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Until recently, the Chevy Volt was the only range-extended electric car available in the U.S. I've driven a Volt for almost three years now, and it's been a splendid car--quiet, smooth, peppy, and amazingly economical. But now the Volt has a formidable new competitor: the new 2014 BMW i3, available as both a pure battery-electric vehicle or with an optional range-extending gasoline engine, known as the REx model.
Such a range-extended electric car, or series hybrid, has an electric motor that drives the wheels, plus a back-up gasoline-powered generator to provide electricity to run the car once the battery is depleted.
But that's admittedly an unfair fight against an opponent with a price tag some $40,000 higher. So how do the world's only two current-production range-extended electric cars measure up head-to-head? Last week, BMW i3 REx owner and electric-car advocate and blogger Tom Moloughney and I got our cars together for a showdown. We traded rides, drove the cars in close formation for about 30 miles in a variety of conditions, compared acceleration and handling,  and clambered in and out of back seats to compare foot- and head-room.
Although both Volt and i3 are classified as range-extended electric cars, Chevy  and BMW engineers came to their drafting boards with very different marching orders from management. The Volt has an EPA all-electric range of 38 miles, enough to cover about 80 percent of typical daily commutes, according to GM.
The i3 REx, on the other hand, has an EPA all-electric range of 72 miles, good for perhaps 95 percent of daily trips. And, for obscure regulatory reasons, the i3 has only a two-gallon gas tank, allowing  just 78 miles of gas range after the battery is depleted. So let's see how these two widely divergent philosophies manifest themselves in the driver's seat. 2016 BMW i3Enlarge PhotoToday, we report on plug-in electric car sales for February 2016, Tesla sends out invites for the launch of its Model 3 electric car, and the Morgan EV3 electric three-wheeler debuts at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. German shareholders sue Volkswagen over the ongoing diesel scandal, claiming the company violated laws requiring timely reporting of information. Faraday Future hits some speed bumps as Nevada grows nervous about its financial health, and a former executive criticizes the company. 2021 bmw i6 electric sedan rumored follow 2018 i5 crossover, 2021 bmw i6 electric sedan rumored to follow 2018 i5 crossover 2021 bmw i6 electric but beyond a range boost for today's bmw i3 for the 2017 model year,. Bmw release, Bmw release date, concept, specs, redesign, price, engine, design exterior and exterior, 2017, 2018.
Bmw x7 - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, The bmw x7 is an upcoming sport utility vehicle manufactured by bmw.
The guys from Green Car Reports finally decided to ask BMW directly and, to their surprise, they actually got an answer.
However, according to BMW spokesman, Dave Buchko, the issue is not as significant as it may seem. Some people that were probably extreme fans of AM radio even tinkered with the car's software and found an option to activate it. Combined Charging System plug for DC fast chargingEnlarge PhotoVolkswagen Group of America and Eaton have together unveiled a new single-port Combined Charging System (CCS).

