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Identification of your Camaros rear axle or rear end can be important for a number of factors.
The final and probably the most important set of numbers to find is the axles assembly code. If it is original to the car and matches original paperwork like your vehicles protect-o-plate it adds value to the car.
This is set of numbers that are hand stamped into the passenger side axle tube during assembly at the manufacturers plant. According to GM documents the code was intended to be stamped on the axle 3 inches from the axle housing on top of the axle tube. This though is not always the case, axle codes from our observations have always been found to be located on the passenger side axle but they can be located at any rotation on the tube and at any distance along its length between the housing and the drum.

The first consisting of 2 letters in 1969 and earlier cars and three letters in late 1969 and alter cars is the code that identifies the gears. The next part is a two digit number indicating the month of assembly followed by two more numbers indicating the day of the month it was assembled.
After these numbers there will sometimes be another letter followed by another number like G1 this refers to the assembly plant and the shift it was assembled on.

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