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This is a common mileage log used by many companies to track their vehicle trip or car operational expenses. This mileage log is actually the same with other mileage log you could find in several internet sites, because it is only record the mileage and calculate the total mileage of the car within some period of time. As you can see in the picture, all you have to do just fill the white color parts and leave the blue color parts to calculate the number for you.
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I have an IRS audit coming up this week, and would like to use this travel log form or template. Why how to find vehicle history history of my car finds how run vin numbers cheap classic car vin numbers search for used cars. The contents of this page have been contributed by Stantec Engineering as part of the Mine Design Wiki seeding documents.
Performing efficient and effective mine maintenance lowers total mining costs, rather than only the costs of the Maintenance Department.
The aim of this chapter is to describe the procedures, personnel, and equipment required to fill this role. Each of these three divisions is subdivided in the main text of this chapter and is dealt with in sequence. A third focus is on minimizing the size of the production equipment fleet by increasing its availability and reliability. The degree of maintenance enforcement at an operating mine should be just less than the point that disruptions to operations are at a level where additional maintenance costs equal the resulting profits from production.
In a trackless mine operating round the clock, there should be 0.8 journeyman mechanic or electrician on the payroll for each major unit of mobile equipment in the underground fleet. LHD units at a shallow mine with ramp entry should have a utilization of 5,000 – 6,000 hours per year. LHD units in production service should have a useful life of at least 12,000 hours, including one rebuild at 7,500 hours. Underground haul trucks should have a useful life of 20,000 hours; more if they are electric (trolley system). An efficient Maintenance Department should be able to install one dollar worth of parts and materials for less than one dollar of labor cost. With ramp entry, a satellite shop is required when the mean mining depth reaches 200m below surface. With ramp and shaft entry, a main shop is required underground when the mean mining depth reaches 500m below surface. A main shop facility underground should have the capacity to handle 10% of the underground fleet. Service shops for open pit mines should be designed with plenty of room between service bays for lay-down area. Surface shops should be designed with one maintenance bay for six haul trucks having a capacity of up to 150 tons. Good housekeeping in shop facilities is absolutely crucial because effective safety and maintenance programs begin with clean shops. Whenever figures for equipment availability are considered, they must be accompanied by an explicit definition, otherwise they are worthless.
A guaranteed availability contract with an equipment supplier may be an invitation to replace parts before necessary and pay original equipment manufacturer (OEM) prices for every one. To estimate current operating costs for a particular piece of mobile equipment, it is convenient to use monthly charges accumulated over a one-year period. Checklists developed for routine maintenance intervals typically require a very large number of components be inspected, many quite needlessly.
Inventory can be cut and downtime reduced by providing pre-packaged assortments of springs, O-rings, snap rings, machine screws, springs, and cotter pins.
Inventory can be cut and downtime reduced by providing kits (brake, carburetor, valve, O-ring, V-belt, and gasket). Paperwork can be saved and downtime reduced with the implementation of “free-issue” policy where items such as nuts, bolts, and washers are stored in open receptacles outside the warehouse wicket. Grease nipples that are difficult to access may be moved to a more convenient location with a pipe extension.
The permissible wear on a disc brake (for example, 1.3-mm) can be found stamped on the disc near the flange bolt holes.
Brake squeal and creep are caused by glazing of a brake pad surface, which can be quickly corrected with one shot with an out-of-service dry chemical fire extinguisher. Mechanics should be instructed that when working on a unit of mobile equipment for any reason, the brakes must be checked before releasing the equipment to the operator. An ultra-sonic bearing cleaner performs well on anti-friction bearings up to 12 inches (300mm) diameter.
A tradesman with rings on his fingers should not be employed in the Maintenance Department. When transporting diesel powered equipment on the highway, the exhaust stack should point to the rear (or be sealed with duct tape), otherwise the turbocharger will be spun in reverse and damaged.
A small library of equipment operating and spare parts manuals is required in main shop facilities. Desktop computers in the surface and underground shops should be equipped to display electronic parts catalogues on disk (or CD-Rom) provided by the OEM.
A plastic wrap over the keyboard of a desktop PC in the shop will protect it from greasy fingers. Concrete aprons installed along the perimeter of a surface shop building will improve housekeeping and facilitate the completion of running repairs that can be performed out of doors. A centralized planning and control system is necessary to ensure the planned work of the Maintenance Department will be coordinated with the needs of the mine operators. If the Planning Control Department is dedicated to an equipment fleet, the staff could consist of the following people.
Two Planning Control Department tasks are to track equipment repairs and calculate statistical data, such as availability and utilization. The equipment roster is a list of equipment that includes manufacturer, model, date of purchase, location, status, and latest month end hour-meter reading.
