The copy of earlier insurance policy effectively owns the car until the designated proprietor or driver of the vehicle. There is an app for Apple and the.

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The Secondary Air Injection (AIR) system controls emissions during the first 20 to 120 seconds of engine operation by forcing air downstream into the exhaust manifolds to oxidize the hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide created by running rich at start up. The Electric Secondary Air Injection (AIR) system consists of an electric AIR pump, single or dual combination check air Injection Diverter (AIR diverter) valve(s), an AIR bypass solenoid, a solid state relay, Powertrain Control Module (PCM) and connecting wires and vacuum hoses (Figure 120).
The solid state relay provides the start-up signal and will switch the high current required to operate the AIR pump.
The AIR bypass solenoid applies a vacuum to the AIR diverter valve(s) causing it to open and to allow air to flow into the exhaust manifolds.

The function of the splash cap if equipped is to provide the AIR pump with a source of dry air. The electric AIR pump delivers the required amount of air to control emissions during engine operation. The electric AIR pump (Figure 121) provides pressurized air to the Secondary Air Injection system. The secondary air injection bypass (AIR bypass) solenoid (Figure 122) is used by the PCM to control vacuum to the secondary air injection diverter (AIR diverter) valve. The solid state relay (Figure 124) switches the high current required for operation of the electric AIR pump. The PCM signals the solid state relay and the AIR bypass solenoid, after a (5 to 10) second delay, to begin system operation.

When the electric AIR pump is on and vacuum is supplied to the AIR diverter valve, air passes the integral check valve disk.
Once the catalyst is lit-off, the PCM then signals the solid state relay to stop AIR pump operation and to close the AIR bypass solenoid from supplying vacuum to the AIR diverter valve(s). When the electric AIR pump is off, and vacuum is removed from the AIR diverter valve, the integral check valve disk is held on the seat and stops air from being drawn into the exhaust system and prevents the back flow of the exhaust into the Secondary Air Injection System. The inlet system of the AIR pump incorporates a non-serviceable filter and splash cap which helps to guard against dirt and water.

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