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Though the game itself may seem simple, it requires a good memory, the ability to make strategic maneuvers, and a bit of speed. Pinochle game, and automatically begins counting the cards hand-by-hand thus eliminating the guessing game. As the title suggests, this is where Pinochle Buddy shows when players do not have any more cards from a particular suit.
The Options menu allows you to access Pinochle Buddy's settings and change them to suit your needs (see below). The Help menu provides instructions on how to use Pinochle Buddy, a link to the Play Buddy Help Center, shortcuts to buy and register your copy, and a valuable Bug Report feature to use when Pinochle Buddy isn't working.
Either collapses the deck cards so that they align to the left, or keeps them in place so that blank spaces appear where the cards were. Keeps the Buddy full-sized or collapses (shrinks) it so that only the deck and buttons are visible. Launch Pinochle Buddy and use the ROOMS option to quickly enter a game room OR manually enter a game room.

Switching rooms: Pay attention if you switch to another room or game during play, because the Buddy may not automatically reset. First make sure you're NOT in a 'small windows' room, as the Buddy works in default-size rooms ONLY. Now make sure that internet browser zoom is set to 100% and that you're using appropriate display settings.
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Pinochle Buddy is trialware and it cannot be used once the seven day trial period has expired. But perhaps the most valuable feature here is the auto check at startup which automatically checks for any updates.

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