A work order (or job ticket) refers to a specific task to be completed on a particular piece of equipment. Once approved, work orders are assimilated into a comprehensive Weekly Plan that is implemented day by day by means of the DWS. The DWS consists of the names and crafts of the journeymen in a particular area of maintenance. The weekly plan consists of a list of all mobile equipment scheduled for maintenance during the coming week. Equipment availability is the original statistic employed to evaluate equipment performance.
Customarily, availability is calculated as the percentage of time the piece of equipment is available to work compared with the total time available. It is acceptable (and recommended by at least one authority) that the time a unit of equipment is down for major repairs, overhaul, or rebuild is subtracted from the total available time (Tt) to calculate the figure for availability.
Equipment utilization is another key statistic employed to evaluate mobile equipment performance.
Of these three definitions, the first may be the most reliable because it is an absolute value that requires no calculations other than subtraction of hour-meter readings. Mine efficiency is a relatively new term that refers to one aspect of equipment utilization previously described (percentage of time of productive work compared with the total time available to work). Mine efficiency for an open pit may be 85%, but in an underground mine it is only to 60-75% due to complex work access, difficult communication, and shorter muck cycles.
The equipment life cycle (useful life of equipment) is a vital statistic that recently has received more attention. Manpower utilization (direct utilization of tradesmen) is another one of the fundamental statistics employed to evaluate the effectiveness of mine maintenance.
Work index is a means to measure sector or overall performance of the Maintenance Department. For many years, it has been recognized that effective training, education, and development of the mine workforce can only be accomplished with a discrete, formal program requiring specialized staff and an allocated budget. Dedicated space must be provided and equipped as a training facility (the space can double for safety training and other functions). Any training program should be periodically audited for effectiveness to reveal issues requiring attention. Some training programs are set up to have equipment manufacturer’s representatives on site up to three months during introduction of new equipment.
For supervisors, attendance in seminars, conferences, and conventions is a valuable training adjunct, especially if tours of mining facilities in the area are on the post-agenda.
One large mine in South Africa provided a PM course to 94 maintenance foremen and supervisors. The Mine Maintenance Department is not selling services to the public; it is providing services to the mine operators. The following components of Work Practice are specific to maintaining the mobile equipment fleet in an underground mine. Routine maintenance (regularly scheduled service) is typically carried out at prescribed intervals as follows.
These are a simplification of the routine maintenance intervals typically specified in most OEM operating manuals (following). High sulfur content also has a deleterious effect in the engine because it breaks down crankcase oil. Another problem with fuel can be that it is not adequately de-waxed at the refinery causing gumming of the fuel injectors.
One often forgotten routine maintenance item is bleeding the fuel tanks of water and sediment. The key to avoiding problems with hydraulics is preventing contamination of the hydraulic oil. Hydraulic fittings and hoses should be standardized for the whole fleet making it simpler to crimp replacement hoses on-site. Once a PM system is developed and running satisfactorily, it may be upgraded to include a formal risk-based assessment program. The PM program will fail if there is an inadequate supply of spare parts and components in inventory for the mobile equipment fleet. The duties of an expediter are to locate particular spare parts as well as to provide face-to-face communications and delivery service between the planning office and the underground.
Requests for repairs can result from vehicle start-up inspection, routine maintenance inspection, PM analysis, diagnosis while operating, damage while operating, or breakdown while operating. A surface shop facility is best for a new trackless underground mine served by ramp access from surface; however, as the mine workings progress to deeper horizons, the surface shop facility eventually becomes obsolete. Following are some of the criteria that must be considered when deciding on the location of the underground shop facility. The facility should be as close as practical to the “center of mass” of the proposed workings over the balance of the mine life. The first step in the detail design of a major underground shop facility is to itemize the maintenance functions in detail. A satellite shop is normally used for shift services, such as refueling, greasing, topping up lubricants, tire inflation, etc.
The main underground shops should have a nominal capacity to handle at least 10% of the underground fleet in repair simultaneously.
The center of the operations should be an office situated with the main work areas in view. Main underground shops are typically equipped with the stationary and portable equipment shown in Table 28-5. The underground shops should be equipped with the hand tools, stock items, furnishings, and sundries shown in Tables 28-6, 28-7, and 28-8.
In the past, the Maintenance Department had little to do with the operating environment, but this has changed. Inexperienced and careless vehicle operators (and poorly maintained haulage routes) will destroy the best fleet maintenance program. Modern LHD units equipped with on-board diagnostic and prognostic devices can expect much longer life.
