The copy of earlier insurance policy effectively owns the car until the designated proprietor or driver of the vehicle. There is an app for Apple and the.

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All information, specifications, data, details, description and price are subject to change without notice. Please contact the dealer selling this vehicle for complete, accurate, up-to-date information.
The Model S P90D is the top of the 2016 Tesla range priced at $197,738 before on road costs. It has two electric motors, one driving the rear wheels that develops 375kW, and one driving the front wheels developing 193kW. With all wheel drive and every ounce of power available from zero revs, the Tesla Model S P90D can and will inflict whiplash on you if your head isn’t pressed firmly against the headrest before you hit the accelerator. Not only is the Tesla Model S P90D mind-blowingly fast in a straight line, it corners like a Porsche 911.
The centre of gravity is very low in the Tesla thanks to 2100kgs of batteries in the floor of the car.
You can also program the car to only take power generated by solar panels on your roof, while charging from the mains will cost you under $3, according to Tesla. Tesla currently operates seven Superchargers on the east coast allowing travel between Melbourne and Brisbane, with many more stand alone chargers dotted throughout Australia’s capital cities…and many more are planned. Superchargers considerably reduce charging times and are solar powered. The Model S P90D has a range of up to 505km on a single charge.
The Model S features the Autopilot function, essentially the car drives itself on freeways with the ability to change lanes and keep a safe distance from surrounding cars.
The interior is luxurious and dominated by the enormous central screen that controls pretty much everything. Spotify is a built in feature, and of course there’s normal radio, Bluetooth streaming and an internal hard drive to store music.
Running costs are also minimal as there’s very little to be done in the service department.

As soon as the boffins at Tesla HQ in San Francisco come up with a new or improved feature, just like your mobile phone, the car is updated via Wii in your home at no extra cost to you. While the purchase price of this particular luxury model is expensive, when you extrapolate the figures over four years, the luxury Tesla Model S P90D costs about as much to run and own as a BMW 3 Series. You can however order a console that will fit in between the front seats, so I can hardly complain. If the recently unveiled Tesla Model 3 is a third as good as this car Tesla is sure to rule the world.
Chris is a writer, co-host of the Behind the Wheel podcast and a self declared car tragic . Without any official announcement from either Ford or Lincoln, we can only guess at what the new car will look like.
The only thing we know for certain is that the new Lincoln Town Car will be presented in 2016.
The 2016 Ford Fusion is a sedan which is offered to potential customers in five different options.
It is certainly a glimpse into the future with its all electric drive-train and world first technologies, not to mention its blistering performance. Tyres and brakes obviously need to be replaced like a normal combustion engine car, but engine servicing is redundant. The design brief was for a minimalist interior, and while the brief has been nailed, keys, phones, mints & laptops can be found rattling around.
It’s stunning to look at, has supercar performance, is kind on the environment and never gets old. He is a radio broadcaster by trade and reports traffic for 774 ABC Melbourne, FOX FM and Smooth FM.
Well, almost… The show has been in for some Botox and has come out looking great, minus the ability to look surprised!

Iconic limousine (the bestselling luxury and chauffeured limousine in the United States and Canada) was retired after the sales plummeted to barely 11,000 units in 2010.
The level of equipment BMW and especially Mercedes offer in their flagship models is something that will require a lot of effort to parry in 2016 Lincoln Town Car. The price is far from set, but to be competitive, Lincoln and Ford will have to take into the account their rival’s prices. Current Lincoln luxury sedan, the MKS, is based on a platform that supports either front wheel or all-wheel drive, while traditionally Town Car had a rear wheel drive.
Customer’s understanding of luxury has changed drastically in 12 years since the last Town Car was designed and things that were considered superfluous or unnecessary back then are today quite common. With 385 horse powers and with 6 speed automatic gear box, it should provide enough power for most day to day drives. The latest model was designed in 2003, which means that even if it is to be used as a basis for a 2016 version, it will have to be heavily modified.
Rumors have it that Lincoln engineers were tasked with a job to create a car that would compete with BMW 7 series and Mercedes S class.
This monster delivers more than 400 horse powers and would really give 2016 Lincoln oomph for even the hardest tasks.
The rumor has been around for a year now, and lately the possibility for the new model to be branded Town Car also surfaced.
This will be a boon to sales in the United States and Middle East, Lincoln Town Car’s traditional markets, but it will be interesting to see how 2016 Lincoln Town Car would perform on Mercedes’ and BMW’s home turf, in Europe.

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