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After I recieve payment through PayPal, Money Order or Cashier's Check, I will ship the next business day. Shipping Free Shipping For Online Orders Over $100FedEx Ground is FREE on orders over $100! The Les Paul Special bass from Epiphone offers the stylish looks and classic sound of a Les Paul bass at an affordable price. No matter where you are in the world, we'll help you find musical instruments that fit you, your music and your style. A rock-solid tone machine.Epiphone' SG-Special Electric Guitar delivers classic styling and stellar performance without emptying your wallet. The Casino is a historic guitar that's been used by everyone from John Lennon to U2's the Edge for its versatile sound that shimmers, jangles and shines.
Featuring a standard 34" scale length body, it comes equipped with dual 442 bass humbuckers for plenty of solid tone to punch through the mix. Here at the Zoo we're big fans of that hollowbody sound since it sounds great with everything from a small touch of reverb to full-on distortion with some serious sustain. Also features LockTone Tune-O-Matic bridge and stopbar tailpiece for increased sustain and easy string changes, chrome hardware, and rosewood fretboard. This guitar features a comfortable mahogany neck with a rosewood fretboard and the classic looking Trapeze tailpiece.

The original saddle was missing, so I threw on a plastic one from my parts drawer, being a little shorter than the slot in the bridge it’s not an ideal fit although it’s plenty wide enough to fit the full width of the strings so it functions just fine. Plus, it's equipped with Alnico V P-90 pickups so you'll have no lack of solid mid-range and snappy high-end.
This Casino was played very lightly previously but treated very well so it is still in fantastic condition and functions perfectly. The style and model ink stamped numbers on the label have faded completely, I cannot make them out at all (by features, it’s easy to determine that is a C-1) The serial number can just be made out…the same number’s also stamped on the back of the headstock (there’s a “2” stamped under the serial number on the back of the headstock, meaning that this guitar had a minor cosmetic flaw when sold new and was sold at a slight discount. Fair- condition, would be Good condition, except for the fact that a previous owner filled in the recess where the rosette should be with some kind of putty (have no way of knowing what someone very ill-advisedly put in there, but it appears to be Elmer’s Wood Putty…could be dug out but will be a PITA job).
My guess is that the rosette inlay fell out due to age and that was some amateur’s idea of repairing it.
I looked underneath with a dental mirror and the spruce underneath is intact, there isn’t any cut-through the top butchery. The corner of the nut (just a string retainer since these guitars have a zero fret) past the high E string was missing and a previous owner tacked on a little piece of black rubber with a tiny brad. NO fret wear at all despite the wear on the rest of the guitar due to the fact that this is a classical guitar and has no doubt worn gut or nylon strings its entire life. The neck is straight, just a slightly more than the ideal amount of relief that it should have, not anywhere near enough to be an issue in my highly experienced opinion.

Spruce top, mahogany sides, back, and neck, rosewood fretboard, bridge, and headstock overlay. Two years later though, now that i know how to play and have played more guitars I am not as impressed with this guitar.First of all the finish is not what the picture implies, what it looks like is a wooden guitar, that has been dipped in resin, it feels like baked on suran wrap. Also the wood is soft and dings very easily.It sounds ok, right now i have it running through a Peavy Rage 15 Watt amp, which is also crappy, but I have a Rocktron v50d amp on its way and I will follow up when I test it on that amp. Despite what previous review say, these pickups are wired very hot, they have a high output, which can be good and bad.The tuners are decent, I have to tune it ever couple of days. The volume and tone knobs are the cheapest they could get away with, and the shaft on my volume know keeps coming loose, causing problems, and when I apply pressure to the top of the know, I loose all out put from the guitar.And the neck is one thing that i failed to recongnise when i purchased this, first the neck is set to far into the body making the last 3 or so frets virtualy unacessable. Gibson C-1 Classical Guitar (1957-1971) The Gibson C-1 Classical Guitar debuted in 1957, more or less the same features as the C-O but with bound front and back instead of only the top. Doesn't have the bottom end growl of my LesPaul, for hey, for the price, I am very satisfied. Items picked up in NJ regardless of what state buyer resides will be charged 7% NJ sales tax.

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