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You are entitled to make a motor accident claim if you are not at fault or not entirely at fault and if some else is at fault for causing the car accident.
To find out, simply click HERE to complete your Free Online Enquiry Form to have your matter reviewed by Australia’s best Motor Accident Lawyers – completely FREE of charge!
The value of pain and suffering in a motor accident injury claim depends on the severity of the injury, the length of time that the injury to heal and whether or not there are any long term effects. Specialist Motor Accident Lawyers will normally obtain medical reports on your injuries at absolutely no cost to you.
To receive compensation for personal injury in a car accident claim it must be shown that someone else was negligent and was to blame for the car accident. Future Losses is an estimate of losses that are likely to continue for the foreseeable future. General Damages is compensation for items that cannot be quantified precisely which must be assessed. Special Damages is compensation for losses that can be calculated accurately and includes loss of earnings, travelling expenses, the cost of medical treatment, personal property and other quantifiable losses. In order to make a car insurance claim it is necessary to prove that another person has been negligent. If you would like FREE, no-obligation help and guidance from a specialist Motor Accident Lawyer, then please click here to complete your Free Online Enquiry Form. Simply complete your Free Online Enquiry Form to have your matter reviewed by Australia’s best Motor Accident Lawyers – completely FREE of charge!
Car and motor accidents can cause injury to just about any part of the human body, including, but not limited to, head, neck, shoulders, arms, torso, hands, legs and feet.
If you would like FREE, no-obligation help and advice from a specialist Motor Accident Lawyer, then please click here to complete your Free Online Enquiry Form. Injuries vary because there are so many things that change from one accident to another including the direction the person was facing, their age, the amount of warning or state of preparedness, the health of their bones, muscles, ligaments and discs, the direction of impact and the speeds involved. Whiplash symptoms may be delayed in their onset especially if the person who suffered from the effects of the whiplash was unaware of any injury at the time of the accident. A normal neck can withstand a forward motion of 50 times the force of gravity before producing an injury, however only 5 times the force of gravity can be tolerated for a backward rebound motion.
Simply click HERE to complete your Free Online Enquiry Form to have your matter reviewed by Australia’s best Motor Accident Lawyers – completely FREE of charge! This website covers just about every road accident situation, from car accidents and collisions, to motorcycle accidents and pedestrian injuries.

Excellent website for any Aussie injured at work and wanting to find out what their compensation entitlements might be. Specialist workers compensation lawyers providing free online advice 24 hours, 7 days (including public holidays). Free nationwide Injury Compensation Enquiry Service available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and 365 days per year (including all public holidays). A website dedicated to providing the best online up-to-date legal information and advice on just about every area of the law. Passengers in particular have no difficulty in making a successful claim as they are almost never at fault for causing an accident.
These elements are determined after consideration of medical reports usually obtained from medical consultants after examination and consideration of hospital and GP records. To request FREE help from a specialist Motor Accident Lawyer, click here to complete your FREE Online Enquiry Form today! You can however recover a percentage of full damages even if you were partly responsible for the car accident. The court will calculate this figure and then apply a discount to allow for the fact that the money is received early rather than over a period of years. The main item of general damages is usually damages for pain and suffering caused as a result of the injury.
As indicated earlier, a claim can still be made even though both people involved in the accident have been negligent as the judge can apportion blame between both parties involved. Whiplash symptoms typically appear within 24 hours of injury although it is not unusual for the effects to take days or occasionally weeks to become evident. Unfortunately wearing a seat-belt has little effect on preventing or reducing whiplash symptoms however headrests may offer some protection and often assist in reducing injury. Even a slight jolt to the neck can result in problems becoming apparent at a later date as a result of damage to vital nerves, muscles, and blood vessels that are located in the neck.
It is quite common for there to be no discomfort immediately after an accident but if the vertebrae are misaligned after a jolt, it may take some time before the irritation of the nerves caused by the misalignment becomes severe enough to produce whiplash symptoms. A great place to start for those people wanting to find out If they have a compensation claim.
Great site for info on the law pertaining to accidents, injuries and compensation in general. Loads of information on different types of car accidents, how they are caused and some common injuries arising from car accidents.

There are situations where both drivers are partly to blame for causing an accident and liability is often divided between them on a percentage basis entitling both to claim against each other. You can make a car accident insurance claim if it was a friend or relative, including a spouse, parent or child that caused the car accident.
Interest on special damages is payable from the date of the accident and interest on general damages is payable from the date of service of proceedings. This condition is most commonly associated with a car that is struck form behind or side impact or collision with another vehicle. Very helpful and informative website for any driver or passenger involved in a car accident. Lots of useful legal information for any Australian who has been involved in an accident or suffered an injury. By completing their online enquiry form, you can have your case assessed by a specialist workers compensation lawyer.
If you have been in a car accident, try their free online enquiry service to find out whether you can claim compensation for your car accident. Thousands of Australian’s are injured in car accidents every year however the majority do not realise that they are entitled to claim compensation. When the head is jerked back and forth in the impact, the muscles and ligaments in the neck can be over-stretched or torn. Great website, with a wide variety of Free information on compensation law and also provides a free online service available 24 hours, 7 days. Free information, help and support is provided for just about all compensation matters varying from road and car accidents to accidents and injuries in the workplace and the general public.
Their free assessment service operates 24 Hours per day and is available every day of the week including weekends and public holidays. Definitely a must for anyone seeking to claim compensation or for those who simply wish to find out what their compensation entitlements might be.
Vertebrae can be forced out of their normal position and the spinal cord and nerve roots can become stretched or irritated.

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