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This is our Blue Windows 7 Professional Wallpaper and as you can tell it is very straight to the point and therefore would be very ideal for a user of the professional package of Windows 7. Don't forget to let us know what you think of this Blue Windows 7 Professional Wallpaper HD wallpaper in the comments. How does one review a supposedly new version of a product that they have, in reality, already been using for months? For more Blue Windows 7 Professional Wallpaper and other great HD wallpapers browse through our wallpaper categories! It's not easy, believe it or not: The Beta version of Windows 7 (build 7000) that Microsoft will later deliver to tech beta testers and then, in January, to the public, is nothing more than a very finely tweaked version of the various post-M3 (Milestone 3, or build 6801--see my lengthy overview of that build) builds I've been using since October. In fact, there is almost no difference at all between this version of Windows 7 and M3, assuming you've enabled all the hidden M3 features using Rafael Rivera's "Blue Badge" tool. That is, Windows 7 is much further along now than was any other Windows version when it reached its first beta release. In fact, this build is much closer to a release candidate (RC) build than a beta from a quality standpoint.

It is feature complete, it is reasonably stable, and it is highly compatible with the software and hardware I use on a regular basis. And I'm curious to see whether the Beta "degrades" over time as did the last M3-era build I used day-to-day.
And in Vista, the post-Setup configuration phase required six screens of input, followed by an annoyingly lengthy performance test: In Windows 7, this number actually increases to 7 because of an optional homegroup setup screen. These include the controversial new taskbar, which allows you to confusingly comingle shortcuts for non-running applications and windows with those for running applications and windows. I've already written a lengthy and impassioned plea for Microsoft to reconsider this decision--please refer to my article, Windows 7: Simple vs.
Easy, for details--but I'm now even more concerned about this feature than I was a month ago.
For all the niceties of the new taskbar, this comingling of different functions is a whopper of a mistake, and one that will actively harm most Windows users. Also, taskbar shortcuts behave non-intuitively and exhibit unique behavior, especially with their Jump Lists, which are themselves non-intuitive.

But it's a pretty mess, and to be fair to Microsoft, it's the single major shortcoming in Windows 7. For example, the shortcut for Microsoft Word displays a list of recently accessed documents. And the shortcut for Windows Live Messenger provides a customized Jump List with Messenger-specific tasks.
And Microsoft's efforts to simplify the tray notification area continue though, as with the usability issues that dog the new taskbar, I'm unsure if hiding things by default is the right approach. Now there are several pre-built desktop themes, which include desktop backgrounds, window colors, sounds, and a screensaver. There are even pre-built themes that utilize the desktop slideshow feature to routinely display different desktop background images.

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