The CCS meets the approved standard for charging from the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), and combines one-phase AC charging, three-phase AC charging, DC home charging and DC fast charging at public stations. According to Yahoo Finance, the charger uses only a single connection, reducing the complication for customers needing to find a specific charging station for their vehicle.
Volkswagen's support for the CCS is indicative of the importance of standardizing charging and infrastructure worldwide--reducing the cost and complexity of selling electric vehicles in different markets. Tannenberger added that CCS enables optimal data communication--and can be quickly adapted to potential smart grid concepts in the future.
The system is able to handle up to 86 kW, making it the most powerful charging system available--and suitable for future electric cars, designed to handle ever faster charging rates.
2017 Jaguar F-Pace serves as 2015 Tour de France support vehicleEnlarge PhotoIt's still hard to explain to outsiders just how disruptive Tesla Motors and its electric luxury cars have been to the established German prestige automakers. From 2017 to 2020, Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche will all launch one or more "Tesla-alikes" intended to match or surpass the capabilities of the California company's Model S sedan and Model X crossover utility vehicle.
A variety of sources had previously reported that Jaguar would launch one or more all-electric vehicles. Jaguar design director Ian Callum has said in the past, "It's coming," when asked directly about an all-electric model from the car half of the Jaguar Land Rover company. Now, the British magazine Autocar reports that JLR has taken the next step, trademarking the name "EV-Type" for future use.
The British luxury brand is better known for roadsters, coupes, and sporting sedans that drew on its racing heritage.
But crossovers are where the growth in luxury cars lies, especially in expanding markets like China, so Jaguar essentially had to enter the segment.
Its utility vehicles are expected to be "soft-roaders," as the British would say, that will retain sleek lines and spawn "SUV coupe" derivatives as well as high-performance R and SVR versions. The heavy-duty off-road abilities will be left to the equally legendary Land Rover and Range Rover brands, which now provide 80 percent of the combined JLR's sales volume. The electric F-Pace--or perhaps "EV-Type"--is expected to be built not on the SUV's main production line in Solihull, England, but instead under contract by Magna Steyr in Graz, Austria. That frees up capacity for the gasoline and diesel versions of the F-Pace that will subsidize the first generations of electric Jaguars until volume rises. Jaguar Land Rover is in the middle of a reinvention, with all-new products and technologies, following its 2007 sale to India's Tata Motors by previous owner Ford. The electric car is just one small part of a broad portfolio of new models, engines, and technologies to carry it into the next decade and beyond. Separately, the company has also applied for a series of patents on advances in inductive-charging technology, which lets an electric car recharge once it's positionied over a charging pad--freeing the owner from the onerous task of having to lift a cable from a station and plug it into the car. The Tesla Model S is now in its fourth model year, and the Model X is expected to arrive by the end of this year. But within two years, the pair of pioneering electric cars will start to face a raft of new competitors, while Tesla is largely occupied with developing and launching its first mass-market car, the $35,000 Model 3 range. How Tesla responds to competing new luxury entries--if indeed it responds at all--promises to offer an interesting second chapter in the life of the Model S.
Retrofitting new powertrains to used cars isn't something that automakers have done, historically--but electric cars may change that rule.

Now, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk has suggested that the Silicon Valley electric-car maker will offer a replacement battery for the 2008-2012 Tesla Roadsters that were its first production cars. Musk's announcement came in a mid-July interview with the British magazine Auto Express, in which Musk largely reiterated what is known about the company's upcoming Model III.
At the end of the piece, though, was a kicker: Tesla plans to offer a battery upgrade that will not only give the car a fresh battery, but use newer-generation cells and other technology to provide a significant range boost. The Roadster, sold from 2008 through 2011 in North America (and through 2012 in other markets) had an electric range rated at 245 miles by the U.S. The new battery, Musk said, "should have a range of about 400 miles"--quite a substantial upgrade. But his comment is just another indication that the advent of mass-produced electric cars is upending all sorts of assumptions about the ways the auto industry has historically worked.
In June, Nissan announced that not only would it offer replacement Nissan Leaf battery packs for a mere $5,500--and that the new packs would use the latest battery chemistry. The relative simplicity of battery-electric vehicles may make engineering such upgrades and retrofits easier than in vehicles with gasoline or diesel combustion engines and multi-speed automatic transmissions. Their complete running gear comprises a battery pack, an electric motor, and the associated power electronics and software.
Since packs must be designed to be removable, a swap should--in theory--comprise no more than engineering a new and more powerful battery to occupy the same form factor and connect electric cables and sensors (plus any liquid cooling inlets and outlets) in the same place.
Only 2,500 Tesla Roadsters were built, based on some underpinnings also used in the Lotus Elise sports car. Which should, if nothing else, limit the number of cells required to upgrade them--meaning there'll be relatively little impact on the cell volumes destined to emerge from Tesla's much-discussed battery gigafactory.
Both cars are compact four-seat four-door hatchbacks, and the price gap is only about $10,000--within the bounds of many cross-shoppers. The 84-hp range-extender engine is designed to kick in regularly and provide full performance under almost all conditions. It's for situations when the driver needs to extend the range of the vehicle to reach the next charging station. We drove about 30 miles in trail, so that speed, acceleration, terrain, and traffic conditions were identical.
HD Radio is standard on all i3s and many traditional AM stations in various countries are available on secondary and tertiary HD signals so you can still enjoy them.
The first is thought to be an electric variant of its upcoming F-Pace crossover, which will be Jaguar's first-ever utility vehicle. The issue has been known for a while but so far, nobody offered a clear answer as to why it is there in the first place. Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Daimler, Ford, GM, Porsche have all adopted the standard, covering a potentially wide range of future electric vehicles.

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