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Please note: We do not provide financial advice - articles are sourced externally and are provided for reference only. Production is slated to end in July 2013, according to a€?pgcooldad,a€?A a date which corresponds to other sources. The new 287 is just that, new, sharing almost nothing but a heritage with the ol'reliables. And, although it might take a year or two, we'll bet that variants of this powerplant - the "C" engine? Carrying on a performance small-block tradition begun with the 1968 340, all bearings are bi-metal Federal Mogul aluminum alloy.
Pistons are cast aluminum, have moly coated skirts for break-in scuff resistance, and weigh 366 grams.
The oiling system isn't radical, using a clever design first seen on the AMC V8s: the georotor-type pump is mounted in the timing cover, and is driven off the crank snout. The new, block mounted pump has a 75 psi relief valve, and a displacement of approx 1 cubic inch per revolution. The cams are each driven by a separate chain, each of which are driven off an idler, in the approximate location of the ol'LA's cam sprocket. The ports are 1.86 square inches at the port face, and the injectors are mounted to the port in the head, not the intake manifold, which as we shall see, is made of polymer.
Exhaust manifolds appear to be logs, especially in the initial Jeep version (We expect the Dodge truck ones to be better.) But they are, in reality, individually ported, and not nearly as bad as they look. On the Jeep, it is mated with an all-new, electronically-controlled transmission with five forward ratios. The 4.7 has a cast iron block and two cast aluminum cylinder heads with a single overhead camshaft per bank and two valves per cylinder. Breathing features include a new tuned-length runner intake manifold, free-flowing intake and exhaust ports and fast-burn combustion chambers. Lightweight material applications and more efficient engine accessories such as the alternator, power steering pump and air conditioning compressor further bolster performance and economy.
Driveability is enhanced by variable fuel injection timing, sequential multi-port injection, a quick-sensing inlet-side positioned thermostat and coil-on-plug ignition, in which each individual spark plug has its own secondary ignition coil. To improve fuel economy, the new engine features a patented hybrid cooling fan system that combines in-line electric and engine-driven fans. The new coil-on-plug ignition system, two-stage chain cam drive with automatic tensioners, premium gaskets and cylinder head mounted fuel injectors are a few of the basic design features that provide for a greatly increased engine life.

We make no guarantees regarding validity, accuracy, or applicability of information, predictions, or advice. Simply complete one fast and easy form in less than 3 minutes and be presented with quotes from up to 100 different UK insurers and brokers.
A new normally open valve lash adjuster system smooths the engine at idle, while electronic throttle control is needed for new stability systems. For starters, it's the first true production Mopar V8 mill to incorporate aluminum cylinder heads ( okay, we know about the 1965 A-990 Hemi ) a plastic intake manifold, and magnesium valve covers. As a even more profound indicator of jest how new the new design really is, even the offset of the LH cylinder bank is reduced. Instead, what Chrysler calls a 'bedplate' (girdle to us old hotrodders) clamps all five mains at once, adding rigidity while reducing noise and vibration. Now you'll find powder-forged metal cracked rods [until model year 2008, when they switched to 36MnVS4 forged steel a€” thanks, Chris).
To combat this, the top ring land, and the area from the land to the head, are hard anodized. The oil pan is stamped steel, includes a windage tray (integral with the pan gasket) and has a capacity of 5 quarts plus one in the filter.
Semi-permanent mold aluminum castings, the heads break no new ground but are nonetheless state-of-the-art. With the intake splayed at 13 degrees, the 64cc combustion chamber is approximately hemispherical in shape. This idler sprocket, in turn, is driven from the crank in typical pushrod practice timing set fashion.
They are hollow steel tubes with the individual lobes, of powdered metal, sinter-bonded in place.
Following in the footsteps of 'little cousin 2.0 SOHC,' the manifold is a one piece glass filled nylon thingie. There's already a supercharger setup from Performance West, and available through any Jeep dealer. Aluminum cylinder heads, a hollow camshaft with sintered steel lobes, magnesium valve covers and a molded composite intake manifold contribute to an overall weight reduction of 54 pounds (24 kg) compared to the previous 5.2-liter engine.
The engine is designed to operate 150,000 miles (240,000 km) under normal conditions without part replacement other than normal maintenance items.
Kristina was the best student at school and now she's a president of her class at the university. Simply click the “Compare Quotes” button above to get started and see how much you may save when you compare quotes from up to 100 + insurance providers nationwide. According to Bob Sheaves, the concept originated at AMC, before the company joined Chrysler.
Power went from 230 hp to 290 hp (and up to 320 lb-feet of torque) with that move; gas mileage went up, and noise and vibration went down.
He wrote, a€?I believe that dealers want the 4.7L because they can offer the customer an upgrade, the Hemi.
In this process, first used by Chrysler in the 2.0L SOHC Neon engine, the rods are produced and machined in one piece. The oil pump drive torque comes off the crank nose, through the chain, to the cam, back through the full length of the cam, through a bevel gearset to the intermediate shaft, and then through a hexagonal drive to the pump itself. Pump clearances are designed for the recommended 5W30 oil [this appears to have changed to 5W20, probably with the 2008 model year]. Head bolts are 11mm, but the meat is there for a future upgrade to a performance version 12mm.

In fact, the cams, being hollow, are used to bring oil to the intake lobes, which have oiling holes.
With a lengthwise plenum and 8 cross-over ram-type ports, it's quite a shock, especially if you are used to LD-340s and M-1s. But remember that the carb has to pass the air around not only the throttle blades, but through the much smaller - and more restrictive - venturis. A relatively small bore of 3.66 inches (93 mm) helped reduce overall length of the engine, packaging it for the compact engine bay of the Grand Cherokee. A new automatic serpentine belt tensioner increases the average accessory belt life to 100,000 miles (160,000 km). So let's take a detailed tour of what's what, what fits what, and start some good rumors about where DC will take this engine in the future. Then the caps are literally cracked off, guillotined if you will, resulting in an absolutely perfect mating surface that almost lock together, preventing cap walk. Runner length (in manifold only) is 20 inches, and there's quite a bit of port length in the heads, so the mill clearly isn't designed for 8,500 RPM passes. We're willing to bet that this throttle assembly passes about as much air as a 600 CFM carburetor ! Revised, premium fuel calibration - more spark advance, and a tad more fuel in the form of a computer chip flash would seem to be almost a must.
Incidentally, this bedplate is such a beefy piece that disassembly is almost like 'splitting the cases' on a motorcycle engine. Bucking the current trend, the oil ring tension is rather high (12 lbs) allowing good oil control even in high-mileage engines. But the all-plastic construction should go a long way toward keeping charge-air temperatures down, aiding HP production.
There's room for larger valves, the Mopar machine shops are probably already plotting how they'll re-contour and flow the heads; headers are almost guaranteed, along with a less restrictive air intake setup, and Crane or Comp Cams will surely have cams for it.
The engine has more pulling power, faster initial acceleration, and three miles per gallon better economy. All journals have rolled fillets, a significant step taken, in the best racing engines, to prevent stress cracks from forming.
Rod weight is 556 grams, compared to 726 to 758 grams for various production LA-engine rods. In other words, we see no reason why this engine can't respond to all the usual hot rodding techniques, and then some.
In fact, with such a bountiful set of basic ingredients, hot rodding this engine seems a natural. But will there be larger versions built to replace the 360, and the 488 inch V10 in the trucks and Viper? Surely logical, but with the smallish bore spacing, don't look for this engine in V8 form to go much over 330 inches.
The 287 makes virtually the same torque and a tad more HP as the 318 Magnum (albeit at a greater RPM) so why couldn't a larger version do as well?

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