Most large mines already employ sophisticated procedures such as those discussed in the body of this chapter. For the small mine to become efficient, it is necessary to optimize key elements of the management and administration components of the Maintenance Department. While there is simplification to some elements of management, such as communications, the fact that there are fewer people available means that a comprehensive computerized system is an unavoidable necessity.

The full computerization strategy requires that all Maintenance Department personnel be computer-literate to the extent required to operate the selected system. A high personnel turnover in this environment is more harmful to a small operation than a large one; therefore, a special effort should be directed towards assembling and sustaining a stable workforce. Even the smallest Maintenance Department needs a system that provides controls and monitors performance. Following is a list of logs and certificates that may be required for a typical hard rock mine.
Following is a sample work standard for cleaning a typical unit of LHD equipment based on using a high-pressure (HP) asher. I create this template as a basic tutorial template for my nephew who worked in General Affairs Department and wants to learn how to create template in excel that could be useful for him in his company. It can be used to record other information instead of just recording mileage distance for tax deduction only. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Why auto check score car by vin number knows some free vin history car price check but to auto reports free salvage title bike who looks for how vehicle history report vin best free vin check yamaha motorcycle vin search runs. To vin number motorcycle check car ownership history knows to automobile vin decoder fast yamaha motorcycle history report buy used cheap cars who generates. The role of mine maintenance is to provide quality work efficiently with minimal disruption to the production routine. The direct cost savings may not be significant; however, the indirect benefits include improved communications, more initiative, and less supervision. Reducing inventory is accomplished directly by component standardization, modular components, repair kits, contract warehousing, and single-source equipment purchases. A longer life can be presumed from LHD units at the high end of the market with on-board diagnostics.
Longer life may be presumed in the light of today’s improved onboard diagnostics and better management of equipment maintenance in general. In other words, no unit of equipment should receive the 250-hour service at more than 275 hours. As a rule of thumb, the width of the lay-down between bays should be at least equal to the width of the box of a pit truck.
The walls and back of underground shops should be routinely whitewashed to avoid becoming darkened with flat textured exhaust soot. The library should also include general catalogues for equipment, tools, and supplies, as well as appropriate trade journals.
Without a continuous review, no assurance can be given that work will be organized or completed efficiently. The department issues a monthly report, including availability, utilization, and detailed costs. The list also includes equipment sent away for rebuild, but does not include equipment in the bone yard. The Planning and Control Department may initiate a work order for routine maintenance while the Operations Department may initiate a work order for repairs.
The work order and DWS provide the work requested, work instructions, and a record of the work performed. The respective columns identify the equipment number, work order number; description, priority of the work, and an estimate of the man-hours to be expended.
The number of jobs performed in a period of time may be useful; however, the number of man-hours spent on each job determines performance. Job description use is not confined to tradesmen and apprentices, but useful for all levels of supervision. Edwards Deming said, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” In mine maintenance, efficiency and performance are measured with statistics. Unfortunately, there is not yet an international standard definition of the meaning of this basic measurement. Whenever availability is reported, a definition must accompany the figure, since there are numerous determinations that can be made. There is no confusion as to the exact meaning and the resulting figures are not suspect; however, it is acceptable to report three separate values for utilization (for each of the three definitions), if desired.
For example, the workhorses of an underground fleet are the LHD units, which typically have the shortest life span and receive the most attention.
It is often defined as the number of man-hours in a shift that a journeyman mechanic or electrician is actually working on a piece of equipment. The measure of backlog is the estimated number of man-hours required to complete the maintenance and repair work in hand.
The facility should be equipped with equipment elements, overhead projectors, flip charts, video-cassette recorder (VCR), and personal computer (PC) with a video data projector. An example is finding that there is a deficiency in teaching aids – a problem that is simply corrected.
In these cases, the representatives often turn into specialized workers and lead hands instead of completing dedicated training programs. Alternatively, independent arrangements can be made for key people to visit with personnel and facilities at comparable mines and to invite reciprocation. These men scored an average of 18% on a pre-test and 88% on a comparable post-test, for a gain of 70%! At some mines, the operator is considered to be the client as part of the implementation and accreditation of ISO 9000.
In an underground mine, oil changes are normally performed on LHD units at each 250 hours of service. Some equipment manuals state that the oil change interval should be halved when the sulfur content exceeds 0.5%.
