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You can learn a great deal about your Capri from the information on the identification plate under the hood. The sequence actually continues past August, 1977, but no European Capris were produced for the US market after this date. The sample VIN thus indicates a Capri produced in Genk, Belgium (a Ford of Germany plant) in March, 1977.
The remaining details the identification plate varies somewhat from year to year, but they all contain basically the same information.
The engine code will also be stamped on the somewhere engine block, followed by the date code and 5 digit sequence number from the VIN.
The identification tag is located on the left side of the case just rearward of the manual control lever. The Dana 45 was introduced during the 1950s as an upgraded Dana 44 with larger 20 spline axle shafts. A Dana 36 IRS was used in all Corvettes in 1984 and automatic transmission equipped Corvettes from 1985 to 1996.
Dana Reeve — Born Dana Charles Morosini March 17, 1961(1961 03 17) Teaneck, New Jersey, U.S.

Documentations techniques et tutoriels Cette partie n'est pas un lieu ou l'on demande des tutoriaux, seulement un espace ou l'on en propose. Halewood, England normally produced only right hand drive cars for the British market, but there is some anecdotal evidence that a few early Capri 1600s were produced there for the USA.
The factory simply assigns them in order from 01001 to 99999, and then starts over from 01001.
If you run across one with an engine code that is not on this list, it may be a European model that was imported privately.
If you have a Capri with these engine codes or if you can provide any other information, please e-mail Larry. Aftermarket upgrades for the Dana 44 have evolved in such order that a Dana 44 can exceed the strength of stock Dana 60 axles. The first letter identifies the country that produced the car (actually the country of the Ford division that controls the production plant, not the actual plant).
The Dana 44 was first manufactured in the 1940s and is still being manufactured today, both front and rear axle variants. Dana 44 Front axles were known for utilizing locking hubs or a center axle disconnect system.

This Dana 44 had no axle tubes but attached to the driver side traction beam, which also acted as a cover plate, and had "open air" axles which traveled through the beams to the spindles. Alert readers may have noticed that the example indicates a 2000cc low compression engine in a 1977 Capri, which is invalid for the USA. The Dana 44 has been manufactured as a beam axle and independent suspension for both front and rear axle setups. Individual pivot points for the beams at greater than center made each beam longer than half the overall width crossing in the middle.
Over a dozen automobile manufacturers have made vehicles that feature Dana 44 axles, including Jeep which currently manufactures Four-wheel drive vehicles that feature both front and rear Dana 44 axles. The Dana 44 was manufactured in kingpin and ball joint variations, as well as closed and open knuckle variations.
The TTB set-up is based on Ford's highly successful Twin I-beam design on two-wheel-drive pick-up truck models.

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