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In the world of online publishing plagiarism is something that is being done by many writers and bloggers. If you are getting your content written by some writers, you must check the content for plagiarism before publishing on your website because you never know what the writer has done.
He might have given you a stolen copy of the content.  Thus, checking the content is very important because if you publish that content on your blog without checking then not only your credibility will hurt, but Google Panda can also hit your blog.
Grammarly is popularly known for its great grammar checker feature, but it also checks your content for plagiarism that is an added advantage of using this excellent tool. You can see that it showed that the content is copied, and it lists the source from where it is copied as well.
Plagscan is an online plagiarism checker tool that allows you to upload your content in any common file format or directly paste the text into it to check whether the content is unique or not. Though Plagscan is a paid online tool, it offers 20 free Plag points to private users that can be used to check around 2000 words. You can check the text by pasting in its editor or paste the URL to check the live pages for plagiarism. Packed with many features, Plagium is one of the coolest plagiarism checker tools I ever worked with. Most of its extended features require a premium account, but for a normal check, you can just navigate to its home page, paste your text, and hit on Quick Search button. If you are into the field of SEO and blogging, then there are high chances that you know about Small SEO Tools because it is well known for offering useful free tools.
Its plagiarism checker tool is a very simple tool, just open it, paste your text into the text area, fill the captcha, and hit the button check for plagiarism.
Checkforplagirism says that it checks through billions of publication and checks the live and cached version of web pages too. It is a paid tool and it offers an extensive customer support available 24×7 via email, phone, and live chat. PaperRater is not just a plagiarism tool, but it also used for grammatical checks and writing suggestions. Writecheck is just another plagiarism checker tool that checks your content copy for plagiarism.
Whitesmoke is a multipurpose tool that is used for grammar checks, improving writing style, and plagiarism detection. By comparing the similar paid tools, it provides more detailed reports and had the best quality of the check.
Robust grammar checking allows you to find those pesky mistakes and correct them before turning in your paper. PlagTracker is online service (so there is no need to download anything) offering unique algorithm and huge database of academic papers. Usage is very simple – just copy your article into the text box and press Start Checking. If you use PlagTracker frequently you will have to create a free account because scan reports are delivered with some delay.
As a blogger using WordPress, do you aware of any WordPress plugin for this kind of functionality?
Considering that its more accurate than others I recommend these for you to try and find out why it's simply the best.
Looking for best online grammar checker and spelling checker to correct your grammar and spellings mistakes instantly? How many times you have felt embarrassed when someone pointed grammar or punctuation mistakes in your article? If you are a blogger or a writer, you must have noticed that despite being a good writer, you make silly mistakes at times. If we talk about Punctuations, it looks to be small things but just one mistake changes the whole meaning of a sentence. You can see in above example how a small comma mistake changed the complete meaning of the sentence. The best solution everyone would recommend you is to proofread your articles more than once.
I would recommend using a best online grammar checker and punctuation checker tool along with the manual proofreading. Whenever I write an article, I proofread it 3-4 times at the regular interval of time because if you proofread just after writing the content you won’t be able to find most of the errors.
Once I am done with the manual proofreading, I use an best online grammar checker and spell checker tool to check if I had made some mistakes. Grammarly is the best online grammar checker tool I can recommend for all your proofreading needs as it checks the content for grammatical mistakes, Punctuation mistakes, Spelling mistakes and even checks for plagiarism. Grammarly is a paid  online spelling and grammar checker tool but it offers some features in free also. The best thing about this online grammar checker tool, it offers is you can check the content within your word document with the help of its Word Add-on. Grammarly saves you from getting embarrassed by suggesting the grammatical errors in your content. I am in love with this feature of Grammarly because it suggests different alternate words every time. I mentioned earlier in this article that a small punctuation mistake can change the whole meaning of sentences.