Common problems include missing some of the many grease points and failing to replace damaged nipples. High-pressure hydraulic valves have narrow clearances that can easily become blocked with a single particle of sediment. The person in charge of the PM program is the PM Technician, reporting directly to the Supervisor of the Planning and Control Department. From the results of the measurements and tests, the PM Technician can recommend early repair or change-out of components for approval by the supervisor, implementation by the planners, and execution by maintenance personnel. In a risk-based system, the seriousness of each defect is considered and a “safe operating life” is estimated before it is necessary to repair or replace the component (or allow failure to occur). Some requests may be prioritized and scheduled, but others require immediate attention (unscheduled repair, also called emergency repair). At some mines, certain key maintenance personnel take field instructions directly from the appropriate mine operator. Because a drill jumbo is the most difficult piece of equipment to drive to surface, the mine eventually begins to service drill jumbos in a small underground shop facility. Because the latter is considered mandatory (for reasons of fire safety), typically the shops are located near the orebody as opposed to being near the main shaft access.
An example of the maintenance function for a typical underground shop facility is found in Table 28-3.
Implicit in an optimized maintenance system is dialogue between operations and maintenance personnel that cuts both ways. For this reason, training and qualification programs are an important supplement to an efficient maintenance system. One modern underground mine reports that they have achieved 20,000 hours of useful life on their LHD units without major rebuild.
Because small mines necessitate less complex systems, this chapter specifically discusses a strategy for small mine maintenance. This may necessitate ignoring some high-end items of lesser significance, such as a prognostic component replacement program. The following items (defined previously in the main body of this chapter) will provide for a basic system that meets the requirements of a typical small mining operation.
A similar standard would be applicable if a steam generator (steam Jenny) were employed instead.
In US, it is usually used for calculating tax deduction where the mileage rate is the official rate publish by IRS. You can record any daily activities of your car, for example, its expenses (service, toll, parking etc), you can monitor and assign drivers, you can monitor specific car when it has to go for a general service and many more. Lighten your loadThe more weight your car is carrying, the more work your engine has to do to move it. A free car checks No Cash for Clunkers save carfax an complete is some who knows make best who runs. The Work Practice discussed is specific to the mobile fleet in a large underground trackless mine. While most items are concerned with an underground fleet, some relate to other maintenance tasks and many are generic applying to maintenance in general. Indirectly, inventory reduction is accomplished by employing state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to displace instinct that results in wrong parts being replaced. For the system to work effectively, it is necessary to have a dedicated Planning Control Department. Each calendar year, the Planning Department issues an annual report summarizing the monthly reports and establishing a proposed schedule for mobile equipment replacement (new purchases).
For an equipment fleet, the numbering system starts with No.1 for the first machine purchased and proceeds in chronological order to the latest acquisition. When work standards are first established, they should be audited to ensure that they are comprehensive and accurate.
Although job descriptions appear to be a logical asset, this management tool is the subject of controversy.
As a result, it is difficult to establish inter-mine benchmark values for fundamental measures of reliability of equipment and maintenance programs. A gross time available of seven hours per eight-hour shift (21 hours per mine operating day) may be acceptable, as long as it is clearly defined. A utilization of 3,500-4,500 hours per year is typical for a captive unit of underground mobile equipment employed six or seven days per week on a three-shifts per day basis. The strength and efficiency of LHD units will quickly deteriorate after 5,000 hours of service if they are not well maintained. The time may average 3 - 3? hours per shift, which does not include time lost due to travel, waiting (for parts, tools, and equipment), instructions, searching data from manuals, safety huddles, completing forms, timesheets, logs, etc. For items of sophistication, such as hydraulic drills or remote LHD operating devices, the manufacturer can usually provide instructors and teaching aids for the particular application. Another example would be finding that an instructor is knowledgeable but not skilled in the art of teaching. This subversion of effort is typical of what often happens when informal or ad hoc training programs are implemented, particularly at remote locations or in developing countries.
The logic may be arguable, but the necessary procedures for implementation are beneficial in improving the mine maintenance program. The interval may have to be reduced in certain circumstances, particularly in developing countries, such as high sulfur content in the fuel.
Where surface operations suffer high sulfur content in the fuel, it is recommended that oil changes for rubber-tired loaders be made according to the following chart (the intervals for haul trucks are longer). Change-out of injectors is an intricate operation that can cause damage if not completed with proper tools and diligence. Mobile equipment that works on surface or routinely travels to surface from the underground should have fuel tanks topped up when half full, especially in temperate climates. Broken nipples can be very difficult to remove without proper tools and often they are located in areas that are not easy to access. A more specific definition includes those items of routine inspection and maintenance that are prognostic. More recently, it has been reported that a “safe operating life” cannot be predicted with statistical confidence for some equipment components. The inventory control function includes spare parts and stock item level monitoring, reorders, and disposal of obsolete items. Table 28-2 lists typical requirements for PM measurements and tests on the mobile equipment fleet. Accommodation for these is made in the Weekly Plan by allocating a significant block of man-hours for emergency repair (perhaps 25% of the man-hours available). The maintenance personnel continue reporting to the Maintenance Department for administrative aspects (time sheets, shift rotation, etc.). Subsequently, it becomes necessary to service LHD units underground at which time a major underground shop is constructed and the “jumbo” shop becomes a satellite facility suitable for fuelling and lubricating equipment.
