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Additional Notes: First time buyers get $10 off of the listed price and FREE shipping in the continental USA. For security purposes, we ask that you enter the security code that is shown in the graphic. Since it was 110 degrees plus in the shade and we still had to drive the Jeep, we relied on open windows and running the HVAC blower at full boogie with the vents aimed at our faces (for a few days, that is) until the HVAC system defaulted to defrost only. PIRG, said Saturday that the group’s campaign aims to get customers full compensation for VW’s deception as well as for any damage it has done to the environment. Our primitive brains struggle to understand how a few mechanical parts filled with these unknown fluids can yield comforting cool air.
On this day, we innocently jumped into the WJ to move it a few feet out of the way of one of our other projects.
Alright, there are a few more parts that can fail, like metal tubes and rubber hoses, Shrader valves, o-rings, gaskets, and so on, but it’s still fairly simple. You’ll need to take your Jeep to a shop to have this done properly using a machine that captures the r134A. You can use soapy water and a spray bottle to look for a leak on the system, or internally add some r134A with a specially die and use this funky little light and these yellow glasses to find the leak. We started by replacing the liquid line with the orifice tube shown here on the right (bottom unit).
It usually has several versions of the parts you need made by different manufacturers, so you can pick and choose which parts you end up with based on price and brand names you recognize.
Not surprisingly, the compressor is likely the most expensive part of the system, and its slow internal self-destruction is most likely what caused the pressure valve to blow. To do this, run the pump for 20-30 minutes and then let the system sit under negative pressure.
PIRG has gathered 20,000 petition signatures from affected customers that will be presented to VW.PIRG also is calling for tough financial penalties for the automaker, punishment for auto executives responsible and continued tough federal enforcement of auto emissions standards.
When the engine fired up, nearly instantly, a cloud of smoke poured out from under the hood, and the distinctive smell of r134A filled the air. This was not necessary for us since our system had voluntarily evacuated itself that hot summer day several months ago.

The dye works its way out of the leak and the light and glasses make the area where the leak is light up like Tide detergent under a black light.
The instructions supplied with our new compressor from RockAuto said we needed to drain the old compressor and add the same amount of oil to the new compressor before installing it. This rubber-impregnated washer had some damage so we replaced it with a new version from our local auto parts store. That saves us time and money since we can ask him over, ply him with beer, and say yes and no when he does whatever mumbo-jumbo he does with them. They stopped Saturday at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit to draw attention to the cause, for which they’ve teamed with the U.S.
Basically, the condenser condenses the vapors in the system to a fluid with help from heat exchange as air passes into the engine compartment of your Jeep. You want to install this component last, breaking this seal just before torqueing the fittings to spec and applying vacuum to the system to check for leaks.
The old one may have worked, but now’s the time to address stuff like this rather than after adding in several dollars worth of r134A.
You can try to track the leak down using smoke (like for the vacuum leaks) when the system is under vacuum.
You can get it now with our Bill Me Later credit purchase program available through Paypal. Well, over time and with the few leaks we fought over the past few years, either some water got into the system or enough of the lubricating oil got out of the system to allow internal damage to occur. Vacuum pressure opens and closes doors in the dash to direct the air being pushed by the blower motor. In our WJ the only major component we did not replace was the evaporator, which is just downstream of the liquid line with orifice tube. It’s a good idea to replace the receiver dryer every time your system has been opened to the outside elements. Or if the leak seems small, you can add dye and run the system for a while to locate the leak using the aforementioned light and glasses.
One way or another, junk or trash in the system was the problem, and just replacing the blocked part is not really a solution since more junk could be trapped in the system and could move around even after you’ve replaced the clogged part.

If you are a decent shade-tree mechanic and you don’t want to deal with any of the chemicals you can probably get a local shop to recover your r134A, and then once the repairs have been made get them to vacuum and refill the system.
With the vacuum leak in our WJ, it defaulted to directing any and all air to the defrost openings.
We did not replace the evaporator because it is hard to get at (requiring pulling the dash from the vehicle) and is far downstream from the compressor which we are assuming is coming apart and is thus the source of the junk in the system. Also, if the condenser does not get adequate airflow from outside (like if a fan fails or trail debris obstructs air flow), pressures can rise dangerously high.
However, by doing that, you may be throwing away your r134A and receiver dryer if the system has to be drained and opened to fix the leak. Add in the evaporator (it is buried in the dash and we decided not to replace it) and you are at a total of $394.24. Simple as the problem was, we had no idea where the vacuum leak was, as it could’ve either been under the hood or deep within vacuum lines under the dash. The multiple leaks our system has suffered and our refusal to replace the receiver dryer previously could be part of what caused the failure to begin with. Our WJ sat over night with the gauges on it, and the reading on the gauge did not change, if at all, if any over nearly 20 hours.
We then switched gears to pulling the grill and headlights while following an under-hood vacuum line to a vacuum canister under the passenger-side headlight when we found the problem. WE WILL PAY YOUR INBOUND AIRFARE OR FERRY TICKETS WHEN YOU BUY YOUR VEHICLE FROM US AND YOU DRIVE HOME IN IT! Drive just twenty minutes from anywhere in the lower mainland and find out why WC Auto Direct is a top-volume dealer.

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