Plagiarism check is an extra feature provided by this super online grammar checker tool, which enables you check your content for plagiarism.
So Grammarly is not only best online grammar checker tool but also it is best plagiarism checker tool.
Grammar check: While writing we leave some grammatical errors in our content that are not detectable by MS Word most of the times. Style check: Apart from Grammar check, it also understands your writing style and accordingly gives you suggestions to improve the content. Just another free online grammar checker tool for stylistic mistakes, online spelling and grammar check that you can use to check your content. White Smoke is one of the best online grammar checker tools after Grammarly that checks the content, give ratings out of 100 and gives suggestions to correct and improve your content. You can see the full specification of this excellent online grammar checker tool in above screenshot. Now this is an online grammar checker tool that I recommend you use before putting up your content in your blog’s editor for publishing because it can improve your content in a professional way. Language Tool is a must-have tool for those who work with multiple languages as it supports 32 languages that mean you can test the content in those 32 languages for grammatical mistakes. Ginger is a top-notch proofreading tool that checks the content for all possible grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors. It is a must have online grammar checker and corrector tool for bloggers and content writers. It checks the commas mostly, and that is great because most of the writers do comma mistake either less or more.
Proofreadbot is a basic online grammar checker tool for proofreading your articles for common grammatical, style and spelling errors.
Spellcheckplus is another best free online grammar checker tool that I would like to recommend to the writers. Spellcheckerplus also creates a summary of the content for different possible errors such as word choice, word form, and spelling. This online grammar checker tool does not check the content for wordiness and plagiarism but still it offers a lot being a free online grammar checker tool. I have tried my best to list 10 best Online Grammar Checker and Punctuation Checker tools for you.  I hope you liked this list. Note: I am a die-hard fan of Grammarly, and I am a premium user of this online grammar checker tool. That being said, it is tough to measure just how accurate these are when compared to one another. The great thing about Grammarly punctuation checker tool is that it makes you a better writer by finding and correcting up to 10? more mistakes than a general word processor. I agree Grammarly is the best tool to use regardless if you are a business, professional writer everyone that is on Social Media even private individuals should have and use this tool.
In case if you need to copy a few words or phrase, then don’t forget to give credit to the original author or website.
Point to note that Plagiarism checker feature is available in the premium version of Grammarly. If you want to use its free version, then you can only check the plagiarism of a live web page’s content here.
This is well enough to know how good is this tool to decide whether to buy the premium plan or not.
You can use it even without registering on it with a few limitations, but if you use it as registered users, then you can use its all features. However, you have to sign up to do more checks because just after one check, it will ask you to register. I copied one article from a live blog post, put it there, and it said no plagiarism detected. This online plagiarism tool is an outcome of the combined efforts of teachers, students, and professionals. The checks are done comparing to the massive database that contains 45 billion current and archived web pages, 337 million student papers, and 130 million published works. To stay safe from plagiarism, always check each content copy for plagiarism whether you write or get written from anyone else.
I love to write about Blogging, Internet Marketing, making money online tips Wordpress Themes and various important SEO tools. It is especially dangerous if you accept guest posts – imagine that your guest blogger copied his post from less known source and you get hit by Google’s duplicate content algorithm. Free version is limited to 5000 words – it is not bad as most articles are less than that. To begin, you need to login then, copy and paste your text and choose your writings category and hit the Review button to check your grammar errors. First, I got 4 errors and a score of 64; I polish and see I got the score of 100 with 0 errors.
Like any other guys do,I play basketball, and PC games when I am free.By ethnicity, I'm a certified Ilongo but knows how to speak tagalog, bisaya and also understand Ilocano.Thanks for dropping by Cheers! Making mistakes helps you gain experience, but making same mistakes again and again is foolishness. It’s indeed the great way to find the mistakes and correct them, but being human we still leave some minor errors many a times that don’t come into our notice even after multiple times of proofreading.

If I did, I would correct them with the help of online grammar checker and punctuation checker . I tested every English grammar online checker platform first before mentioning so that I could suggest you working online English grammar checker and corrector tool.
Before using it, I was making silly mistakes that I used to miss while proofreading, but it made my life easier by finding all the errors quickly and efficiently. When you use Grammarly, it checks the content for all kind of spelling errors and suggest you the corrections. I don’t mean that everyone makes mistakes, but there are more chances of mistakes when English is not your first language. Even if you get articles written from some writers, you can verify that for plagiarism with this online grammar checker as well. It marks the spelling errors with red color, and when you click on them, you will see suggestions in a dropdown.
This particular thing is highly focused while creating this online grammar checker tool because it is made by the creators of WordPress which is a blogging platform where people write content every day.
It is not an advanced free grammar checker online tool, but it’s cool to use at the primary level.
It does not mark the texts with red or green underlines rather it gives you a summary of your content. You must make use of this comma checker tool so that you will know whether you have used enough commas in your content or not.
It helps me correct all the small and big grammar and punctuation errors quickly and efficiently. The online grammar checker tools are really great and these tools are very useful to the content writers, essay writers etc. If you are unsure about any of them, I would alternatively suggest a premium Grammarly account, which appears to have a great reputation among publishers.
Grammarly has built-in powerful algorithms that are developed by the world’s leading authorities on linguistic technologies. The best thing about this tool is that this continually improves its plagiarism checker engine.
Fortunately there are ways to reduce risk of publishing plagiarised content on your website.
Search engine is very good as it recognized content I posted recently (day or two ago), so if you wait few days before checking and publishing guest posts you should be fine. It is pack with 150+ grammar checks to help you free from erroneous punctuations, grammars and writing styles. Grammarly is best for professionals in journalism, general business writings, legal and technical writings.
Very nice!lol…After testing you can see the whole grammar review repot by clicking the SUMMARY button and you can export the results too.
Grammarly has an add-ins for MS Word Processor that could help you to check your grammar offline. My grammar checking experience with Grammarly turns into an exciting one since I can directly notice my error, being original in words and I love to get the perfect score. It helps me learn as well because when I notice what I am mistaking, I try to get rid of that particular error.
Big thanks to the creators of Grammarly to create such amazing online grammar checker tool. They must have found that most of the people heavily use passive voice, whereas it is a good practice to use Active voice in the blog posts.
You can see in the above screenshot that it has written “Spelling” that means it is a spelling issue.
Thus, if you are a writer, you must use a best online grammar checker and punctuation checker tool to avoid errors in the content. So you will always be able to write mistake-free anywhere on the web as it also corrects over 250 grammatical mistakes at one go. Duplicated content will be highlighted – click it to see links to source copies on the web on the right side. Grammarly suggests you the alternate words for them when it detects a particular word is repeatedly used. This feature also helps you learn more about the punctuations by giving suggestions every time.
Thus, they have created this best online grammar checker tool that helps you find out all the passive voice within the content so that you can try converting them into Active Voice. It also suggests correct spelling in the dropdown so you can just click on the right suggestions and correct the errors.
Premium users can download report as PDF file, check grammar report, check multiple documents, cross check academic database and access PlagTracker API.
Thanks to this excellent feature that saves you from ruining the content’s beauty and flow.

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