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Checking the land title of a property is an important step to take before you purchase a property, to ensure that you are purchasing the property from the person that actually has the title and you are not purchasing it from a fraudster who doesn’t actually have it. There are lots of websites out there that would charge you $40 or $50, or even more to do a title search for a property.
In order to do it for free you need to have a copy of the land title certificate from the current owner of  that property. If you don’t have those details and you just want to check out who owns the title for a particular property and you only have the address, well that actually is going to cost you money. We can now see that you have got all the different States that you can choose from here, as you see Queensland, etc.

In order to find the title, we want to look at this Title Search and Record, so we click ‘read more’ and it will bring up those options .
Here is a sample of a certificate for New South Wales and it shows you Title reference, Title Edition Number and Issue Date and CAC Code. So I hope that that’s been helpful in finding out how to check a land title for free. If you want more information and step-by-step guidelines on how to research an area and find out more important information that is important as an investor, then On Property Plus is my premium membership website. But you can actually do this for free if you’re in the process purchasing the property.

Because you need to check the details of that against a government site, which I’m going to show you how to get to.
It’s all there, all really easy to find, but then again you do need that Certificate of Title in order to do this check for free.

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