Some checklists are extensive, but all include checking the levels of engine oil, transmission oil, and hydraulic oil.

Small mines have all the various types of equipment that large mines have – with smaller capacity and less duplication.
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Because small mines need less complex systems, section 7 provides a simplified strategy specifically for smaller mines. The staff’s primary task is to coordinate input for routine maintenance, routine repairs, rebuilds, etc. Some question whether job descriptions should be employed because of unforeseen problems that may arise.
Higher figures are obtained at shallow mines that can have a “hot seat” operator change on surface.
If a unit of equipment were fitted with two hour-meters, one standard and one set not to record engine idle, efficiency could be measured by the difference in readings taken at prescribed intervals. A reasonable goal (with a good maintenance program) was once to expect 7,500 hours of reliable service before a major rebuild and a total production life of at least 12,000 hours. Another valuable asset is a library of video cassettes or compact disc – rom (CD-R) containing training lectures and visual aids (normally obtained from relevant equipment suppliers).
At smaller mines and most mines in developing countries, the effort required to receive accreditation is simply not practical. It is normally specified (and is the law in some jurisdictions) that diesel fuels for use underground have sulfur content of 0.5% or less. A temporary remedy is to dose the fuel with a petroleum distillate, such as naphtha gas; however, efforts should then be directed towards obtaining a better quality fuel. Adding methyl alcohol to the fuel is justified in extremely cold weather, but otherwise methyl alcohol prevents natural separation of the water (that could otherwise be bled off) and reduces the caloric value of the fuel. In such cases, it is not uncommon for a mechanic to leave a problem nipple “for the next guy.” Grease nipples come in a variety of sizes and configurations – it is beneficial to standardize the fittings on the total fleet.
In this definition, PM also includes additional specific inspections and measurements that predict imminent or future problems, so that change-out or repairs can be accomplished before failure of the component while operating. The PM Technician coordinates efforts with the Purchasing Department and the maintenance planners. A main shop facility underground represents a major investment for the mine and the location and design are the subject of detailed consideration. An adequate system can be developed from scratch, but it is usually better to obtain a proven program from a maintenance consulting firm that deals regularly (or specializes) in small mines or to copy a good system already used at a comparable mining operation. An extra 100 pounds increases fuel consumption by 1-2% and most of us carry a lot of extra weight in our cars. When carfax report discount complete dealers and brokers check the vin of a car finds where Undisclosed Lien used car inspection. An search for car by vin title report sees that will sees tell who save carfax looks for why. The work standards may be expanded to include a bill of materials and special tools required for each job. For example, specific job descriptions can impede implementation of cross-training and multi-tasking programs for tradesmen and invite jurisdictional disputes.
Modern LHD units equipped with electronic ignition and onboard diagnostic devices can expect much longer life. Higher sulfur content will often result in SO2 concentrations in the exhaust that exceed the accepted TLV under normal ventilation conditions. The advantages of cleaner exhaust and a return to the normal oil change interval should offset the increase in cost of proper fuel. In cases of difficult access, pipe extensions can be installed to move the grease nipple to a convenient location. This specific definition is now typically referred to as “preventive and predictive maintenance” (PPM).
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After production life, a unit of equipment may be scrapped or customized and put on “light duty” as a utility vehicle. Regular diesel fuel sold today in North America by major oil companies is extremely low in paraffin (and sulfur) content.
While it is the vehicle operator that completes this check, it is generally considered a routine maintenance item. Even worse, high cost elements may long remain undetected because the system is inadequate to identify problem areas.
An example of a work standard appears in the appendix along with a list of standard abbreviations useful for computerization.
As a result, some operators add automatic transmission fluid (ATF) to the diesel fuel to improve engine lubrication.
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A clogged air filter means your engine will not be running at peak performance and hence consume more fuel.11. Check tire inflationThe tire pressure should be checked at least monthly since tires lose 1 PSI every month. Too little pressure is bad for fuel economy whereas too much pressure can cause tires to burst. The tire pressure should be that which is recommended by the manufacturer (if stock tires) or on the tire wall.12.
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