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March 6, 2013 by Joyce Valenza 13 Comments However compelling the research is, it can be hard to make the case with a 30-page study, or even a executive summary. Sometimes you need the visually attractive, embeddable, tweetable version of the elevator speech.
Last month, the New Jersey Association of School Librarians (NJASL), announced the release of School Libraries: a Lesson in Student Success. The data presented on this poster clearly illustrate learners’ need for the information literacy skills instruction provided by certified school library media specialists in well-funded school libraries.
The NJ Study and numerous other national studies prove beyond a doubt that certified school librarians and well-funded school library programs have a positive impact on student achievement. Paige Jaeger, Coordinator for School Library Services at New York’s WSWHE Boses, created this infographic sharing the NYLA SSL slogan, Many reasons you need your librarian.
News, thoughts, and discoveries at the vortex of libraries, literacy, learning, discovery and play.

However, parents, school board members, administrators, teachers,legislators and others outside the library community are often unaware of just how valuable school librarians and strong school library programs are to preparing students for college and careers. Joyce is an Assistant Professor at Rutgers University's School of Communication and Information, an edtech Sherpa, and a connector. NJASL developed the infographic to facilitate the dissemination of these facts since our students’ futures depend on it. Designed for educators but ideal for anyone requiring a fast and simple method for creating crossword puzzles.
Students love puzzles, and Crossword Factory 3.1 makes it easy to create fun and effective lesson-enhancing activities. Now, with the FREE Word Search Factory Lite, you can add a little word search fun and motivation to their regular lessons in any subject area. We have built in the functionality to know when various locations around the world switch into and out of daylight savings.

Forget wasting your time adapting photocopiable workbooks or creating worksheets with your word processor. Whether your children are tracing over their first letters, practising their joins, or learning to produce letters of the correct height, The Handwriting Worksheet King can help. The quiz is divided into categories such as big countries, small countries, and some cities. With 3 different memorization strategies it will be easy and fun to improve your vocabulary.

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