year.
For lots of people holidays are all about exploring – getting out and about and seeing new places.
Adrian Flux Insurance Services has just launched a travel insurance that covers motorcyclists riding abroad including when hiring bikes abroad. The Publicity Works is a division of The Publicity Works (UK) Limited, registered in England no.
Founder of Nkosi's Haven, Gail Johnson stands in the doorway to the orphanage in Alan Manor South of Johannesburg, 27 November 2014. In observing World Aids Day today, Johnson offered deep insight into the child who called her “Mummy Gail”, his “boys will be boys” antics, and his powerful speech at the World Aids Conference 14-years-ago, which shifted the fight against the virus to another level. Johnson was interviewed at Nkosi’s haven, a care center  named after her son who succumbed to the virus in June 2001.
She first laid eyes on Nkosi, when he was just three years old, and there was an immediate connection.
The first time Nkosi experienced discrimination, was when Johnson tried admitting him into a school. Once he was able to have an education, schools would call Johnson if Nkosi would speak at their institutions. He had once told Johnson that he wanted to meet then President Thabo Mbeki, who had said at the time that poverty caused Aids.
On Nkosi’s speech, Johnson says she advised him to just “go for it”, because he was the child infected. Paramedic Eric Nicholls also spoke of his time shared with his best friend Nkosi, who he had met at Melpark Primary school. To curb the excessive rate of new infections, Johnson adds it is key to take Anti Retro Virals (ARVs) which are free and a privilege for some.
It seems mean-spirited, but imagine you were a driver and a pedestrian unexpectedly stepped out on the road in front of you. The opposing insurance company could now argue that you were distracted (even if you know you weren’t) and thus bear some of the culpability, thus your payout could only be a percentage of what it would otherwise be.
Some homeowners in the USA are already taking action against the game company, Niantic, for placing Pokemon gyms and Pokestops in their backyards. My sources assure me that the sound adds very little to the overall experience, and even if you’re in an enclosed park with no hazards, you’re safer when you’re can hear the noise around you.
Nothing contained within this website should be misconstrued as professional driving instruction. No doubt the mighty 850R estate immediately springs to mind for those of you that watched British Touring Cars in the '90s. The seats are especially comfortable and the slightly raised seating position gives good visibility around the car. It takes a little longer to recover after bumps, but it feels comfortable and soft out on the country roads.
There’s a long section of bonnet ahead of you and you sit a bit lower than in an SUV. The Diesels are fractionally cheaper starting at R499 900 for the D4 Momentum and R519 900 for the D4 Inscription. Crushed by the expense of motor racing, Ashley took up journalism and became a writer for some of South Africa’s best motoring magazines and online publications. It can significantly reduce injuries and, as a rule of thumb, it is recommended that bikers should spend between 15 to 20% of the value of their bike on protective clothing.
What makes this one different is that the models are all local Norfolk girls who actually work for Bikesure and its parent company, Adrian Flux Insurance Services. Stable, safe and yet exhilarating, they are increasingly popular for those who either can’t or prefer not to ride a motorbike. The company, part of Adrian Flux Insurance Services, is to offer insurance to disabled trikers on a provisional licence.

It means visitors to the site can access Bikesure’s policies and will be able to arrange competitively priced cover for their bikes online. These precious bikes dating back to the 1920s and earlier require special classic motorcycle insurance, but often getting insurance for them can be a bit of a problem. Because Bikesure has access to so many quality classic motorbike insurance schemes you can be sure of getting the right policy for your classic bike. What it means is that customers visiting the Bikesure site land on a page that’s about the dealer, as much as about insurance. The 10% can be combined with several of Bikesure’s other discount deals, such as limited mileage schemes, to get even cheaper motorbike insurance. This cover extends to all motorcycles and scooters above 125cc providing the policy holder has the relevant UK licence. Gail is the adopted mother of AIDS child activist Nkosi Johnson who was the first recipient of the International Children's Peace Prize, which he received posthumously following his death in 2001.
We can walk, we can talk… we are all the same,” late child Aids activist Nkosi Johnson once said. One boy asked him once, ‘what does it feel like knowing you are going to die?’… Nkosi just said ‘I don’t think about it much but mummy has taught me to fight with my mind and my medicine’.
And he then said: ‘but mummy, we are not poor are we?’, I replied, well, that’s a little debatable,” she laughs. You can certainly ask permission, but you’ll likely be met with an irate homeowner who’s already been bothered 20 times that day. For those of you that haven’t, let’s just say Volvo essentially took a hearse racing and managed to make it win! Volvo has an entirely new range of four-cylinder engines that includes an impressive turbo petrol unit we tested in the XC90. Rear legroom is a little on the tight side and the boot measured in at only 430-Litres - quite small for an estate, but it does have a spare wheel hogging loading space. In the city, its plush setup keeps occupants peaceful without there being significant body roll. Smooth dirt roads are dealt with capably, but washboard bumps give the suspension a hard time and there’s some dashboard shake if you tackle them too fast.
The T5 petrol starts at R533 500 for the T5 Momentum with the Inscription hitting R553 000.
The page also stresses to customers the importance of quoting the dealer’s reference, to help ensure any commission due is received. Adrian Flux has expertise in the motor biking arena through its specialist biking division, Bikesure.
Picture: Refilwe ModiseFounder of Nkosi's Haven, Gail Johnson stands in the doorway to the orphanage in Alan Manor South of Johannesburg, 27 November 2014. The model under review here, however, is in no danger of finding itself on a racing circuit. The visual accessories include front and rear skid plates, and side scuff plates for that rugged look. The sound out the exhaust pipes is typical off-canter five-cylinder roughness, but the engine noise in front of you sounds more metallic and strained, especially higher up the revs.
All you can ask for is available, from USB, Bluetooth, climate control, cruise control and a digital instrument cluster. Harsh bumps, holes and speed bumps will occasionally clatter into the cabin, but overall the V60 CC feels comfortably sprung. The extra ground clearance does give you confidence to drive over those odd rocks lying in the centre of the road.
The all-wheel drive drains a bit more fuel than the standard front-wheel drive V60, and the practicality inside is identical. And that can delay or altogether scupper a disabled triker’s plans, before they even get on the road.
It does push on though, 0-100kph takes only 7.1 seconds and it gets on with overtaking when called upon.
Thankfully there is a good diesel model in the V60 Cross Country range if you’re worried about the consumption. Mid-range torque is forceful and it has no problem making use of the six-speed automatic gearbox to keep the engine on the boil. Overall the package is actually easy to live with and it ticks a whole bunch of boxes for a family looking for good value, premium practicality.

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